This guy is wearing a wire

Ever wonder what it looks like when an undercover police officer makes a purchase while wearing a wire?

Wonder no more, as this exclusive footage – from a trafficking case – shows the view from behind the wire. The guy on the other end is now in jail.

Note the undercover officer encouraging the dealer’s wife to be present at the deal for translation purposes — also known as “so they can be arrested at the same time.”


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00:00 Undercover buy
04:02 Earlier buy, same dealer
08:11 Controlled call with dealer’s wife
14:41 Controlled call arranging purchase ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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47 thoughts on “This guy is wearing a wire

  1. People like him selling his prescription are why people that have genuine health issues & pain management needs have getting prescriptions they need. I hate scum that do this gets people addicted to opiates too then they move to fentanyl & life becomes a neverending nightmare for them & the people they rob then let down including there kids & even the kids are thr addicts now a days. Sad sort of affairs.

  2. Sadly the footage you have here are the same buy but different camera views. I wish we could have gotten a 2nd buy.
    The strange thing is they have different timestamps. ..

  3. The time stamps on the video are confusing. Did they really forget to set the time/date to current or is the first clip really from 2018 and the 2nd from 2007? (yes I get that it's the same moments captured..but you feel me on this right?) I'd think making sure the time stamp on the undercover camera capturing all their evidence would be on the top of the list of boxes to check off before starting the mission.🤔

  4. I'm a disabled vet who relies on pain management to lead a normal life. It infuriates me to see people selling Rx pills like this. Thanks to this kind of behavior we have to jump thru flaming hoops to get our life changing meds.

  5. I'm so confused. The same video plays twice despite the text saying the second video is from an earlier buy and has a different date… also, way to go taking a poor old man off the street. This dude isn't exactly El Chapo.

  6. Good video – Just a side note, the second clip that I believe is supposed to be "earlier clip" is just the prior video playing again.

  7. If "I'm a cop" was a person. Also goin through all that for some dude with vics is why I want my tax money accounted for 💯

  8. Pretty suspicious interactions. I don't have an interest in drugs, but in the past from what I've seen the conversations are short and to the point. You don't really drag it out unless the guy you're getting off of is trying to do so, either because he wants to be friendly or because he wants to feel out the situation. But then again, what do I know – I've only experimented with drugs when I was a kid and never had an interest in them nor developed habits.

  9. This poor guy and his wife go to jail what the giant pharmaceutical companies profit. War on drugs hard at work.

  10. Same video both on them. One shot from glasses camera and one from the phone. Sync them up and the audio will be exactly the same AKA not tampered with.

  11. Here's a tip,Go investigate the doctor he's getting them from. Then go watch the people getting take home meds at the methadone clinics . 98% of them are selling that shit to afford $400. A month the doctor charges.

  12. Wow what a huge bust for the dept lol Go for people who are actually hurting people 🤦‍♀️

  13. The 2008 video is the exact same video as the 2007 video???? how?? it says earlier deal but they say and do exact same thing, even the van sale..

  14. Yeah this is pathetic Lol some low level dealer who makes bill money was worth all this headache and tax money!?? 🤷‍♂️ Lol

  15. Well if his Mike on his wire is the same quality as this I'm trying to listen to , then both sides of the convo won't be heard

  16. Boy oh boy I would have caught on he keeps asking the same question over and over lol good god 🤣 😂 😩 😭 😅 💀 🤣

  17. for those wondering what he was buying, it was hydrocodons 7.5 and hydrocodons 10s (i get those all the time) 😜😜😜

  18. Damn the cop caller is needy af, asking too many questions and for favors. Way too friendly. Hell nah man i would never fk with someone like that unless i knew them well.

  19. OUTCOME:
    The latin couple made a good profit.

    The undercover guy overpaid for his hydrocodone bitartrates but is set for a few weeks and is now high as a kite.

    The van is still for sale.

  20. Talk about going hard for some low-hanging fruit. I wonder if this was the officer's first time being undercover. He appeared to be asking way too many questions. He was working way too hard to ingratiate himself with the seller.

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