Bodycam Footage Shows Cops’ Fatal Chokehold on Armando Frank

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The family of Armando Frank, 42, who died back in October 2017 during a struggle with law enforcement, has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal district court in Alexandria and are seeking damages. Three officers involved with the struggle are listed as defendants, as are the City of Marksville and Sheriff Doug Anderson in his official capacity. The lawsuit was filed last Friday by attorney Joseph Long out of Baton Rouge. The lawsuit alleges civil rights violations by excessive force. Attached with the lawsuit is a report from Dr. Christopher Tape, a well-known forensic pathologist in the state. Dr. Tape concludes in his report that Frank’s cause of death was “asphyxia due to respiratory compromise due to law enforcement arrest with contribution of hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.” The manner of death is listed as “homicide.” Within the report, Dr. Tape writes that review of police body cam video shows that Frank’s breathing was compromised for more than six minutes.Toxicology results only turned up positive for caffeine.

Dr. Tape concludes his report by writing, “Although there is no evidence of intent to kill the decedent on the video, it seems that the law enforcement arrest was the intervening factor that led to the death. Therefore, for medicolegal purposes such as a death certificate, the manner of death should be classified as a homicide.” The incident happened as Avoyelles Parish deputies spotted Frank sitting on a tractor in the parking lot of Walmart. Investigators told us at the time that Frank was wanted on several warrants. According to the arrest report, deputies went to arrest Frank, he resisted and was tasered as a result. He continued to resist, and was tasered again before deputies brought him to the ground. He later died at the hospital. In March, an Avoyelles Parish grand jury chose not to indict three law enforcement officers involved in the incident for negligent homicide. Those officers are Deputy Alex Daniel and Deputy Brandon Spillman with the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Kenneth Parnell with the Marksville Police Department. It took the grand jury four hours to reach that decision.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Cops’ Fatal Chokehold on Armando Frank

  1. So racist he didn’t want to get off the tractor and they forced him as he’s a black man, disgusting

  2. Glad that officers were not indicted. They did their job. The guy resisted and was extremely agressive. He put himself alone in that situation.

  3. I guess his purpose in life was to be an example for people with heart problems to let them know not to resist arrest. He's probably saved many lives since this video came out.

  4. That moment when u accidentally shock ur partner too. 🤣 he had a valid request though, I wanna see the warrant. But the resistance was un needed.go down see ur charges get it over with.

  5. Woow they had him in a chokehold in proceed to pull him on the street with his shirts almost off that’s crazy and heartbreaking💔

  6. I ask US President John Biden to take every black man and woman who takes them to space to live alone so that no harm will be to the Earth.

  7. Well technically their supposed to show a warrant .
    Maybe the laws are different in their neck of the woods .

    Oh well when uniformed police become automized with Robotic drones these fools will be asking why .

  8. That "chokehold" DID NOT kill that man. That wasn't even a real chokehold. Of course the leftist idiots (including who ever wrote this headline) would describe it as a chokehold because they're too dumb to know any different. How about putting the blame squarely where it belongs, on the guy who refused to follow the sheriff's lawful orders. If he had simply complied, he would still be alive. On the off chance that even if he was correct that the sheriff did not have a warrant for his arrest, he goes peaceably, he's alive and he can later sue the sheriff department for unlawful arrest. Once he resists they can then charge him for resisting and hold him for that if they didn't have an actual arrest warrant. It would probably get thrown out but they could hold him for a while for that. Quit blaming everyone and everything except the person who's fault it actually is, the person who put's themself in that position by not following the police's orders!

  9. I’m just surprised he died this way. Truly a tragedy that he passed away. The officers did their job, but probably suffered after finding out he had died.

  10. He shouldn't of died. It looks like maybe the whole physical altercation led to a heart attack? He resisted against three men and he was tazed for a long time. There was no intention to kill obviously and this is way different than the Floyd case. I feel sorry for the guy but he should of just complied, jeez

  11. I really do not understand the sense of resisting arrest when surrounded by cops. I mean what has he hoped for? That they will go away when he manages to stay on the tractor for 30 minutes? Or that they will run out of tazerammunition? i do not get it.

  12. I don't like white cops I can't stand them I just hate them with a passion they just drive me crazy the way they look and the way they do they're f**** jobs that's all they do is become piggies

  13. Fuckin crazy takes 6 cops to take one man down talk with god i mean look way most them cuss and yell there ready kill i no there trained but they should not choke people at the same time it stays in them

  14. I never understand these strange situations – what's a man doing on a pink tractor in a retail car park?? Picking up salad? Who called the cops? And why?? we are never told –

  15. yeah this dude died of a heart attack or stress tbh i mean they tazed his insides to goop the chokehold would not have killed him you can hear him talking and breathing alright after the fact maybe strugglin to breathe a bit but if he woulda just calmed his ass down he wouldnt have made it worse like the officer himself said 4:40 there's nothin u can do but make it worse on ur self

  16. What's someone that big and strong Pretty much the only way to subdue them is a chokehold. They gave him plenty of chances to get down, even using a taser multiple times when he refused. No one to blame but himself

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