Suspect Shoots at Officers they Respond Accordingly

Written by NMSP Officer Ray Wilson 07/04/2021 Updated 7/23/2021

This update identifies the officers involved, the suspect, and gives additional details that led up to the incident.

Santa Fe, NM – On July 4, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was notified of an officer involved shooting in Santa Fe, NM involving the New Mexico State Police (NMSP). All officers were uninjured, and the suspect had been transported to a local area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators learned that on July 4, 2021, at around 9:20 a.m., New Mexico State Police Officers Alfredo Moya and Luis Mendez were dispatched to assist the Santa Fe Police Department (SFPD) who had responded to a man sitting on the rail runner tracks near Interstate 25 milepost 275. The suspect, later identified as Jaime Bravo, 40, of Santa Fe, NM, brandished a firearm at the SFPD officers and fled from them. The foot pursuit crossed I-25 and continued into a residential area.

State Police Officers Moya and Mendez located Bravo near Calle Prado and Chaparral in Santa Fe and another foot pursuit ensued. While officers Moya and Mendez pursued him, Bravo turned towards the officers several times and fired multiple shots at them.

Out of fear for their lives, both Officer Moya and Mendez discharged their duty weapons towards Bravo. Bravo was struck in the leg and officers were able to take Bravo into custody without further incident. Emergency aid was rendered to Bravo on scene. He was transported by emergency personnel to an area hospital.

Once released from the hospital, Bravo was booked into the Santa Fe County Detention Center and charged with Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer (3 counts), Resisting and Evading a Police Officer (2 counts), and Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Officer Moya has 8 years of law enforcement experience with the New Mexico State Police. Officer Mendez has 8 years of law enforcement experience (4 with New Mexico State Police and 4 with the Rio Rancho Police Department).

Following the incident, both officers were placed on standard administrative leave. This investigation is being led by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau. At the completion of this investigation, the reports will be forwarded to the appropriate district attorney’s office for review.

We are sharing the footage in news reporting and educating. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. So easy to take a life but scream like a little child I’m sorry I’m sorry and officer turns and says let’s take some photos! Great response!

  2. The cop with the AR-15 with a scope should have had no problem taking this guy out. This should have been over a lot quicker

  3. That 1 officer needs to be reprimanded & put back through training. He gonna get someone or himself killed. He's way too hype & trigger happy. Gun pointing a firearm at them & he want to be rambo & chase the guy down like he's T1000 from Terminator and bullet holes will patch themselves if he's hit! After bring told to get in vehicle, he does, then jumps out again running to a person with a gun that he can't CLEARLY SEE. Which then forced the other cops to run over there with him just to back him up. Very unsafe & bad overall judgement. Guy doesn't need a badge & a gun!

  4. When the fight turns into something like this where it covers a distance not usually experienced with a shots fired call the guy with the long gun needs to take lead. That other officer trying to full out sprint through the desert not watching his footing and not being aware where his partner is behind him with the better tool for the job is a no go. Take a deep breath and think through it. Adrenaline will impact decision making. Nice standing long shot from the officer with the long gun. Took his time, decided when to shoot and one round stopped this guy from taking another step..

  5. I have personally experienced that zing sound and I hit the dirt fast! The neighbor kid was firing a sks in his back yard as I was coming out of the woods and he was firing in the direction I was coming from, we had a talk about gun safety 😡🤯

  6. Well, if you shoot at the cops, they are going to shoot back. And guess what? They just might hit ya. You got what you asked for. I mean, what did you THINK was gonna happen? And "sorry" doesn't cut it. Doesn't mean jack crap, honestly.

  7. These officers remained fairly respectful to that piece of shit. “What’s your name sir?” After all that bullshit.

  8. Rifle Officer’s brain “I can’t believe I accidentally left my flip up magnifier in my sock drawer this morning”

  9. *shoots guns at cops while running
    Suspect: “I deedn’t do nothing wrong…”
    Also Suspect: “I sorry…sorry…wah”

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