1. We don't have freedom in the USA they're always talking about other countries law enforcement that they're crooked the USA law enforcement are the most crooked in the world

  2. Take note pro police bootlickers, this is
    What WILL happen if you take yourstupidity beyond the already ignorant words you use.
    Guess it's a totally different story outside the basement huh?
    Just behave yourselves. 😂

    And Johnny, good on you for giving that bootlicker what he deserved. I only wish you had hit him a few more times just for good measure. 😁

  3. Wow guy grabs a camera, so you think it’s ok to then punch him in the face and you are all surprised when the cops that are right there arrest him. Really??

  4. johnny five o: Excellent! It's refreshing to see an auditor actually defending himself and not allowing a dirtbag to assault and steal from you.

  5. To the guy who stole attempted to take Johnny's property…he has the right to film, protest a d etc. Just like you do. Johnny, eric and others simply fighting for these rights. Now we got that out of the way…Johnny showed great restraint…I admire him for that but I don't have that will to restrain. Take something from me bastard and I'll cancel your dental insurance.

  6. So there has to be a police report, it has to have the name of the guy who started it, so why isn't his name in the description? You are citizen journalists, so report all of the facts, please.

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