17-year-old Stabbed To Death Because ‘He Was Listening To Rap Music’

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Author: phillynews215


22 thoughts on “17-year-old Stabbed To Death Because ‘He Was Listening To Rap Music’

  1. 4:18 No Charlemagne, if the michael Dunn incident has taught anyone anything, its that asking people to turn their music down can get violent real quick.

  2. “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.” – Genesis 9:6

  3. They might take him out in Prison but most likely he will be watch but it is possible. Some crazy People / even normal people ask to go to A medical housing Unit in Prison. But someone in that Unit will…

  4. i don't really like charlamagne too much because he is up himself so much. but he does sometimes speak a lot of sense. I'm from the UK and don't see or hear much racism at all. A lot of my close friends are a man of colour, and it sounds so different in the u.s. I feel for the people in your country. both of our countries get a lot of thing wrong but! this is one that should be sorted for all of us!!!!

  5. Look i understand that we’re learning more about mental health and illnesses however we should not intrinsically categorize tragedies we don’t fully understand as mental illness which is becoming a trend. But I will also say if they were aware of his mental illness and it was already diagnosed before he got out of jail then that would definitely be problematic.

  6. I agree with everything he’s saying but coming from a white man I found it a bit odd he would say white devil if I would to say black devil when a black man had committed a terrible crime I would be in jail, i don’t think it was about race personally he is clearly disturbed and would of done it to anyone,
    RIP to man, on to the next life

  7. I want everyone to know especially black males that are in the South Beach area Miami Florida. If you see a group of young black males and they're walking behind you make sure that you do not take your eyes off of them. They will attack you from behind and try to do as much damage as they can to you or possibly kill you. They do this without having any reason at all. I know because I have been a victim buy a group of black males me just walking by. Because I am a black man I didn't think that I should be watching these guys as I walked by or felt threatened. But it almost cost me my life and my eyesight. They attacked me from behind we just walking by up the street one street away from ocean drive South Beach Miami. I could have lost my life just by walking by a group of black men standing out at a bar slash restaurant and they come out as I walked by and attack me from behind. You guys need to keep your eyes open if you're ever in that area do not turn your back to these guys walking away make sure you watch them as you walk away or go across the street and stay away from these individuals. this must be a Florida thing we're the guys attack you from behind I've seen it on TV and now I've actually become a victim of it. thank God I still have my life and my eyesight I'm healing now from the bruises this happen to me three days ago when I just got to where I am now. I'm planning on moving. Be safe be safe keep your eyes open all my black men that are walking through South Beach Miami. I don't know if these guys actually live here Miami or even from this country because we have so many foreigners here visiting. I'm not just going to say black men that are American I joined this these people could be Haitians Africans Spanish of Americans or even Americans. I know where I come from we are raised a lot different than that and we don't just go around attacking people from behind we think that is a coward act. but be very careful when in these areas and this is why I don't mind the police profiling people to make sure that we are safe in these areas. Because that proves how fast your life can be taken by a group of blacks attacking another black person individual. It proves how much black on black crime could happen in an instant and people say oh those black people well let's keep it real it's happening okay and it needs to stop before someone is killed and someone is in court because they have CC Court TV cameras and they're crying in jail in court talking about I'm sorry after taking someone's life and their mother saying my baby never hurt nobody and is a good person when in fact he's really a predator looking to harm older people cuz I'm in my forties on my older guy that was minding my business. Be very careful young man out there older man be very careful do not turn your back two groups of black males in the South Beach area cuz you might end up dying after being attacked.

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