Colorado Deputy Shoots Man Who Popped Anti-Anxiety Pill While Picking Up His Brother from School

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Pueblo West, Colorado — A mother has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court for the District of Colorado, after her son was shot and killed by Pueblo County deputies outside a middle school. On February 22, 2022 at approximately 3:23 pm, Pueblo County Sheriff’s Deputies Charles McWhorter and Cassandra Gonzales were dispatched to the Liberty Point International Middle School at 484 S. Maher Dr., Pueblo West, Colorado, on reports of a suspicious male party trying to open car doors. They were informed the male party may be “on something”, suggesting possible intoxication. The initial reporting party, Eric Valencia, told dispatch that a male had become “aggressive” with one car and he was trying to get into other cars in the parking lot. Initially, Valencia stated that the male was out of his line of sight on the east side of the parking lot. The male then came back into Valencia’s sight and Valencia said the male was wearing a jacket with gray sleeves and black in color.

Valencia then tells dispatch that the male was being confronted by someone from the school, then he began walking west. Valencia then sees the male get into the back seat of a white four-door SUV, possibly a Mazda with tinted windows and approximately eight to nine cars in from the road. When Deputy McWhorter arrives on scene, dispatch gives him the description and location of the vehicle as described by Valencia. Deputy McWhorter asks dispatch for more specific information, as there were several white cars in the parking lot. Deputy McWhorter is then told that it is the white car that two children are walking in front of. This information assisted Deputy McWhorter in locating the vehicle. Deputy McWhorter advises dispatch that the male is in the back seat of a white Lexus SUV with Colorado Plate CIW976. Deputy McWhorter then contacts the male later identified as 32-year-old Richard Ward.

Ward was with his mother, Kristy Ward Stamp, and her boyfriend to pick up his younger brother from Liberty Point International Middle School, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for Colorado. Pueblo County sheriff’s deputies approached Ward after they received a report that he had been opening doors of nearby vehicles in the pickup waiting area, officials have said. Ward stepped out of his mother’s SUV for a “brief walk,” mistook another white SUV for hers and got in the wrong vehicle, the lawsuit says. He apologized to the woman who was driving after he realized his mistake and returned to his mother’s vehicle, the suit says. Pueblo deputy Charles McWhorter arrived on scene and talked to Ward in the backseat of his mother’s SUV. In the body cam video, McWhorter touches Ward’s arm and asks him why he’s acting strange. Ward responds that cops make him “nervous” and he “has anxiety”.

Ward explains to the officers that he has had bad encounters with police in Pueblo before. McWhorter then asks for Ward’s ID and as he reaches for his identification, Ward slips something in his mouth. His family attorneys said Ward had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and was prescribed medicine for it. In the body cam video, McWhorter then demands to know what it is and drags Ward to the floor. They tussle on the ground for around 20 seconds. During this time, deputies said to stop resisting multiple times. McWhorter then shot Ward 3-times in the chest. Ward was unarmed. The deputies closed the car door and stood with Ward’s body for nearly three minutes until medical assistance arrived. He died on scene. The sheriff’s deputies involved in the case were cleared of any criminal charges by the district attorney, following an investigation that found the shooting justified.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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39 thoughts on “Colorado Deputy Shoots Man Who Popped Anti-Anxiety Pill While Picking Up His Brother from School

  1. So it's in every Cop's training to take someone down if they put something in his mouth? The reason why it happened, is because he put something in his mouth. That gave the cop the right to take him down. I didn't know that was a reason for a cop to use force on someone. Basically, this video is telling you that if you're eating potato chips and a cop sees, you they can legally tackle you.

    Am I missing something or what? He was cleared of any wrongdoing, so that has to be a lawful to take someone down.

  2. 3 times point blank and you just about had him subdued, no taser no warning at a school no less? cop didn't fear him. Bad shoot

  3. These cops are c-nts. Shoot an unarmed man then demand his mom just chill in the car until they "figure it out." Figure what out? You killed an unarmed man picking up his brother.

  4. I will never forget the time when I was telling the cops about underage drinking going on at a bar that was serving to literally anyone as a young girl was puking right in front of them on the street as an ambulance was on the way to her as she was clearly experiencing alcohol poisoning and one of them proceeded to ask me why I was "questioning" them on why there was underage drinking going and as I said, "My dad taught me to be an upstanding citizen and to report illegal activity if I saw it" and then the cop jumped me and beat the living crap out of me. The very reason me and my friends left, we were all around the age of 23 at the time, was that there were literal children in there being served so we left. I was put in jail for resisting arrest, but before they took me I called the police HQ and also asked for a sergeant. They then stole my phone and erased it. I called the HQ again after my arrest to them they had my phone. Returned it to my mailbox. Said it was stolen from my mailbox where they left it. Then called me a few days later and made me meet a plain clothes officer at a Target parking lot. The phone had been completely erased and had a new battery and back cover. The guy who arrested me and beat me up for telling them about the underage drinking going on in there was also put on leave before for killing a guy he pulled over who's car matched the description of a stolen car. It was his car and he was getting off of work late one night at a restaurant where he worked. He killed the man in cold blood yet they still had him on the force.

  5. Wow, so if you resist the cops in Pueblo West, Colorado they have every right to kill you. Somebody, please tell me what is going on there.

  6. So he was shot bc he was reaching for the officers gun? Or his gun belt? I don't understand why he was shot an killed?

  7. They'd have had to shoot me too. No way my son would lay there and die without me holding him. Those God damn motherfuckers. If karma is real, he will die in the snow with his pants down. Or God forbid, someone he loves.

  8. Haven't watched the video but trusting that PoliceActivity's description is factual and not too biased, I, too, am surprised that the officers were not charged with murder. The guy was literally unarmed. No weapons at all. Even if he did a "George Floyd" and swallowed 3x lethal dose of fentanyl, that is not justification to execute the guy laying on the ground.

    As another LEO YouTuber has said in the past, when officers are not given sufficient training to be confident in their skills in detaining a suspect without a weapon, or are prevented from using correctly-applied choke holds, they are going to panic and resort to their firearm. I mean, even dry-firing a Taser would have been preferable.

  9. Impressive how some cops are plain coward murders. This guy should at least take some jiujitsu classes to know how to handle some situations.

  10. America's finest 😳 put American cop's on European streets they would absolutely sh1t themselves if they can't use their a gun.

  11. That cope needs to go to prison for like a year that was uncalled for you could’ve let him run and tased him you didn’t need to shoot that man just for pill fuck that cop and I love cops 🤦🏽‍♂️😡

  12. 2020-cops are shooting and killing too many black and brown people-2023….well, we took care of that…now we shoot anyone for any tiny infraction

  13. They kept asking the cops if they shot him. Well yea dumbass they shot him he was attacking them. Another useless POS removed from society.

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