Le’Veon Bell Gets Caught Bowling After Jets Ruled Him Out Sick

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38 thoughts on “Le’Veon Bell Gets Caught Bowling After Jets Ruled Him Out Sick

  1. After a coworker caught hell for going to the grocery store after claiming to be sick, I won’t even go to the gas station during a sick day. If I call saying I’m sick, good luck hearing or seeing me until the next time I come in and best believe I’m going to act like I’m still in recovery that day.

  2. Okay honestly I don't think this DoD is deserved. He wanted to and felt ready to play and was told by the organization not to show up to work. So he went bowling. I mean outside the NFL he can live his life come on now lol

  3. Buddy CLEARLY does not give a single gd about who sees him. He’s over this whole playing football thing. Isn’t he a rapper though ? 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Of all the things he could have been doin when he started to feel better other then sitting in the house.. and he chooses to go bowling in stead of anywhere else really seems like a nothing Burger. I know he was thinking… "I can go bowling… That's harmless right? I mean there's other snot nosed kids there too"🤣🤣🤣

  5. This is a misplaced DotD. He told the Jets he was ready to go, but they said no. They wouldn't even let him around the team at all. Plus he flew in hella family cuz it was a home game and his 1st game back. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Weakest DOTD in a while. Bell told them he was good to go and the Jets were the one who didn't let him come around the other players ..his fam was in town and they said let's go bowling and that's what he did

  7. We.gonna compare the physically of bowling vs football practice? Last I checked bowling was a relaxing sport for middle age white men

  8. He wanted to play the jets told him no they didnt want him to possibly risk other players getting sick and that he lost too much weight… his doctor recommended he get up and move around. Cmon now it was just bowling what's the big deal

  9. Welp, Bell straightened out the story, He was sent home AFTER trying still trying to play on Friday. He said he felt better but the team doctor noticed he lost almost 10 lbs so they stopped him from playing Sunday. So he went bowling with some friends. and he didnt have a driver outside waiting. Wasted donkey of the day here

  10. Bad one charla you should of did more research he lost 10 pounds and was very dehydrated and coaches and medical staff told him he couldnt play like football is not bowling buddy literally anybody could bowl and not that many can actually play an nfl football game

  11. This man picked bowling over playing in an NFL GAME 😂🤣🤣😂😭😭😭😭 I'M CONVINCED RICH PPL ARE LOSING THEIR MINDS LMAO

  12. I called out sick to play golf this summer…. my boss’s son saw my ig story . Now I don’t have to call out sick anymore and can’t play golf either 😂

  13. If people knew the real story 1 jets told him no after he said I was good to play jets said they didn't even want him in the hotel so go home …..soooooo what's the problem ….oh yea reports say that doctor said move around dont just lay in te bed soooo what's the problem …the problem is people need to mind there business

  14. I used to ditch school to go bowl lol I would play with all the senior citizens I actually got pretty good 😆

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