Judge Uses CPS To Retaliate, Man Dismisses CPS With Extreme Prejudice

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37 thoughts on “Judge Uses CPS To Retaliate, Man Dismisses CPS With Extreme Prejudice

  1. That stupid smirk at 6:37 just shows she enjoys harassing actual parents. She got ran through in her prime years and now she takes her jealousy out on people who had children.

  2. Government officials show up to Harass a man and his family and then question his mental health. He’s unstable because you’re harassing his family

  3. James, the best "family" court system in the country is more corrupt than the worst police department. Our forefathers who developed our system of justice would be livid by the corruption in these courts.

  4. The smirk on that blond pos and her cackling minion show exactly what's going on there. They, like cops, LOVE harassing and destroying people. It makes them feel powerful and I'd bet they both get a little euphoric every time they steal someone's kids and rip a family apart. Total scum, hopefully they'll cross the wrong family someday and all the families they've destroyed can get a little justice.

  5. Oh boy! A sovereign citizen. Once I hear the ignorant key words or term "No contract" I instantly know I'm listening to a buffoon.

  6. He’s more coherent and more logical than them to be fair. If anyone has “mental” issues it’s then making up crimes. If there was a crime wouldn’t the police be involved like the man said ?

  7. Hitler used women to terrorize the citizenry. Very easily gaslighted to possibly harvest adrenochrome? The khazarian cabal is apparently getting squeezed and their power diminished so they are finding it harder to harvest children for their pineal glands?

  8. He spent too much time talking to the woman. If that was done at my house I would say, "Shut up and leave my property" and then I would go into the house. I did most of the juvenile cases in my police department and on occasion I had to set these types in their place. They are notorious for talking to children without a responsible adult present.

  9. I'm Black Flag, I would of invited them inside the house, once inside I would of felt these girls up and down until they got sick and left. Who knows they might have liked it. You don't come to me unless i'm in a stable mind, how do you know. You don't, your on my property, I could be wasted off my ass, legal. Yeah babes

  10. These women are dumb to just how awful they are–when you can convince yourself that this behavior is warranted, you're lost as a human being.

  11. How is she supposed to send the recording ?????
    Through the mail you idiot !
    Don't tell me you don't know the address or his name you're standing right there and his address.
    How ignorant can they get 😡

  12. Should have got the hose out and started hosing down the house accidently getting them as he presumed they'd left his property.

  13. 2:07 Blonde B: Lies about speaking to them once already. "You were already here for that". She interrupts, "no"
    2:09 Blonde B: I never spoke with; he interrupts with, "We have an audio with that"
    2:47 Unprofessional Blonde DOCTOR B: Makes unfounded claims about his mental health which takes weeks/months for ACTUAL doctors to detect let alone diagnose…. AGAIN outsmarted by "the crazy/dumb man"
    3:04 Blonde B: ask's him "why was the reason you threaten the judge". Another unfounded claim that she wasn't a witness to and shouldn't know unless inside sources are Conspiring, leaking CONFIDIATIAL information like WHERE HE LIVES to another agency in an attempt to threaten or INTIMIDATE
    3:54 DUMB BLONDE B: "The reason I am here today is because I tried contacting you by phone and left voicemails". Smart man replies, "I have got nothing from you"
    4:03 ALSO DUMB BLONDE B: "Can we get a number for you?"???????… "LEFT VOICEMAILS!". Next sentence "Can I get your number?"
    GREAT Mic drop quote at the end James! Thank you for the story spotlight!

  14. He's right but unfortunately he just talk too much he should have just told them to leave the property and trespassed them immediately.

    Notice how she smirks and smiles when he calls them out for how many children have got screwed up and fell between the cracks because of them.

  15. So they took his "Pride-n-Joy" then removed his skull cap to see what it did to him. They fooled him once, aint happening again.

  16. Simple solution Invite them in and give them some tea and make sure the tea has some night night juice in it and go from there 🙂

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