Dashcam Captures Man Body Slammed by a Paulding County Sheriff’s Deputy

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Paulding County, Georgia — On March 4, 2022, at approximately 6:00 a.m. Deputy Michael McMaster of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a suspicious person, who was wearing a hoodie and a backpack, attempting to break into a vehicle in the Evans Mill Subdivision. A short time later, Deputy McMaster arrived at the location and observed 30-year-old Tyler Canaris walking along the roadside at the entrance to the subdivision. Canaris, who was wearing a hoodie and a backpack, appeared to match the description of the suspect that was provided by dispatch. Deputy McMaster then approached Canaris who repeatedly refused to comply with the Deputy’s commands to remove his backpack and place his hands behind his back.

Thereafter, Deputy McMaster used force to bring Canaris to the ground and placed him under arrest. Once arrested, Canaris was evaluated on the scene by medical personnel. Canaris was then transported to the hospital by the Sheriff’s Office for medical evaluation. Sheriff’s officials say it was later determined that Canaris was not breaking into cars, but he was charged with Obstruction of Justice, and is still facing those charges. The attorneys for Canaris say they plan to file a civil lawsuit against the county. During a news conference Monday, the attorneys accused the Paulding County deputy of leaving their client with $75,000 worth of medical bills from fractured bones and a ruptured eardrum.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “Dashcam Captures Man Body Slammed by a Paulding County Sheriff’s Deputy

  1. Wonder where your tax dollars go? This sorry excuse of a cop just wasted people's money for being a hothead. They should start garnishing their wages to pay off lawsuits.

  2. Disgusting.
    Officer Donut needs something more severe than to just lose his job.
    This is a criminal offense and an abuse of power.
    “Hopefully this is the guy…” Disgusting.

  3. This deputy should be decommissioned and his POST certification revoked. On top of his excessive use of force on this individual, this moron takes out his duty pistol to use the light to look at the roadway near the end of the video? Your weapon mounted light is not used for area searches, use your secondary light for this. Come on Paulding CO do better.

  4. This fat ass punk cop is so proud of himself that he was able to manhandle someone half his size and unsuspecting…ill tell u what tho, this fat bastard would be the one crying and screaming like a bitch if he ever pulled some shit like that on a real criminal

  5. Deputy was too aggressive.

    Problem is, ALL LEO’s will be accused of being this way, UNFAIRLY.

    This is by far NOT the norm.

  6. As someone with LEO experience, their behavior before and after the detaining of the individual was not handled well. Granted there was passive resistance from the detainee but a body slam was pushing it. We have many other techniques to control potential suspects without dropping someone on their head. The fact they went through with obstruction charges to save their asses was pretty ballsy considering what transpired would become public record. That said, you better damn well know if you have the right person and his approach was rude from the start. There is a higher standard LEOs are held to and that comes with the job. Hindsight is 20/20 but foresight is needed and these officers give good ones a bad name.

  7. Bullshit behavior by that deputy. He could have killed him with that bodyslam. I hope he gets charged. BTW, in order to obstruct justice, one must intentionally impede and obstruct the judicial system from its due process. Turning away from handcuffs is technically resisting an arrest. That DA is a real asshat. Most policies require the use of "necessary force needed to match that resistance" in order to restrain a suspect. This dude violated that.

  8. As an officer myself it’s always the fat turd cops who think they are big and tough. I’m sick of dudes like this in my profession. He should be fucking fired

  9. For all those in the comments saying the cop is a disgrace. Let's not forget the multiple warnings the guy was given before being taken down. I don't know why it needs to be said so many times, but the streets are not a courtroom. If you find yourself in any situation with police, comply. Deal with any violations of rights or whatever later in court because if you choose to deal with them on the streets, you will lose.

    You can still voice your concerns if you feel you're being treated unfairly or being wrongly accused, but do so while complying fully. And for the love of Pete, don't continuously say, "I'm not resisting" while actively resisting.

  10. This guy has every reason to sue the crap out of these cops. I could even rep this guy in a court of law! Would anyone be upset if someone took a bat to this cops head? Listening to tough guy cop back-talk his actions is just as upsetting.

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