Suspect Gets Shot After Exchanging Gunfire With an Oregon State Police Trooper

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Salem, Oregon — On Monday, April 10, 2023, at 8:42 a.m., an Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper, Andrew Tuttle, was on duty and driving northbound on Interstate 5 (I5). Trooper Tuttle was nearing milepost 254 and observed what he believed to be a stalled semi-trailer in the B lane (middle lane). Trooper Tuttle called into his dispatch to inform them that he would be stopping to assist the driver. As Trooper Tuttle pulled up closer to the semi-trailer, he observed an adult male suspect (later identified to be 31-year-old Felipe Amezcua Manzo) in the roadway with a firearm in his hand. Trooper Tuttle saw Amezcua Manzo point the firearm at the driver of the semi-trailer and then saw him point the firearm at a driver of a nearby SUV and try to force open the passenger side door of that vehicle. At this time, Amezcua Manzo noticed Trooper Tuttle and started to run to the east, toward the CarMax (located adjacent to I5). Trooper Tuttle activated his lights and sirens and pulled his vehicle over to the side of the interstate. Trooper Tuttle exited his vehicle and drew his firearm. Trooper Tuttle saw Amezcua Manzo run to the grass shoulder and then go down into the ditch. Trooper Tuttle yelled at Amezcua Manzo to “get on the ground” numerous times but Amezcua Manzo ignored those commands and continued walking south.

Trooper Tuttle proceeded to go down into the ditch and saw Amezcua Manzo walking with the gun in his hand. Amezcua Manzo then turned toward Trooper Tuttle, aimed the gun at Trooper Tuttle and started firing. Trooper Tuttle then returned fire. During this exchange of gunfire, Trooper Tuttle felt something hit him on his left arm. Trooper Tuttle started back up the incline at the side of I5, in an attempt to find coverage from the gunfire but ended up falling into the water in the bottom of the ditch. Trooper Tuttle was able to get up and run up to his patrol vehicle. Trooper Tuttle reloaded his firearm and noticed that Amezcua Manzo was again aiming at him and firing. At this point, Trooper Tuttle saw a “blue light or laser” coming from Amezcua Manzo’s gun. The light was pointed right at Trooper Tuttle’s eyes and blinded him momentarily. This light is frequently associated with laser-assisted aiming, suggesting to Trooper Tuttle that the gun was aimed at his head. Trooper Tuttle began to fire again toward Amezcua Manzo. Amezcua Manzo was still holding the gun and aiming at Trooper Tuttle. After Trooper Tuttle reloaded his gun a second time, he noticed Amezcua Manzo start to walk back toward Trooper Tuttle. Trooper Tuttle continued to fire at Amezcua Manzo, reloading a third time, until Amezcua Manzo fell to the grass.

At this time, Trooper Tuttle informed dispatch that shots had been fired and Amezcua Manzo was down. Medics were immediately dispatched to the scene to render medical aid to Amezcua Manzo. While Trooper Tuttle was waiting for back up officers to arrive, a male started running down the interstate toward Trooper Tuttle. The male identified himself with a badge as a retired Pierce County, Washington, Sheriff’s Deputy. Trooper Tuttle gave the retired deputy his backup weapon and the retired deputy joined Trooper Tuttle at his patrol vehicle. They both held Amezcua Manzo at gunpoint for their safety until back up officers arrived just a few minutes later. Once additional officers arrived, they approached Amezcua Manzo to render aid. Officers observed gunshot wounds to Amezcua Manzo’s chest, back, and head. Medical aid was administered but Amezcua Manzo was pronounced deceased at the scene. Also located near Amezcua Manzo was a firearm with an attached laser sight and light, which was blue in color. Trooper Tuttle sustained an abrasion to his left arm but did not require further medical attention. It cannot be determined if the injury Trooper Tuttle sustained was due to a bullet graze or due to his fall in the ditch. No other motorists, bystanders or police officers were injured during this incident.

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0:00 – Attempted Carjacking
0:58 – Bodycam: Trooper Andrew Tuttle
4:10 – Dashcam

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Suspect Gets Shot After Exchanging Gunfire With an Oregon State Police Trooper

  1. First Time I've seen a handgun trade/handoff to a Civilian/Retired Deputy. I hope his department doesn't penalize him for acting in the moment.

  2. Teamwork police officers!, fight the Black Lives Matter bull crap philosophy everyday of the week, there is a long road to recover from the damage Black Lives Matter has caused society 😢

  3. Clear cut case of self defense against the blue isis terrorist gang. This man is a true america. Hero and we need millions more just like him.

  4. Lesson learned: When you are getting shot return fire don't throw yourself on the ground like somehow it will make you dodge bullet.
    I'm glad the bad guy was total idiot other wise the officer would be dead.

  5. He kept his head in the fight and was able to drop the suspect. Definitely a stressful and very dangerous encounter. Glad this officer is safe.

  6. Way to stay in the fight! Excellent reloads while under pressure. Radio communications and still had the mental clarity to verify the retired officers' credentials.

  7. Some people just have a death wish it seems. Why the hell would you come to a stop in the middle of a highway as a man rushes at your vehicle.

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