@Cops&Cons Legal Expert Breaks Down Recent Cases

Dan our legal expert talks about about our recent video uploads and recent police cases around the country.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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  1. Every drug drawn from a drug safe regardless of its schedule is supposed to be signed and co-signed in a logbook and have its name, dosage/volume, and expiry date stated out loud and confirmed by an authorised witness, and is repeated prior to administration. This is a minimum legal requirement that should be universial for any profession or discipline involving the handling and administration of any kind of medication

  2. When you see these interactions wouldn't it be fair if you could see the same officer interact with others under the same situation.
    How pathetic that poor little Rudy got patted.. but like all snowflakes only they matter..

  3. Body cameras are awesome! Now they just need to make it so those cameras can’t be muted and turned off at key moments. I’ve seen that so many times when a cop thinks that whatever is about to be said or seen will be a problem for himself or one of his gang members they just shut it off!!

  4. unfortunately with body cams police can alter them they can turn them on and off they can mute them and often people aren't even able to gain access to it even under the official Information Act you cannot absolutely not rely on police body cams there have been many instances we're police have altered redacted or even lost the body cam images even refuse to hand them over to defence Attorneys police are more and more emboldened to hide information because absolutely no one and I mean no one hold them accountable and Less it hits the media police have gone from serve and protect to manipulate and corrupt and violate everyone's rights as often as they can. and as for police being treated differently to the civilians that is definitely true f even in officer is arrested which is not very often unless it's a high profile case even then there are plenty of examples where police get away with it there needs to be a culture change within the police and certainly the hierarchy need to be held accountable for their offices just like a captain of a ship in the navy if his crew screws up he gets the court martial. and sorry I think you're a bit naive where you day a good cops want bad cops held accountable they actually don't because if they did they would report bad police behaviour but they merely stand back and watch which makes the so-called good cop as dirty is the bad cop.

  5. People shouldn't be put in prison for honest mistakes–cops or anyone else. But, depending on the egregiousness of the mistake, they should be banned from ever working in that field again. With professions such as licensing, that happens, ones licenses is pulled, and other states will also see the records an pull the license. With police, it doesn't happen, all to often police are fired from one department, and just move and get a job with a different police department.

  6. I think the majority of the comments on the cop being arrested was the he was treated with a level of courtesy and respect not typically afforded to regular citizens. Of this there can be no doubt.

    Vaught's case is out of Tennessee. Potter's out of Minnesota. The states have different standards as to what constitutes negligent homicide and different penalties. To make this comparison doesn't make sense, IMO. Consider how Maxwell just got 20 years and Kelly received 30. Would you compare those?

    Despite the opinion that good cops want transparency, there are several examples of good cops being beaten, reprimanded, fired, and most recently, killed by their fellow officers, so…

    This is not anti-cop sentiment. It's just that there are two sides to every coin and this video seems not to acknowledge that.

  7. Accidentally pulling a taser caused by a subject’s actions of trying to escape arrest is much different then a nurse making errors on her own under no immediate danger

  8. The majority of police offers are treated differently than regular citizens. Like in the many videos showing off-duty officers stopped in DWI stops and are talked to and treated with kid's gloves where regular citizens would be dragged out of their vehicles and thrown to the ground for not obeying officer's orders. But I get that the majority of police interactions are not out on YouTube for all to see, mostly only videos that have violence or excitement in them.

  9. It's a crime in almost every state to block or walk on an active road way. IH10 is one of the busiest freeways in cali. It can not be shut down or diverted. If it does the drivers will get involved an things will get much worse. Epsteins girlfriend will "choke" on her breakfast pretty soon. We all know how dangerous scrambled Eggs can be.

  10. I'm a severely disabled Firefighter/EMT/911 officer an emergency dispatcher.
    I've seen both.
    As a dispatcher I was told to call a neighboring police officers wife to come to Dennys to pick up her drunk driving husband. I've seen the same officers booking may civilians for DWI. I quit soon after.
    When I worked in the ER.
    But I've also seen officers arrest cops too. So it depends of the police chief and Mayors discretion.

  11. Why are we seeing time and time again, that when you do the police's job, or call for their help, they kill you and get away with it?
    If I shot at someone who broke into my apartment, and I hit a neighbors apartment, id be charged with negligence. But the police? It's the line of duty

  12. My wife and I came out of the movies one night to go home, except our car was not accessible to us. The Sheriffs Department told us to come back in about 8-12 hours. Apparently an Investigator/Detective who worked for them, had shots himself in the head in a work/duty vehicle. He was tipped off by a fellow investigator that he was going to be arrested later that afternoon for child sexual abuse, going back years. So yes, absolutely I believe law enforcement is treated differently in many, if not most cases. From arrest all the way through the system… I feel they get more breaks or “understanding” or favors. They use their contacts, friends, etc., to gain access to information or sometimes departments would rather just bury issues or fire the bad apples. Worst part is they are often re-hired by other departments. So you’d have to be stupid to believe law enforcement is not treated differently…lol.

  13. Of course, Police treat each other better, they call it "professional courtesy" and the "Thin blue line". Police protect each other and the DA/Judges protects police. Police should never be allowed to mute or turn off body cams, should be called destruction of evidence.

  14. Miranda is exactly like you quoted and children have a right to have there parents there when questioned also in
    most states and never admit guilt for anything not even in front of a dog catcher . If a cop says is this your car and your sitting
    in it but there’s no registration . Say yes it’s my car and stop talking. The cops word is the state’s evidence.

  15. Can you do a breakdown of the new haven incident where a suspect in custody was paralyzed then dragged around like a rag doll because they thought he was just being petty.

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