Ruidoso Police Officer Arrested!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from New Mexico State Police involving an incident with a Ruidoso Police Officer. Ruidoso police were called to a residence in regards to a domestic violence incident.
New Mexico State Police were asked to take over the investigation.

Upon arrival the NMSP officer observed a hysterical female in her car and a woman on the porch who identified herself as a the wife of the suspect. Sergeant Michael Weaver was inside the residence as Ruidoso Police separated all parties.

The NMSP officer interviewed Sgt. Weaver on what happened. He proceeded to interview the step children of Weaver. The officer interviewed the wife of Weaver.

The incident started when Weaver disciplined the step daughter due to a bad grade in school. Weaver then went to the room and was banging on the door. The step daughter opened the door and the two started arguing. His wife stepped in between them. The husband and wife argued about discipline for the step daughter. At one point Michael then pushed the wife. A second step daughter stepped in and jumped on Sgt. Weaver. Sgt. According the the police report he grabbed the oldest step daughter and threw her to the ground. The youngest step daughter said he lunged at the oldest again. She picked up a water bottle and threw it at Weaver.

Weaver stated throughout the whole ordeal he was defending himself by putting them on the floor. He admitted to drinking a cup of Jim Beam with soda and the wife had a glass of wine per statements given.

The NMSP officer called the District Attorney’s office, Magistrate Judge and his supervisors. They advised to issue a summons to Carizozo Magistrate Court.

All of Weaver’s weapons were collected per the the domestic order and he shall obey federal and state laws not to posses any firearms since he was released on his own recognizance pending the court summons. Weaver’s wife and children left the residence and Weaver stayed at the home.

Weaver was charged with battery against a household member NMSA 1978, 30-03-15 (A misdemeanor)
2 counts of battery in a rude, insolent or angry manner NMSA 1978, 303-03-04 (Petty Misdemeanor)

We did not include the witness statements of Weaver’s wife and her family.

Weaver’s case is pending. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Ruidoso Police Officer Arrested!!!

  1. I’ve been in that same exact situation and it sucks. The best thing he can do is get away from her and her kids or he will keep going through this.

  2. Drunk abuser argues with teenage girls instead of carrying himself like a respectable man. Beta male cops are all the same. His wife told him that was enough. But he even admitted that he still "layed into her" and continued to get in her face and berate her over walking a dog. So he got a nice taste of Team Female FAFO. Anyone who thinks he's innocent is a BOOTLICKER.

  3. 🧑‍💻 I disagree with the title of this video Rudas Police Officer Arrested!!! I seen so many videos of police officers being either arrested or not arrested for whichever reason or even simply pulled over because they we're driving a unmarked police venicole with red and blue light's other police officers getting pulled over for a DUI etc and we're so mad upset and used their power towards there advantage and this man is a Police Chief who was very understanding that the officers were there to just do their job and he was upset expressing his frustration along with the he said she said story's it didn't deserve this title sorry but if you're looking for views you sure got me because I watched it from the beginning until the end just to see how bad this man was so for your hard work I gave your video a thumbs👎down very well deserved my guy keep making more videos with dumb titles Lol😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  4. What piece of sh-t state is this in so I can stay away FAR from it? Imagine being attacked in your own home by three people, having the responding officer unilaterally decide to take all of your firearms out of your house on a whim without so much as a written catalogue with receipts and then arrest YOU. Unbelievable.

  5. He got arrested for throwing her off of him after she jumped on him? Seems like a lot of hoopla for nothing. No one was hit or anything.

  6. Why did the officer find it necessary to inform his fellow officer he was still recording it seems to be a common thing to alert them before they possibly say something incriminating

  7. My husband has been raising my son since he was 3 years old. He's 9 now and when he disrespects my husband i flip out. My husband stepped up a few years after my son's deadbeat father left us. Our son should honor him for that! I can't believe these kids even put their hands on this man and the mom not only let it happen but started being violent also! Instead of the husband and wife being a team, the wife is on a team with her kids. All of them against this man. It's BS. I wish he didn't have to go through that and i hope he gets the justice he deserves and ends up with a woman who appreciates his sacrifices not only to his family, but to his entire community as a police officer.

  8. Pretty easy to read between the lines with this guy. Walking around the house, loosing his temper, freaking out cursing like he usually does and they finally stood up to him, and big tough guy cop that he started being violent with them. Then his “bros” pull up and even they can’t turn a blind eye to it no matter how badly they wish they could.

  9. 📌 Adult children and teenagers will ruin your relationship with your significant other. Some parents are enablers and will always sympathize with the children no matter how toxic they are. The form of correction is not easily accepted by most; and that's why standards and boundaries are imperatively important. A home without order is not a home but a house. Pay attention to the red flags, be observant of the relatives, and their moral compasses. Always listen to your intuition, you've got it too! Fellas, you've got to understand that everything that's broken can't always be fixed; especially another human being.🍻✌🏽

  10. I don’t think it was right for the wife to take the side of her daughter. Clearly there needs to be some family counseling, but It seems like that ship has sailed. Maybe it’s best to separate when it gets that bad than someone dying. The daughter needs to listen to her father and the wife should back him up since he’s the bread winner.

  11. Most Cops CARRY OR HAVE Alot Of RAGE!!! Thats Why Most Have ALCOHOL Problems!!! Or Have PTSD From Military Duty!!! Dont Trust No Cops, They Will Screw U In A Minute!!!!💩💩💩💩💩👎👎🤬🤬🤬

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