White Battle Rapper Blurts N-Word, Gets Decked In The Face

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Author: phillynews215


48 thoughts on “White Battle Rapper Blurts N-Word, Gets Decked In The Face

  1. If white people are guests in the house of hip hop then black people are guests in the house of country music and rock music I'm sorry but your race doesn't make you owners of a genre

  2. Snuck??? Bro he stood right in front of you and punched you. How is that a sneak? If you didn’t think there was a chance you’d get punched as a white man saying the n word then you obviously are ignorant to the history of it and have even less of a right to say it.

  3. I've NEVER seen or heard of an Asian gangsta get knocked out for using the word (and they use it to an insane degree). Incidentally, Asian gangstas have about as much to do with the mistreatment of African Americans throughout US history as this irrelevant fat white dude. Either it IS ok for other races to say it or it's not. Giving everyone a pass except one race is itself an act of racism BTW. — "Magua's heart is twisted. He would make himself into what twisted him." — The last of the Mohicans

  4. If you're gonna use the word as a race and you want equality, then you should be accepting of others using the word too. Every time you claim racism bc a white man says "nigga", you are enforcing a stereotype that keeps you down as a demographic. If you use the word, accept the word from everyone, THATS equality.

  5. Yo, waz dat white boi dooooin, dat aint no rap song. You gotta have chains round yo neck and timberlands unlaced on da feet wit yo pants hanging off yo butt. Ya need to be rappin about bichez and money and glocks, period. 😉

  6. Poles are the only ethnic group that was not only seen as non-white by white Americans, but also by black Americans and Afro-Caribbeans. Even Texas blacks called Polish people "dem white niggahs" and it was in a pejorative context. Black Haitian nationalists and Haitian black supremacists called Polish people "the White Negroes of Europe", but in this particular case it was regarded an expression of brotherhood between the Poles and Haitians in fights against white colonialists (1804). During the 1919 Chicago riots between blacks and whites, Poles as the only minority group from Europe didn't take the side of the American whites because they didn't identify with them. And so, Polish people were not considered white in America until 1960s. It was a white man's revenge for the fact that Poles never supported American whites in any conflict and usually took the side of black people. This revenge continues today, as these FACTS that I've presented are omitted and censored in history lessons. But you can easily verify them.

  7. The N word is said liberally by every suburban white kid playing gangster rap today. Because why? They racist? No, because hip hop elevates the word to be something cool to say. Its now an integral part of the culture. Do you blame people who are NOT BLACK wanting to integrate into the hip hop culture by embracing the lingo? The style? The culture? Dont sit there and say "the N word is SADLY a part of the culture" because then you're just acknowledging that it is wrong period. Don't fault whites for wanting to say it as a term of endearment if you saying it to

  8. Wtf… then i suppose the black rapper is the real racist
    Not trying to minimize the atrocious way black people were treated throughout history
    But i mean punching someone for the use of a word doesnt seem right
    Words dont have significance by themselves they only mean what we want them to mean

  9. Pretty soon whatever rules u think exist will be washed away and some new generation wearing dresses is gonna be telling you Led Zeppelin is God and nigga gon be things grandmothers say obsessively.. choose your battles but trust me ignorance is going to win

  10. Holy shit, people are actually fine with someone getting assaulted for using the "n-word." This is fucking absurd. Sensitive-ass clowns.

  11. I've used it the same as TUPAC used the word as the same acronym TUPAC used it as N(ever)I(gnorant)G(etting)G(oals)A(chieved)

  12. In theory white people would either have to find Jesus or make a word that bothers them like "cracker" Now only white people could say cracker. I chose Jesus. Lol

  13. I grew up in a area with poor white and blacks and I never ever say the word nigga. It's respect people. My black friends say it to me and I didn't ever think that was reason for me to say it.

  14. night in gang gang aight translates to dont be a mofo pussy and hold bear the power of the n word bc in my book its on some shit thats so out there i cant even say bc youtube will just take down my comment

  15. we need to advance and get with the times let me say something revolutionary juice said er and im say er and ima make it a song 🎧 and explain how come racism exists

  16. ima make a song called mindset nier and get shot for it idfc its my opinion that when black people use the words its of endearment and when white people use it its racist do you hear yourself i cant your low key not okay cus thats racist

  17. idc i think your segregating people to shit its fuckery all men where created equal so what the fuckery im done with the foolery its racist to think only black people can use the word its a mindset your stuck in its closemindedness

  18. I'm white, I'm only worried about being able to say the D̵͓̺̮̤̠̖̤͒͂͊̄̕ḧ̸̢̡̛̬͕͓̑̇̀d̵̗̯̯̞̗̣͊͐̂̀͐͌͛͠͡ḥ̸̮̗̖̭͍̱͇̳̔̀͊̍͑̆̓́̕ͅf̸̻̗̥̪͉̱̓̋͑͊̿̇̎͐̉ȕ̸͓͉̺̣͑̒̑́͒͢͟͠͞ͅd̠̩͖̪͙̤͉̾̓̇̇̋͜b̧̻̳̰̭̪͇̻̘̑͐̐̔͘͘͟͡e͔͉̰̖͚͎̩̘̎̐̀́͂̊ͅ word

  19. Charlemagne is a straight up racist. And alot of black folks are too. I see it everyday. Not to say there arent white racists cus there sure is

  20. i think its like, when another black dude uses the word the intention is obviously not racist. but when a white dude says it, however they intended it.. the intention can never be clear, no-one knows whether they intend it as a disrespect or not

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