Florida Man Kidnaps His Child, Gets Tased and Bitten by K-9

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Palm Coast, Florida — A 27-year-old Palm Coast resident faces charges of kidnapping and using a minor as a human shield after he abducted a small child while armed with a gun and led deputies on a chase which ended in a standoff at a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. At approximately 6:08 p.m. Tuesday (September 27, 2022), the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) responded to a home on Bunker Lane in Palm Coast after receiving a report of a possible child abduction involving a 1-year- old. FCSO discovered that the boyfriend of that child’s mother – since identified as 27-year-old Brandon Matthew Douglas Leohner – had abducted the child while armed with a handgun and was driving with the child in his lap as he left the residence.

Deputies located the male a short time later driving recklessly through medians while speeding south on Belle Terre Parkway. When deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, Leohner fled traveling east onto State Road 100, driving over the median and through oncoming traffic before turning into the Target shopping center in Town Center. Leohner then drove into the nearby McDonald’s parking lot and exited the vehicle near the drive-thru with the child in his arms, using the child as a human shield and refusing to obey law enforcement commands to put the child down. After a brief standoff, deputies deployed a taser, rescued the child and began immediately comforting the child while other deputies worked to control Leohner.

Leohner attempted to flee and continued to resist deputies until a K-9 and a taser were able to control him. He was then placed in handcuffs and paramedics were called in to treat his wounds from being apprehended by the K-9. The child was not hurt and was quickly reunited with his mother. Leohner was arrested and charged with kidnapping, using a minor as a shield, resisting with violence, child neglect, fleeing and eluding and reckless driving. Leohner was transported to AdventHealth for treatment of his injuries and will be booked at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility upon his release. He has no prior arrests in Flagler County.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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43 thoughts on “Florida Man Kidnaps His Child, Gets Tased and Bitten by K-9

  1. The man is always the head of the family and nothing changes that. A mother has no right to live separately from the father with the child, ever. The state is literally kidnapping the child to brainwash it to be a slave. No doubt the mother is a worthless whhoare that is completely brainwashed that was doing harm to the child.

  2. Right in front of the kid saying Da Da this his is why cops need to be trained better this could have ended much better sometimes cops need knocked the F*ck out!!! bad training and bad decisions!!! screw pigs like this!!!! Do us all a favor pigs go back to the academy and learn your job…

  3. 1. 4 police man cant put 1 guy down hahahah. 2. BRING THE CHILD AWAY FROM THE SCENE!!!!! idiots…….

  4. Why the fuck would that BLACK cop use that dog on him like that!!! If colors were reversed you know it that would be all FUCKING OVER EVERY NEWS STATION WITH BLM RIOTS AND CITIES BURNING. Not that I support that at all but that was freaking ridiculous. His badge needs to be pulled and he needs to be charged!! Fuck him!!

  5. Ok. I see the title. Kidnapped. Do you hear that kid? Knows exactly who the dad is. And deploy the tazer with the baby in his arms!? What crime deserves to put that child's life in danger!? Kidnapping? The baby obviously knows who the father is! It was pure luck for the baby and the police the baby didn't smack it's head on the concrete and die. Could've went a different route. De-escalate jerk offs! Find the true story from both sides! I'm sure this was a call to 911 of a kidnapping, but do we have both sides of the story before police putting this baby in danger!? And for the cop who grabbed the baby let the baby see the dad getting battered through all this, a total F-! De-escalate non armed people! Don't try to be a hero! None was needed. The kids dad is his hero.

  6. Seems like every single one of these encounters always have a failure. When the cop took possession of the child he should've immediately removed the child from the scene instead of allowing the child to view his father be taken down. While this "shouldn't" cause long term trauma, it is not certain as it will depend on what the child has already experienced and how he is raised from here on.

  7. All that wasn’t very necessary dude especially in front of that baby, they could have done it a different way, poor baby smh I’m disappointed in those cops bro

  8. Poor kid, feel like cops were being a little aggressive in a tense situation that involved a fucking child. Pathetic, why are American cops so brutal, they’d blow up a school to arrest 1 criminal. Or they’d run away from the school who knows!

  9. The sad thing is…
    This isn't happening in just Florida. This is happening in every single state in The United States. We have an out of control child abuse problem.

  10. That dude is a messed up. I think this is one of the saddest things I've ever seen. A man using his own baby as a shield? My God, even the Taliban only use other people's kids as a shield. I'm fighting the urge to wish he would have had lethal used as a solution.
    I know, Justice must be indiscriminate. Justice must be blind. But, sometimes it's tough. Nobody knows what this guy could do. He could change. And, life is precious.

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