Full Video: Officer Gets Shot & Apprehends Suspect!!!

Laguna Pueblo, NM – @Cops&Cons obtained lapel video obtained from an incident on On September 12, at about 9:30 a.m. a New Mexico State Police officer was on patrol on Interstate 40 at milepost 130 near Laguna. Officer was parked in the median of I-40 when she saw a white GMC pickup following the vehicle in front of it too closely. Officer initiated a traffic stop on the GMC pickup. The pickup was occupied by a male later identified as Robert Benjamin Nelson, 28, of Scottsdale, Ariz.

As Officer made her initial approach, she walked up to the passenger side of the vehicle. Without warning, Nelson fired multiple rounds at Officer through the passenger side door window, which was tinted and in the up position. After being struck by gunfire, Officer was able to recover and return fire at the suspect. Nelson was able to flee the scene and continue eastbound on I-40. Despite having multiple injuries, Officer returned to her vehicle, gave chase and a pursuit ensued. After a short pursuit, Nelson stopped on Interstate 40 near milepost 135 and exited his vehicle. Laguna officers arrived to assist the state police officer, and Nelson was taken into custody a short time later without further incident.

Nelson’s parents pulled up behind the second stop and other officers after the chase. You can see in the video how

Officer was transported to an area hospital where she was treated and released. Nelson was booked into the Cibola County Detention Center and charged with the following crimes:

Attempt to Commit Murder (30-28-1 Second Degree Felony)
Aggravated Battery Upon Peace Officer (30-22-25 Third Degree Felony)
Shooting from a Motor Vehicle (30-3-8 Second Degree Felony)
Resisting, Evading or Obstructing an Officer (30-22-1 Misdemeanor)
Officer Duran is also commissioned as a Federal Task Force Officer, so the FBI was involved in the investigation and charged Nelson with the attempted murder of a federal officer and discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.

Officer is assigned to the New Mexico State Police K-9 unit and has been employed for seven years. This case was investigated by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=latLT6Jzud4 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. They are good cops and bad cops. Then there are ones dedicated to protecting the community, and truly are servants.

  2. Props to this officer. Got shot,kept her cool and got back into the chase. Another of officers wouldn't have been able to keep their cool in that situation. Amazing job. She has my upmost respect.

  3. At the end when the fbi went to give the guy his paper work they where holding it in I bet they wanted to kick his butt and when the dumb ass asked when am I going to see the judge they should of told him why does it matter buddy you ain’t getting out anytime soon dumb ass

  4. At 0:30, you can see the car is on P as parked where the light is off but switched to DRIVE at 0:38 as soon as the trooper got off the car to approach the suspect (back light is on). Sometimes, details may save your life, but I guess the officer is lucky.

  5. She shot at the truck as the blue 18 wheeler was coming into the Line of sight. She had better look to see what is beyond your target. Lucky she didn't hit the truck driver . The rifle had no magazine from what I seen . I'm not sure She was aware of that . 2 very big mistakes . Unfortunate She was hit . Glad she didn't hit anyone innocent or anyone else .

  6. I've watched this a hundred times. And feel for my sister warrior. But the Kia part. I feel bad to ever read the text. K.i.a. . She's envoided. here's hospital. Sorry. Glad your alright sister

  7. His son shoots a cop and he is worried about his fucking guns! Come on Democraps do the one thing we as of you. Strict guns laws. This is ridiculous

  8. I actually had a hard cry when I noticed the blood on her hand. What an amazing person. God bless her ❤

  9. I can't blame her for this, but she doesn't even have a magazine in her rifle. It's not going to be much help to her.

  10. People QUIT SHOOTING AND SHOOTING AT OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Thank GOD she is ok. She did an amazing job and we New Mexicans are proud of her. Thank you all LEOs for all you do for us. We are proud of you. To the crooked LEOs out there. You will one day be caught and punished for your actions and that’s a promise so get out while you can.

  11. The poor lady cop who got shot had to just stand around and wait while her supervisor asked her questions that could have waited till she was treated at a hospital!

    Instead, the supervisor just dicked around doing his investigation (granted, that is important, but her part in it could have waited just a bit for treatment)while she is just standing there, in obvious pain despite her stoicism (ever notice that when police officers get shot in these type of vids, they just grunt "owe" or "ah" a bit, and maybe utter a few relatively calm swears —-

    But when a "tough, "thug life" armed suspect gets hit, after firing at police, they cry, scream, and writhe around like the cowards they are? Just something I've noticed since getting hooked on police body can videos 😋👍)

    But anyway, the poor officer needs a percoset and someplace comfortable to lie down, IMO…

  12. That for me, is a warrior. I don't give a fuck about the gender.
    The mom is calling the shoots there.
    And the dad calling the son stupid, having a whole military arsenal inside the "family" car, what were you expecting ?
    Wot a society.

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