Viral pepper spray video not the first encounter with police involving Army Lt. Caron Nazario!!!

@CopsConsTV has obtained body camera footage of an interaction with the Town of Windsor Police in Virginia where Army 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario was pulled over for speeding.

The viral video where police drew guns and pepper sprayed 2nd Lt. Nazario was not the first encounter with police.

A newly discovered video was obtained where an incident with a Windsor Police officer observed 2nd Lt. Nazario going 54MPH in a 35-MPH zone. Nazario is heard asking for a warning but the officer issues a citation instead without incident.

Nazario has filed a lawsuit against the police department from the latest incident involving guns drawn on him, and pepper spray was used on him in a December 2020 traffic stop. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Viral pepper spray video not the first encounter with police involving Army Lt. Caron Nazario!!!

  1. If anyone is curious this guy is literally as stupid as he acts. That aimless dumb look on his face is the incompetence within himself that he harnesses. He’s been like this his whole life apparently Which is also why he couldnt follow simple orders to get out of the vehicle in the next incident he had that went viral.

  2. Wow! “This is effed up… in his own words. What a bullshitter.
    I have not had a ticket… didn’t say he did not speed ever…😎

  3. Why don’t you just take responsibilities for your actions. I hate him. He pulls the same BS and gets pepper sprayed by being defiant a month later riding around with a temp tag beh8nd some dark tint making it impossible to see. You’re a disgrace to the uniform.

  4. In this case, I think Ltn. is wrong and the cop was great with him.
    People are never 100% right and 100% wrong. In real life there is no black and white, we live in shades of gray.

  5. Forest Forest said you were going way too fast 19 over! Did he put anyone in danger? was there any other cars on the road? or is this just a money collecting service? Look up DOT non-business exemption No business No Regulation.

  6. If you watch where he the cop was talking to you after the incident he is SELLING him. He said I don't have to charge you. You can leave. Fuck that. Charge me bitch. We going to court.

  7. The difference is all in how the cops acted. Anyone who drives to and from work occasionally, or always drives too fast. This cop did well, the ay it should be done, and they just discussed it like two reasonable adults.

  8. OK, Nazario got a speed ticket, he ask for a warning but the police did not agree, that´s all. Nazario wrongly was upper the speed limit, and the police gave him a ticket. Perfect!

    This has NOTHING to do with being harassment by 2 white police members guns on hand, who menace him with "ride the lightning" , "you should be scared" and pepper sprayed in the eyes just because he did not know what was going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Okay the same thing happened to me and Newport Rhode Island I left my ship about 8 going to town to watch a band play but I didn't know the club close so I decided to come go back to the ship walking down the street going catch the bus one of Newport Rhode Island officer ask me where was I going with a nice so I slow down and told him I do not have a knife so what you did sitting on my butt with this blackjack so I respond thinking I'm going to jail for assaulting a police officer it's time we was drunk and disorderly Behavior but the funny thing about it I did not have anything to drink thank God it did not go as far as the lieutenant this happened in 1970 but it's still going on as you can see

  10. Or maybe he should’ve left earlier in the day, so he had plenty of time to get to his destination. So he didn’t have to drive 19 miles over the speed limit in foggy conditions and risk his life and others. And now that the cop took up even more time, now he’s was even more late, causing him to be late. Nah bro. He lacks, time keeping skills.

  11. I thought we all ask for warnings or for a break I know I do. And I don’t understand he probably gets out of a lot of tickets he’s just playing the cards. OK but just think about it what if a cop pulled over another cop then let me hear entitlement lmao best videos honestly

  12. We need more videos like THIS! So we can show our black officers how 2 do little Matthew and Timmy like this also so we can all agree on the procedures 🙂 Keep that same energy when a black man in uniform sprays one of y’all Blue eyed All Americans😆😆😆

  13. What an entitled little brat 🤬 I guess this time he didn’t try and have the cop arrested just for doing his job. It’s horrible that we have idiots like this serving this country. If he needed to be somewhere quick he should’ve left earlier.

  14. This cop is SOLID. I would have been like "Dude, stop acting like a child in the principals office and take responsibility."
    And then I would have completely lost it when he said now that you stopped me and wrote me a ticket I feel like I HAVE to speed so that
    Im on time for where Im going.

  15. I am curious as to what type of a military officer he is. Well it's clear he is an ENTITLED person. And i believe he is a pat myself on the back type of guy. He's probably an annoying guy to serve with.

  16. Should not have gotten first break FROM army and society. What if his soldiers wanted to TALK about his orders🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  17. He like I'm not cutting a man serving the country there's no way unless you are a cop then I let you go but for now I will cause you lots of grief and make extra stuff up . makes me sick how they treated him yeah the army guy was speeding but with covid going on , the coarts tie stuff up forever I had a ticket 2 years later and a lawyer I got the ticket dropped .

  18. how the hack does a lieutenant a high rank in army be treated like that in ur country!!!!!!!!! shame

  19. Wow, wow,wow and forever wow.
    It's the same guy from the other incident. He's trying to provoke the police to sue for millions.

  20. Regardless this doesn’t excuse the other incident. I get a little flustered talking to cops especially if I was doing and knew it.

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