Border Patrol Cop Arrested for Dognapping Neighbors Dog

@Cops&Cons obtained body camera footage of an incident involving two neighbors. A neighbor of Neil Schwartz reported a missing chocolate Labrador and the dog had a GPS tracking collar on it. Schwartz was pinpointed at particular locations with the GPS collar.

The neighbor called police to let them know of the evidence. Schwartz was a U.S. Border Patrol agent based in New Mexico. Schwartz’s and his wife were questioned by police after his neighbor showed up to his gun shop.

Warrants were issued for Schwartz’s residence and the police found enough evidence to charge Schwartz with the missing dog.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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38 thoughts on “Border Patrol Cop Arrested for Dognapping Neighbors Dog

  1. I hope he lost his job but I doubt it They're all just perfect human beings who get away with everything even with proof. I think New Mexico doesn't have Qualified Immunity 🤔

  2. I'm confused on why the guy would hide it. It sounds as if the dog came onto his property or did he literally go out of his way, go onto someone else's property, and take the dog? If a dog comes on to your property and attacks or kills your chickens (which is also property), by law, we have the right to kill the dog. Not defending him or saying he is right because he should have done something to guard his chickens better. But if the dog was loose killing chickens, that is on the owner of the dog. Sadly, the dog is just being a dog 😞

  3. The business is closed anyone know if they opened under another name? That dude hunted that pet with an AR-15 in retaliation for being caught dog napping. I mean i would love to do business with these folks. Pretty sure they follow all the laws when selling guns.

  4. That wife had shoulders like an NFL linebacker and tried to act like a defenseless little girl. The cop acted innocent knowing damn well he stole that man's dog and killed it. Imagine what he has done on duty as a cop. The crooked cop and linebacker Laura both should get locked up

  5. I keep seeing ignorant people in the comments saying "once the dog has a thirst for blood it can't be trusted! 🤦‍♀️"the "thirst for blood" statement is an ABSOLUTE MYTH!! In this day and age it's ridiculous people are still spreading that bull 💩 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  6. If this idiot would've jus killed the dog when he was in his yard after he killed all his chickens and called the police himself then none of this would've happened

  7. Good for the PoPo!! I bet he thought no one will care about a dog,, and if so I'm a brother to law enforcement pffffft I won't even get a second look

  8. Legally, if the dog was not under the control of the owner and destroys someone's property then the dog owner is liable and can be sued. ANIMAL CONTROL SHOULD HAVE tAKEN THE DOG AND FINED THE OWNER. IF the agent (not cop), went on the dog owners property and took the dog then that is theft. ANIMALS ARE PROPERTY UNDER THE LAW. If the agent took the dog on his own property he should have called Animal Control again. This all could have been avoided if animal control would have done their job. The agent could have sued the dog owner for the worth of the chickens. ANY STORE CAN TELL SOMEONE TO LEAVE. If they don't, then you can press charges for criminal trespass. THE police officer only addressed part of the violations here. I doubt that the agent will let this go with his own criminal violations. The agent was in the wrong killing the dog, but the dog owner was also in the wrong for not having control of the dog and refusing to take responsibility for the dog killing the chickens. Again, it could all have been avoided if animal control would have done their job.

  9. Think he would've been better off by stating that he shot the dog when it was killing his chickens.
    I live in TX on a dead end road in the country & many people dump off dogs in our area & many have been shot by the Sheriff's Office Animal Control Officers & others that live on our street.
    Yes, it's different circumstances but that should've been his story.
    If we see dogs, coyotes, bobcats, etc. attacking our chickens, Cows, Mules, etc. They gonna get a 223 to the head.

  10. I love videos that show proper police work by officers. Calm, respectful, articulate and professional. Well done to this officer

  11. He could have just given the dog back and said he was worried it would get hit by a car. Instead let’s wait until the cops get called, shoot the poor dog, lose our career and make the situation 1000 times worse. fckn moron.

  12. 🤾🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Just checked the court records online. Plea deal…to F4 animal cruelty….other 2 charges dropped. The site says sent to jail…but that could be time served or probation…..or maybe a jail sentence. That part isnt clear. Im pretty sure you cannot have an FFL with a felony(F4) so his Gun shop would have dissolved like another commenter mentioned. Im curious what actions the border patrol took? EDIT* Just looked up their FFL….it's still active…..maybe its not in his name or someone can explain this to me better?

  14. Good thing they had a tracker on the dogs and video otw they may have taken the cop's word for it.. he talks way to much, annoying

  15. I hope you push for a 'Civil Suit" as well since that poor excuse of a man killed your dog. Sue that Punk for everything he has

  16. Any info on his sentence? I googled it couldn't find anything. I hope they throw the book at this piece of human shit but I'm sure he'll get probation and a suspended sentence. Hey bud all those guns aren't gonna stop you from getting raped in the clink. Piece of trash

  17. LMAO He should have just turned around and interlaced his fingers. 29:22 The furrowed brow and pathetic attempt to shift the officers attention away from him said it all

  18. "It won't load past wednesday" Bullshit. I have texts from several years back I can look up in 30 seconds. This guy just told a self serving lie to cover his other lies. The lies just keep rolling.

  19. I knew he did it the second he told the cop I just wanted compensation for my chickens and they won't do anything. What a complete douchbag.

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