Animal Control Officer Catches Aggressive Great Pyrenees

“6/25/19 Dog is extremely fearful. First time out on dog, his but, his hackles were raised and he had a very dilated eyes. He would take a treat from my hand, but when I went to pet him he raised his upper lip at me and growled. UTC at that time.”

“ASO Acosta was dispatched to him again and a resident was able to get him to go into his backyard. He had to be catch-poled. Once catch-poled he immediately was gator rolling and tried to bite ASO Acosta’s hand on the pole. ASO Acosta was unable to scan for a microchip as he was actively trying to bite her and gator rolling while coming off of the ASO truck.”

“6/30/19 Volunteer Jen was trying to take foxtails out of her fur through the kennel, dog turned and tried to bite her. He still is stressed here and showing to be very fearful. He has shown that he has the behavior of a fear biter.”

“7/2/19 Manager Beth came in and was walking through the kennels the dog sat against the kennel and she was petting him through the cage, as she went to touch his muzzle and face area, he bit her on the finger. The bite did not draw blood, however it was unprovoked.”


On the chance you missed our post about it earlier this morning, Jeremy Dewitte was arrested today, picked up by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office felony squad on charges of illegally recording a phone conversation with the State Attorney’s Office. Dewitte was booked into the Orange County jail at 12:04 pm on 2/11/20. He faces two counts of unlawful interception of oral communication.

(Also, yesterday was Jeremy’s birthday! Happy birthday!)


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44 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer Catches Aggressive Great Pyrenees

  1. What a disgusting drama queen dog. It should have been shot for being aggressive. I gond it highly disturbing that dogs are treated better than human beings by the police—especially minorities.

    Btw, I highly recommend their removing the dog’s vocal cords WITHOUT ANESTHESIA.

  2. There is a difference between aggression and fear. Dogs that have no training, and possibly not even from their mom as pup, will use their teeth when they are afraid. That is not aggression, and in many cases, it can be trained out. Aggression is when they are actively looking to start a fight, not running away crying. This is sad. I only came for the lesson in using a catch pole, but now I feel sick. How can you blame a dog with no training for biting a duplicitous person who is going to kill him. They are not stupid. At least be honest with them.

  3. Poor dog I hope he/she gets the loving home and help he/ she needs.
    Animal control officers are just trying to help animals not "put them down". Their job, as it is, is very difficult.

  4. Had a call for a St. Bernard once, had to go inside the kennel to get him in there (I lifted the guillotine in between and had to crawl through while someone closed the door on the other side). Am I happy to be working a desk job now.

  5. Wow you did a awesome job staying cool and staying focused. You never know how animal act when you first encounter them. Always stay focus at the task at hand and do the job with respect and care for the public and animals that is what we do. GREAT JOB👍👍

  6. I think the AC did a great job and I loved they way she spoke to the dog. They have a tough job but she did great.

  7. Aggressive? Bro dogs that are aggressive come up to your ass ready to be bit this baby was so scared and was a nice baby wtf the owners fucked up not the animal control person…

  8. Poor dog, how scared he was leaves me to believe that he was abused, that is so sad that he was euthanized😭

  9. This is one challenging/dangerous ass job here man I’m tellin U. Do they receive any hazard pay? Dam good job nonetheless though. The dog was captured without injury. I think it would be a good idea to open the door on the dog transportation tuck, & have the ramp deployed prior to catching the dog. Thank goodness there was a friendly neighbor near by. 👍🏿

  10. Wow Animal control caught on tape using assesive force to unlawfully arrest this dog. Dog Lives Matter. We shall march tmm. Do not say Animal Lives matter that's a protest to my protest.

  11. ACO work is hard, but the notes are killing me. All the notes indicate this is an extremely fearful dog, possibly feral. The last note shows extremely important information. First, that he is shut down terrified. Second, that touching his face is a trigger (also listed in another notes.) Thirdly, the staff need better training on animal behavior. That was NOT an unprovoked bite. Fourthly, that the dog showed amazing bite inhibition because he didn't bite down.
    He would have needed a rehab rescue to have any semblance of a normal life. Euthanasia was probably the best outcome this community could have provided for this poor creature.

  12. MANAGER Beth was petting him through the kennel grates, and they claim it’s unprovoked? Sticking your hand in a dogs territory makes it a provoked bite. A manager should know better. I’ve never encountered a dog shelter tha allowed people to stick their hands in kennels.

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