Man Wielding Large Knife Gets Shot by a State Trooper

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Ulster County, N.Y. — On Friday, September 9, 2022, members of New York State Police (NYSP) and the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) were dispatched to assist the Ulster County Mobile Mental Health crisis team at a residence located on Clark Road in Pine Bush, Ulster County. When the officers arrived at the residence, they encountered what police describe as a “distraught male.” The “distraught” man identified as 41-year-old Daniel McAlpin was wielding what appeared to be a large knife. When McAlpin did not respond to repeated requests to drop the weapon, Trooper Elias E. Strickland deployed a Taser, however, McAlpin advanced toward the officers with the knife, and a second officer, Trooper Jason T. Wurtz, fired his issued firearm, striking McAlpin, who was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officers recovered a machete and an airsoft rifle at the scene.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Trooper Elias Strickland
1:36 – Bodycam: Trooper Jason Wurtz

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Man Wielding Large Knife Gets Shot by a State Trooper

  1. I watch alot of the "Police Activity" and "Donut Operater" and etc etc videos..But this one is just plain sad man,just like everyone critizes the fugitives when there wrong,you have to do the same for our officers as well..Right is right,and wrong is wrong..They could have easily talked him off the edge..They knew what they wanted!

  2. Well ladies and gents, today we learned what wins… A knife and a airport gun… Or real guns.. Airport definitely had us in the beginning but the real guns put him down fast

  3. I honestly think that half the time the perps are trying to possibly give up and put their weapons down but due to getting tased, it causes them to basically get stuck to the weapon and it seems like they’re coming at you with it but not intentionally. They’re stuck in an attack position..
    sad either way. Mental health should be taken more seriously.

  4. It is better to warn the guilty person three times to turn himself in,
    If he does not respond, he will be shot in the foot before the situation escalates and the perpetrator will be shot indiscriminately, which may cause his death and the killing of a police officer.

  5. He was armed with a BB gun. If he had been armed with a real one he would have hit several cops before he went down.

  6. ประเทศไทยใช้ไม้ง่ามนะจะ😂

  7. Anyone ever seen the movie Slingblade? This is why we don't treat mental illness with enabling and therapy, your either right in the head or you are removed from normal society. Human Evolution has worked up until this recent decade. Everyone is soft now, wonder why there are so many crimes/violence as of late because of DA's not fulfilling their duties. It's only going to get get worse. A tranny just shot up a school with kids in TN. It used to be that a trannny would have been road kill, nowadays they can be normal or whatever they like and we have to accept it thanks to media. These people are mentally ill and do not share the same morals as normal people. Take our country back men and women! Your children are at stake!

  8. So they taser the guy which makes the guy loose control of their body, their body shake and the cops shoot the guy multiple times because he couldn't comply with orders due to being tased.

  9. Obviously the officer should be fired and brought up on murder charges. Clearly once the suspect was shot and hit the ground officers should have backed away until suspect surrendered weapon or passed out instead the officer continues to fire several more shots in suspect despite being immobilized. Either way its very disgusting how incompetent these goons are hope family sues.

  10. Cop just lied on camera when he was asked if he'd been shot. I agree with the officers actions to end a threat but it's gonna come back to bite the Department in the ass just because the one officer lied. She asks him directly "has he been shot" and you can hear a very clear and loud "NO he hasn't" from the police. That's not a good look.

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