On Death Row S02 E02: Darlie Routier | Werner Herzog

Former cheerleader Darlie Routier had always been proud of her good looks. But after giving birth to three sons, she felt that motherhood was ruining her looks and her life, and she blamed her children. Now she is awaiting execution by lethal injection for killing her sons.


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37 thoughts on “On Death Row S02 E02: Darlie Routier | Werner Herzog

  1. You can see it in his face that the new appeals lawyer is trying out convince himself as he’s explaining his defence arguments

  2. Why kill your own children,and why go to graves of your children and spray silly string…There is some thing missing here.

  3. The stress of modern life did this for whatever reason she felt backed into a corner and seen killing those kids as her only way out her mental state at that time must have been poor that in itself is quite sad aswell.

  4. I don't believe in the death penalty. There is never any reason for one human to take the life of another. Plus, life without parole is more of a punishment in my eyes. Lots of time to reflect on what they did. They should provide full time jobs for all prisoners full stop. Imagine what they could accomplish and how much more purposeful their lives could be for society and more meaningful and manageable for themselves.

  5. Her son woke her up??? I thought he was stabbed and dying on the floor and she had been stabbed and her throat cut?? How did the boy get up and wander around d and why did she not wake up when she was attacked? Makes no sense to me.

  6. I think that the death penalty should be abandoned.I also think that we should give people a schanse to live again a normal life. Nobody wants to commit a crime like this. I think especially women newer should be put on death because they killed their children . This kind of women can allways be remedied in some ways. I think there a big difference between a murderer and a murderer. But I am wanting to see that USA abandon the death penalty completely. We do not solve any problems by death penalty or liftime inprisonment. I think people should be given a schanse .

  7. She explained that her son Damon waked her up and then she saw the intruder and followed him till he was gone. But my question is then who murdered her son?

  8. 8 days after 2 of your children were stabbed to death and you're at the gravesite celebrating their birthday😭😭😭No Mam! I'd still be in my pjs and unbathed, unable to eat swearing at Investigators for not finding the culprit fast enough.

  9. Darlie, whether she may have known it or not, when her time comes, she would be moved from the death row cell, to a death watch area.

  10. How can Darlie live with this Life Lie? She still talks about a man who came in which is not possible because of the evidences… She should not forget, the real trail will come and this is with the Almighty!!!! She can lie to the people on earth but not to God and her sons

  11. I really like and respect Werner Herzog for his documentaries and the way he interviews people. He seems very fair and presents the evidence without any bias.

  12. Who knows but how on earth could you celebrate one of your two dead children after only a week,??? I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. I would have to be sedated. It would be too much! Too painful. She was smiling and laughing….. I know everyone handles grief in different ways but not one but both her precious little men!! They die so young never to be seen or held again. I don't get how quickly she was able to socialise and the thought of their birthdays would be so emotional. That's just me but it seems so insensitive

  13. And l hate the way she speaks she thinks if she speaks like this we will all like her.
    Look at her all dolled up like a bloody model.

  14. She Got Angry that she couldn't have her hair done ??? … and did you guys know she had life insurance on both kids.
    The more l look at forensic detectives programme l know she did it . .. so much evidence against her. And her stupid mum needs to wake up !!!

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