Cop Hating City Official Gets Pulled Over Acts Foolish on Camera

@CopsConsTV has obtained body camera footage from Arizona State University Police Department of Phoenix District 8 City Councilor Carlos Garcia. You will see two angles from the stop. We switch back and forth on the two body cameras.

Officers noticed an expired registration and pulled over Councilor Garcia. During the traffic stop he questioned the jurisdiction of the officers and even threatened to get them out of there. He refused basic commands and even provide social security information. As the traffic stop continued he used vague threats and pulled the do you know who I am card.

The officers took the license plate due to the violation of not having up to date insurance on the vehicle.

Garcia is newly elected to the 8th District in Phoenix and ran on the platform of anti-police. He is known to be anti-police and pro illegal immigration activist

Here is Councilor Garcia’s page ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Cop Hating City Official Gets Pulled Over Acts Foolish on Camera

  1. Officer is still in training and you can tell he’s ready to go…. The FTO “older officer” just is done with the BS haha

  2. Cops deal with so much bullshit on a daily basis. Ive been pulled over about 10 times and never had a single issue. It's so easy to be respectful to a police officer and the traffic stop will be over extremely quick. People just have to be assholes for no reason at all. The majority of the time if you be respectful to them over something simple like windows tinted too dark or accidentally not stopping all the way for a stop sign they wont even write a ticket purely out of the fact that you are being respectful to them.

  3. People should flood Az political office and Phoenix Az news with this clip. This prick is still in office?.. "Get them out of there, do you want to see who I am? " We all can see who you are, A Total Douche Bag is who…Way to go voters.. I am of mixed nationality and this tool is pathetic..

  4. A Phoenix council member running for reelection to represent south Phoenix probably violated campaign finance laws, according to a report released Thursday. Gilbert Town Clerk Chaveli Herrera investigated a complaint that Carlos Garcia broke state law by accepting money from a labor union and filing a campaign finance report late. The complaint also alleged he took too much money from the union.. This guy is a goofball. Before being elected to Phoenix City Council, Carlos spent the prior 16 years of his life fighting for social justice in Arizona and across the country. This guy is a goofball

  5. You guys don’t deserve assh^&les treating you poorly. You are the ones we all cry help to when someone is trying to hurt, rape, rob us. Then people cry foul when they do the wrong thing and you do your job. Mad respect for you. There’s bad apples in every profession. If people keep treating officers like crap, there will be no one wanting to enter the law enforcement field and where will we be then? Can you imagine being assaulted and trying to call 911 and no one answers?????????

  6. I feel the Mexican was actually an undercover Federally who is trying to return the state of Arizona back to the Mexican authority's Jurisdiction.

  7. Take a look at the ridiculous crap we call have to deal with now a days the I'm gonna record you with my phone because I'm not happy with the way your talking to mr

  8. And this guy is part of the government? This man needs to lose his job. I'm so disgusted in this man's behavior that I may never ever appreciate a government official again. These police officers should be commended.

  9. I don't think there's any evidence this guy is "Cop Hating". I think there is a lot of evidence he believes (maybe erroneously), that this cop is out of his jurisdiction in Phoenix city limits proper.

  10. This jerk is still a councilmember. He even got voted Vice Mayor. I'm so tired of these minor politicians who let what they think is their tiny bit of power go to their heads. Where is their accountability? People in his district need to see how he's acting. Maybe they back this kind of thing there, but I truly hope they're at least seeing it so they can decide if they want to keep voting for this law breaking rude power abusing jerk.

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