Free Speech? F*** Gun Control Sticker Re-raises Decades Old Controversy

Sumner County Sheriff
Address: 1033 Union School Rd, Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: (615) 452-5511

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49 thoughts on “Free Speech? F*** Gun Control Sticker Re-raises Decades Old Controversy

  1. Case law is common law / police don’t enforce common law they enforce contract law ie statues/ maritime law

  2. I'm in the news video as well lol and I still ain't been pulled over for mine yet lol I thought I was gonna be pulled over first since it's on both sides…and I was told by a sheriff that they can search my truck for whatever reason because it has fuck on it…now tell me how is that?🤔

  3. An M-16 is not the letter "F". An AK-47 is not the letter the "K". It literally doesn't say Fuck Gun Control. It may look like it but it isn't the case.

  4. Case law can only be effective when it comes with the mandatory change of the law it is overruling. But that would make for a codified law system. And to Amercans that's only one step away from communism.

  5. ok i might be wrong, but what i got out of this is the cops are arresting people for basically their opinions. This makes me want to go make a f**k everyone shirt. And no i dont seriously mean that its just a joke.

  6. I have a shirt of saying fuck gun control with two AR-15 I always wore it people do get offended but I really don't care because this is America freedom of speech freedom of press people's feelings cannot Trump the Constitution.

  7. The LEO’s are just killing time and getting paid for it! They know it will be thrown out…but, they can waste a lot of time defending their actions…sure is a lot safer for them than encountering and apprehending any violent criminals.

  8. Got arrested in ontario Oregon for calling a cop a piece of shit. Got me for disorderly conduct.( we all know what that means) meanwhile charges were dropped but the da chief and city manager all refused to take my complaint seriously. Just shut up and obey indeed.

  9. They want to get you in court any time you go to court you're going to pay you cannot get Justice in court they don't give a crap about case law or rights or anyting court is there whole objective to get you in court so you pay through the nose…. its just a game people they want to own us they want to tax us they want to kill us when are we all going to wake up and learn to stop fighting with each other and stop these powers that shouldn't be from destroying our lives…. we have to start standing up for each other we got to quit letting the powers-that-shouldnt be do this if we don't stand up now imagine how bad it's going to be within the next 5 years it ain't getting better that's for sure it's only going to get worse stop buying into politics stop buying into backing the Blue Line tyrants …stop buying into Trump's going to fix things it's all lies people Trump was just a pressure relief valve doesn't matter what little things he supposedly does he's a puppet wake up……

  10. I don't like that u disrespected Land of the free and home of the brave the way u did. However u are absolutely right and I stand with u

  11. Spot on, enough said. The sheeple will plea that down to no jail time and $500 ticket. They break the law…. you bend over and pay… thanks sheeple!

  12. This guy has the right to face his accuser the cop can't be the accuser he don't need no f**** lawyer if the accuser is the state of the city of the county of who f**** cares then it doesn't matter can you put just one of those people on the stand please if I've done anyone wrong I would love to compensate them and apologize can you just put the man I've wronged on the stand please know then what the f*** are we doing here

  13. Or 3- learn the law, gather support from othwrs who have dealt with this tyrannical system and fight it- together! UNITED!!

  14. Dude this is sad as fuck! Do you sheeple really think this corporation (yes this is fact it's not a country or republic it is literally a GOR PROPHET CORPORATION why do you think you have a product…..I mean social security number )has ever been free? Wake the fu k up!!!! Wwhe0 LITERALLn are under tighter righnes than can communist Russia just actually stop and think logically…………..!

  15. It's all fine and good to fuck with someone who is a gun rights advocate, but if some snowflake wears a fuck Trump shirt, that is considered acceptable. 🤬

  16. Absolutely correct, James. By denying what it says, he's actually saying he doesn't truly have freedom of speech.
    He needs to agree to what it says, then sue, using that Supreme Court decision.
    It's like a breastfeeding mom being told to leave a public area because she's breastfeeding, although nothing was seen, then denying she was breastfeeding since they couldn't see anything. No. Own it!! Then, stand up for your right to liberty.
    Love this video. Thank you.

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