LAPD Arrests Man Walking Bike for DUI

LAPD Arrests Man Walking Bike for DUI
21200.5. Notwithstanding Section 21200, it is unlawful for any
person to ride a bicycle upon a highway while under the influence of
an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or under the combined influence of
an alcoholic beverage and any drug. Any person arrested for a
violation of this section may request to have a chemical test made of
the person’s blood, breath, or urine for the purpose of determining
the alcoholic or drug content of that person’s blood pursuant to
Section 23612, and, if so requested, the arresting officer shall have
the test performed. A conviction of a violation of this section
shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred fifty
dollars ($250). Violations of this section are subject to Section

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48 thoughts on “LAPD Arrests Man Walking Bike for DUI

  1. This commentary is a joke. This guy is just trying to bait the cops. He doesn’t know the law just try’s to sound like he does. The cops are just doing there job & this guy has no idea why they stopped the guy on the bike or what the they are doing. Typical nut job with a camera & microphone who thinks he knows the law & what cops are doing. If this guy had any balls he would go to south central Los Angeles where I worked DUI watch & hassle someone down there. But he is a low life loser who drives around the San Fernando valley trying to film some cop misconduct. What a chump leave the cops alone they are getting the drunks off the street for the safety of all of us. Saw many drunks on bikes never make it home. This guy is wasting his time. Good to see the professional conduct of the police. Lucky this boy with the camera & microphone didn’t run into me, I would have booked him for interfering with my job.

  2. I hope the man will fight these charges in court…. And sue the cops for false arrest….. These cops had nothing else to do but mess with people….I hope he feels proud of what he has done….this cop have a problem with doing his job… He thinks that badge and gun gives him the right to break the law and take away the rights given to us by the United States Constitution…… I can only hope that the judge will see this video… And thank the man who recorded it….. Fire that thug cop… He knows what he's doing is wrong…..

  3. I will be starting a blog about the united states and its use of laws to regulate every single thing american citizens do, think and say.

    I came across this video last night and actually had to stop watching it because I was getting to angry.

    I've noticed that the united states has at least one of two excuses for the making of most laws.

    The first and foremost is safety!
    Everyone likes being safe right? Of course we do! Who doesn't?

    When a law is put forward to be passed, such as the DUI on a bicycle, the proponents site safety reasons.
    Being safe is great don't get me wrong here because I absolutely hate drunk drivers, of vehicles because of working in an ER trauma unit for 5 years, so I know reasonable precautions must be made.
    However, during my 5 years in the trauma unit though I've seen a few hundred bad vehicle crashes due to DUI, I've not seen one crash do to a drunken bicyclist. Ever! Not one!
    Yes I'm sure there are examples from around the entire world people could show me but if you compare it to vehicular crashes, it starts to look like a nonissue.

    The safety argument from the proponents that make things like the , 'DUI Bicycle' law is like a full body shield while wearing full plate armor while their opponents are attacking them with a spoon.

    The is this argument is being used with impunity and if you don't agree then you must not care about people getting hurt.
    Top that with social media and these sort of accusations are devastating to whomever gets in the way.

    Scare people to get what you want! That's american law!

    As I've been looking into this DUI bicycling laws I started to see places that are trying to get get people to register their bicycles and are trying to make people have a license to ride one.
    Where in the hell has the freedom in the land of the free gone?
    A kid puts a lemonade stand up and police are fining achild for operating without a business license.
    A child jumps on their bike to go to the park and 10 mins later they are brought back home in the back of a police car with their bicycle confiscated and a fine and possible criminal record for a fucking bike ride! WTF!

    Second excuse for making a law is money, oh wait revenue!
    I know most places have laws for bicycles and that's ok because people do need to he organized otherwise we will have people get hurt.
    But an article I read about Chicago, and yes I know they are not the only city this is happening in, the politicians were trying to get elected and bicycle registration was something they were pushing for.
    They wrote how they have been, 'toiling', away trying to get bicycles registration passed. Toiling! Really! Toiling? Maybe your interns have been toiling under your stupidity but you haven't done shit.
    I regress.

    The article had very little to do about safety and everything to do about revenue.

    I'm sorry but if it was about safety and nothing else then why is money stopping you?

    I feel that these kind of issues that politicians push for especially on local levels is nothing more then a media to get peoples votes.
    See smaller things like bike registration can be done relatively quickly.
    This means that if the politician gets something like this through then then have a trophy to hold up to their potential voters to say, hey look at me!

    Making issues where there is none instead of working on real issues is cheaper and easier and diverts peoples attention so nothing worthwhile gets done.

  4. DUI on a bicycle are you serious, y’all about grasping at straws. Three breathalyzer tests. How do these pigs go home and sleep at night. Incriminating people that are not really breaking the law. You need to turn this video over to IA, and have these pieces of shit investigated.

  5. He’s trying to intimidate you!!! “You know what happens to people who…….” is a classic threat!!!!! Complain!!!

  6. Total false arrest! Unfortunately, the guy who was arrested is never gonna get a hold of this film so he’s probably gonna burn. The guy filming this was so chicken shit scared that I’m sure he never went near the precinct or inquired about who the guy was so he could get him a copy of this film to use for a defence.

  7. So. He is walking his bike not riding. And gets dui ( driving under the influence ) typical california. No wonder people are leaving.

  8. 'But your Honor, I was just walking my bike home because there wasn't a light on it and I know it's illegal to ride at night without one.' You only need a high school diploma to become a cop. Lol Just sayin'.

  9. foreign terrorist attacked on September 11th. domestic terrorist have taken it from there. TOGETHER they have won the war against freedom. FTP.

  10. This is the future. I think it's safer staying home. Nowadays it's not even worth going out at night, depending on where you live of course. 🙄

  11. The law in most states makes in DUI a crime if you are operating ANY VEHICLE and definds a bicycle as a vehicle. Thus you can get a DUI while riding a bicycle. I knew one case where a bicyclist had been convicted of DUI who later could not get a Driving permit for anyone convicted of a DUI had to turn in his driver's license. He never turned in his driver's license for he never had one to turn in. I never did find out if he ever did get a Learner's permit but it had been denied for he never turned in a Driving license he never had.

  12. California Vehicle Code section 21200.5 prohibits riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both. … Although the punishment for a CUI is less burdensome than California's DUI penalties, a CUI is still a misdemeanor and will show up as a conviction (giving you a criminal record) But i don't understand it really he wasn't actually riding his bike , he was walking with his bike .

  13. It's supposed to be a CUI and not a DUI as he is not actually driving…..but a CUI is still a misdeamour and can still be classed as a criminal offence

  14. It’s CUI, not DUI. But I agree, the Police Officer was clearly desperate to make an arrest. While the Police Officers may technically be in the right, arrogantly flaunting power does a disservice to the public by creating bad will. That’s why the public is beginning to turn against Police Officers.

  15. Cops are full of shit! He meant to knock over your bike to try and make you act belligerent but you didn't fall for his stupid tricks…

  16. LAPD should be more concerned with homeless tent city criminal problem. The streets in downtown LA are lined with needle using tent dwellers. Many of them have third world diseases and have criminal records.

    Some random dude on a bike is a easy grab. Great JOB L.A.! Better vote for some better leadership.

  17. Dui on a bicycle is just stupid. If I was drunk and I knew I could get in the same amount of trouble riding a bike drunk, I'd just drive the damn car.

  18. Bottom line is people get tested and retested for no reason until they have something to arrest you. Thank God for this gentleman recording this incident or noone would believe it, they break the law over and over to arrest someone who didn't break the law and then they wonder why people dislike them so much.

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