LAPD Press Access with Sgt. Aufdemberg at DUI Checkpoint

LAPD Press Access with Sgt. Aufdemberg at DUI Checkpoint

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39 thoughts on “LAPD Press Access with Sgt. Aufdemberg at DUI Checkpoint

  1. Nice and smooth. Knowing the laws and knowing how to exercise them can get you a long ways. This time was the fire hydrant.
    Cop should consider entering ONUS to his selected few to his "database." Free lessons don't go unpaid!!

  2. And Americans say America is a free country??? Yeah right! Border controls, DUI checkpoints, police force demanding ID. Yeah sure America is a free country sounds like it

  3. What an embarrassment. I almost felt bad for the police officer because you can tell that your questioning of him made him uncomfortable. It was pretty obvious that he knew he was in the wrong. And he's a Los Angeles PD officer with three strips. That's embarrassing.

  4. This is one of the best laid out arguments by a news reporter. Totally against our constitution and any menber of Press should be allowed, not just select press. Good Job on this video!!!!!!!!

  5. Why can't you sue the LAPD for creating a burden on the Press? Am I naive to think that liberal LA wouldn't support this lawsuit?

  6. More corrupt ass cops. Free press is supposed to be free press, not only allowing people to ask as press if the gov approves.

  7. On matters of upholding the constitution "im not the one you need to take that up with" If only there was someone around that swore an oath to it….

  8. I mean like I understand where the cop was coming from but like at the same time it's like common sense why they don't want people loitering with cameras around a scene there trying to control cause it's press – only takes 1 to make a crowd lol

  9. The most disturbing points illustrated by this video is the arrogance and shallow training of this Sergent. Here he is in a position of command over other officers & he demonstrates ignorance of fundamental constitutional topics. It is almost like he is making up these operational rules on the fly rather than operating from a basic understanding of the Rule of Law & applying it to this checkpoint.

    If he hasn't spent much time on these topics in his career so far, what has occupied him instead? What has his training covered instead?

  10. This is insane. Do people realize what garbage government is doing to our freedom and liberty. This officer was smoked and out smarted by the photographer. It is very very clear that LAPD is violating the 1st amendment here. This is unreal and can not stand

  11. Way to stand up, Catman ! I will send you support & $ to fight this attack on free press. Act on this. They cannot run a secret police operation. Use the drone. Report & complaint on this tyrant, Aufdemberg. He needs to be fired. His actions and his ass-clown monologue on 'press pass' are shameful, illegal and disgusting. More like him and this region becomes a total Police State. This is NOT Soviet East Germany ! More power to you means we remain free ! Leaflet those drivers: Always Film The Police.

  12. Excellent video & education of the Constitution for the LEO in this case. Would like you to file a FOIA to find out who are the "credentialed" "journalists" according to the LAPD Media Dept. I commend You and Zebra for standing on your rights & commend the Sergeant for acknowledging them after your persistence. Good on all you guys. Thanks for posting this & I look forward to yours & Toms future videos on this DUI check point & officer interview.

  13. That ended well. I saw it going a completely different direction at first, but he seemed to have actually listened to you and responded. I look forward to the interview.

  14. Sgt: "I'm not violating your first amendment right, your filming right now"
    Katman: "Are you saying that LAPD credentials media?"
    Sgt: "Yes"
    Katman: "And you only allow those people (credentialed) in here?"
    Sgt: "Yes…we're not determining who the press is"

    Later the sgt allows the uncredentialed Katman closer access to the event.

  15. the sgt  "RELUCTANLY"  honored his duty . he fought you all the way, until you smacked him down with facts and logic what about calling media relation's? that BS went out the window. you could tell he didnt know what he was talking about from jump ST . you need to investagate media relations and get that crap straighten out. i want to see that video that should  to be a good one . call locial media and see if there sighned up with them and if they know what your talking about. the police  tape story was bull shit also the way it was put up was to keep everyone out period. he had to let you in once you called him out and smacked him around verbally. good job

  16. Looks to me like he realized that he could be liable to a lawsuit for enforcing a tyrannical policy that violates the first amendment right. Established media my ass, we all know why those "media's" ultimately answer to. After all, our government engages in propaganda warfare against it's own citizens. Nothing to see here in North Kamerica, keep walking boy…….

  17. Outstanding argument and thumbs up for not backing down. People do not have any expectation of privacy while in public.

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