Colby Covington Talks to Detectives About Jorge Masvidal

According to the Miami Beach Police Department arrest affidavit, on March 21, 2022, at approximate 10:55 p.m., officers were dispatched to 736 1st Street, Miami Beach, Florida, for a disturbance. The victim was Colby Covington, and he reported that he had been attacked by Jorge Masvidal.

According to Covington, he had exited Papi Steak Restaurant when Masvidal ran up from his left side and sucker punched him in the mouth and eye, breaking one of Covington’s teeth. Covington stated that Masvidal said “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids,” during the attack. Covington observed three or four other males also approaching him in an aggressive manner during the attack, and he attempted to create distance by pushing one of the males and re-entering Papi Steak Restaurant to avoid further injury.

Covington advised that Masvidal had been wearing a blue surgical face mask, a hoodie, and sweatpants, but that he was able to identify Masvidal due to their long-standing relationship as former roommates, training partners, and friends. Covington stated that he had immediately recognized Masvidal by his voice and by the upper half of his face, which included his long curly hair, which was sticking out of his hoodie. Covington further stated that his Rolex watch had been damaged during the incident, and the damage was subsequently estimated at $15,000.

Police attempted to contact Masvidal, and in response received a phone call from Masvidal’s attorney, who invoked Masvidal’s rights. Masvidal surrendered himself to the Miami Beach Police Department, where a brief interview and subsequent transport to jail occurred. Upon arrival at the police station, Masvidal was noted to have fresh stitches on his right hand and knuckles.

Earlier this morning, Real World Police published exclusive footage from the arrest of Jorge Masvidal. Now, we follow up on that story with an audio recording of Colby Covington’s statement to Miami Beach Police Department detectives in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

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37 thoughts on “Colby Covington Talks to Detectives About Jorge Masvidal

  1. "I hid behind the bar and waited for the police to arrive."
    "I was just trying to get to safety."
    Lmao Colby, I guess you'll have to change your fight promotion tactics now.

  2. The people actually defending the deadbeat dad Masvidal. Got his ass handed to him in the octagon, proved Covington right by going out of his way to sucker punch him behind the back… Which proves he is a deadbeat dad, he got him self into a court case instead of being with his kids.

  3. Ppl calling dude who got punked by a sneak attack a snitch? Tf ofc he sues masvidal's bitchy ass lol,ppl watching too many movies,the snitch narrative is laughable

  4. We all know the only reason that he called the cops was because he got dazed. Had he gotten the upper hand and whoop dudes ass he would have never called the cops…. I don't understand why he called the cops at all and didn't just handle it… At least just handle that shit with Dana White, but don't bring no cops into it.

  5. F**k both of them. How are you gonna snitch, when you're a fighter. He will be going down as a 🐀🐀🐀. Not to mention he bringing up the kids, what did he expect??? People don't have the same mentality, and some will lose it over that. All he had to do was the same, and catch Masvidal slippin…..masvidal a fuc***g sore looser too, from the fight he got owned.

  6. Also Colby never talked about Jorge’s kids. Only that Jorge is a deadbeat. Never mentioned their names or said anything directly about them. Only Jorge as a father. I hate Colby went to the police but Colby only said he was a shit father.

  7. I hate that Colby talked to police. I just don’t like it. My opinion. Back up what you say. Either way Jorge going after him with multiple people makes me think less of him too. He should have told his boys to stay back and not do anything unless needed. Should have went at Colby himself. Just a sad story what happened to them.

  8. not only am i upset at jorge sucker pumching him but upset at the fact that he could’ve potentially killed him say he actually knocked colby out cold and colby fell back and hit his head on the concrete

  9. Colby is such a little bi*ch,

    Talks about masvidals kids and ex, says he'd fight jorge in the parking lot for free,

    But when faced into a real life situation he got his tooth puched out and ran to the police like a scared little coward 😂

    If you back colby i think its a big tell about your character as a human.

  10. I'm surprised the cop that asked about his Rolex didn't say, "Ah that's last year's model, I got this new one just last month…"

  11. Masvidal is gonna learn a hard lesson…You can BE a thug in a professional;y sanctioned combat arena fight, but on the street you are an ordinary citizen, subject to law EVERYONE else has to follow…

  12. Honestly the way Jorge reacted to the allegation is very suspect. As a father if someone called me a deadbeat dad I would just laugh in their face because I know it's not true. The way Jorge reacted makes me think he is a deadbeat. Also nobody came out and defended him either.

  13. Not sure how anyone can defend Jorge, especially since the things Colby said were before the fight. So if Jorge was so mad why didn’t he do something in the ring? Sounds like Jorge a bitch and could only do something when Colby wasn’t paying attention, even then barley did anything…

  14. Hit him in the face but the watch got scuffs…..I have cheap watchs that I drop on ground before I put on and noting happens to them

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