Watch Constitutional and gun rights Attorney Eric Friday’s Oral Arguments in the 1DCA of Florida

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Lynch V. FDLE:

FL AG Moody – “Gun Purchases Can Be Denied Without Proof Or Judicial Review”

00:00 Start
00:27 Introductions
04:15 Friday makes huge point – Gathering Evidence for state
09:00 Talking about Brady Act
13:00 Friday says FDLE has a burden under 120FSS to give a hearing for denial
12:00 Mid
13:40 Mr. Faruqui Speaking (count the uh and ums)
28:10 Friday Argument Rebuttal
31:00 End

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22 thoughts on “Watch Constitutional and gun rights Attorney Eric Friday’s Oral Arguments in the 1DCA of Florida

  1. What factual evidence do you rely on to prove the Constitution codes laws apply to anyone in the first instance ?

  2. I know you've heard this before many of times but all the people got to do is stand up and say no more and start protecting one another and all of this goes away it's that simple why did the founders even free this country if we're going to have to tolerate this nonsense they're not our mommy they're not our daddy they don't own us they're not our master none of this societal nonsense that they're claiming makes any sense when you get right down to it all they want to do is own and control us…… I look forward to the day when the people decide to stay and I hope I live to see the day

  3. As far as I know Americans have the right to keep and bear arms according to the highest law of the land and any law that conflicts with the Constitution is null and void. So this whole thing should never have happened in the first place. He should have been able to walk in the store and buy a gun and take it home, period. There are no exceptions to the right to keep and bear arms. This whole thing is a sham.

  4. So FDLE is saying the person who is being denied the sale must provide evidence to the FDLE, so it can be used against the person being denied?

    Where is the 5th Amendment argument? I didn’t hear this argument. It is the government responsibility to acquire the evidence to back the denial. NICS had 3 days to acquire the burden of proof for the denial. They couldn’t provide the proof. FDLE has 24 working hours to get the burden of proof for the denial. FDLE couldn’t provide that burden.

    The Brady Law is clear, the sale must go through.

  5. When you are lying and desperately trying to make your lie sound like you are talking about actual truthful facts, the ums and uhs are to be expected because you have to continually pause to see how your lies are going to sound before you say them.

    A person has a Constitutional right to know what evidence his accuser has and is using against him.

  6. The burden of proof anywhere in the United States of America is upon the accuser and the fifth amendment clearly says that no person can be made to provide proof against themselves.

  7. Around 14:40 Judge Roberts said "we don't have any records" which I believe he meant the court has not been supplied with any records. In other words, where is your proof?

  8. You know when the states biggest claims are UM , AHH, and UHH that they are in a shit pile of wrong. I need a follow up on the decision.

  9. Seems to me that the FDLE is a terrorist organization or at least individuals they employee. Using (threats of) violence for political purposes.

  10. I just want to know who’s paying for all these lawyers and all the court costs? So an Americans rights are being screwed with and they have to destroy themselves financially to exercise a God given right. I might agree with some of this jibberish if the agency who is messing with their rights must pay for all the cost to include lawyers fees.

  11. FDLE's arguement is, "we don't know if he's prohibited so he has to go prove he is not." That's not due process and that's a denial of fundamental rights without evidence.

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