Papa John Founder Says It Took 2 Years To ‘Get Rid Of This N-Word In My Vocabulary’

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27 thoughts on “Papa John Founder Says It Took 2 Years To ‘Get Rid Of This N-Word In My Vocabulary’

  1. Are you gonna take it back now the audio did come out and it shows that he didn't mean what everyone saying?

  2. This is out if context, go check the interview about his recordings with laundry service. He didn't say the n word like he says hello he literally said how other people say it like the face of KFC and they took what he said and cut it to only the part where he said the n word. He didn't say it took time to get the n word out of his vocabulary he meant that it took time to get the n word out of his image.

  3. Legendary and iconic celebrities like Papa John don't deserved to be canceled over the n word, like you black people aren't always hypocritically racist towards white people in your conversations… Legacies like this shouldn't be tarnished to protect your politically correct victim complexes! I love Papa John and his food and always will even if he does get ousted by your pathetic "hate speech" censorship! #FreePapaJohn

  4. I swear i feel like this is guy talking out of his ass without context, if its really true that he really meant to say the n word in a disrespectful way . Why do I feel like the host of this raidio show just go with the flow of others who has no idea what they are talking about and it’s like that’s cool, let’s roll with that. Like cmon man I lost so many brain cells…

  5. You said you don't know what the "context" was and you don't care. Well, context matters. If someone says… "I can't believe that he called him a "Ni^*^r" I would never use that word." Then he is agaist people who use the word. Right? You didn't even play the tape for us to be able to judge for ourselves what the "CONTEXT" was…and guess what? The conext was NOT racist. It was denouncing racists who used the word. You're part of the cancel culture, you just used the word yourself. Just because you're black, doesn't mean we should still use it… all that does is keep it in the mainstream dialogue. If WE want people to stop using the word, WE need to stop using it in daily conversation, rap songs and movies. Kids of every color who have no idea what it means repeat song lyrics all the time because they think it's cool…then guess what happens..they get labled as a racist. Bullshit. WE need to stop using it in everything, we're NOT taking back the word, we're spreading it. If WE stop using it, then it might actually go away. What a dumb idea it is for us to think that we are talking it back. Who taught us that, was it real racist white people? I'll bet it was…but what we're really doing is keeping it alive. It doesn't make sense. But…we fell for it…go ahead people..just keep using it if you never want it to go away.

  6. This is total bullshit. He said the N word in the context that he hates that word and should not be used. CONTEXT YOU MORONS. THE TAPE IS OUT NOW, WHY DON'T YOU PLAY THE TAPE?

  7. Have you actually heard the original recording of what happened? He was saying he doesn't like the word and that he doesn't use it. One the guys from the company who recorded him used the word immediately after, too!

  8. If you don’t know the context you can’t comment on it. You really haven’t don’t any research have you

  9. John is just another Republican racist who opened his mouth and exposed himself to the world. I don’t buy their pizza’s.

  10. WHAT THE ENTIRE F–K?!!! I swear white people do not think before they speak and just say whatever comes out of their asses. But on another note…my God look at that skin!!!

  11. "Heres your nigger" i mean Pizza….Pizza🤦🏾‍♂️ . Wow i dont know what that was …🤷🏾‍♂️

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