RANDY LEACH: Special Livestream (Part 2) w/Parents Harold and Alberta Leach

Part 2… Continuing our Special Livestream Investigation from last night w/Mike and Chris from PROFILING EVIL, we dive deeper into the disappearance of Randy Leach, April 16, 1988, in Linwood Kansas, with Randy’s parents, Harold and Alberta Leach, on tonights Livestream.

Randy Leach (Missing Person Case)… Went missing in Linwood, Kansas 32-years ago after a pre-graduation party in 1988.

We’re bringing Mike King and Chris McDonough back from https://www.profilingevil.com to investigate this mysterious disappearance.

RANDY LEACH: Special Livestream Investigation
w/Mike and Chris from PROFILING EVIL (Part 1)

Searching for Randy Part 1
COLD CASE: Randy Leach Missing 32-Years from Linwood, Kansas

Searching for Randy Part 2

Harold and Alberta Leach GoFundMe in Search of Randy Leach

Mike’s New Book: DECEIVED

Tonight on the Livestream, we’ll also be talking with family friends, Betty and Elizabeth Wilson about the search and their own theories as to what happened to Randy.

Your jaw will drop as you listen to the twist and turns of this missing persons case.

Is this a cover-up or Devil Worshiping in the Caves?

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Missing Since: 04/15/1988
Missing From: Linwood, Kansas
Classification Non-Family Abduction
Sex: Male
Race: White
Date of Birth: 07/25/1970 (50)
Age: 17 years old
Height and Weight: 6’3, 220 pounds
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue pocket t-shirt, blue Levi’s jeans, white low-cut sneakers and white socks.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Randy has a mole on his left ear.

On April 16, 1988, Harold and Alberta Leach of Linwood, Kansas reported the disappearance of their son, Randy Wayne Leach, to the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department.

Subsequent investigation determined that Leach was last seen in the early morning hours of April 16, 1988, at a high school pre-graduation party given by a classmate in rural Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Leach had driven to the party in his mother’s gray 1985 Dodge 600 4-door sedan.

During the course of the investigation, no one was located who saw Leach or his vehicle leave the party.

To date, neither Leach nor his vehicle has been located.

Larry and Betty have set up a FB Page in Search of Randy Leach.

If you have any information you can share, and if you want to remain ANONYMOUS, no matter what it is or how small, please send to:
In Search of Randy Leach
PO Box 596
Tonganoxie, Ks 66086

Or Call
Alberta 785-840-6270
Betty 816-807-7313

More info at https://insearchofrandyleach.com/

Let’s Bring Randy Home!

#bringrandyhome #randyleach #missingperson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tizAH83F078 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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25 thoughts on “RANDY LEACH: Special Livestream (Part 2) w/Parents Harold and Alberta Leach

  1. Sending prayers 🙏 and Condolences to you and your family 🕊️💜 fly high in heaven Harold 💜🕊️🙏 hope you get closure Alberta 🙏

  2. Did Randy arrive at the party alone or with a friend? Did he drop that guy off that he bought the soda and candy for? – The one who looked at the Mustang with him

  3. Jared, if you guys haven't done so, you need to get a list from that sweet lady who you said was likely "the last to see Randy alive" of everyone who attended the party while she is still available to you. Have her write the list of names (including married last names if she knows them) and make it an attachment to a simple addendum where she swears these people were all in attendance at the party on such-and-such-a date, at such-and-such location whether they were adults or students and have it notarized and dated in case that information is needed in the future. BTW … I doubt she was the last one to see Randy alive. I believe his killer(s) was the last one to see Randy alive. I know you can't say that, but I can!

    Prayers for Mrs. Leach. So sorry Mr. Leach didn't see this finished before he passed.

  4. I seen one video where Jared interviewed a classmate that was at the party where she said she put Randy in her car cause he wasnt acting right and couldn't get his keys out of his pockets and she got them and kept them and she locked the doors of her car but had to go back into the house for something and when she came back Randy was gone. She said she searched for 45 mins looking for him. Her whole story didn't set well with me. I think she's lying.

  5. It may sound a bit Hollywood but I wonder if it is possible one of the local police officers had a kid at the party. Going on the theory Randy and a few friends went elsewhere after the party and Randy was accidently killed or purposely and thus a cover up with the friends and the law enforcement was carried out.

  6. i must ask why are mike king or chris even in this live? they are just speculating and wont follow up anything on this case or do own reasearch? like it dosent help anyone.. mike just wanted to promote hes book and chris i dunno…. chris asked the most stupid questions ever, i couldent help to laugh hearing him question them.. "how did he feel when he had to take his moms car?" wtf has that to do with anything? 😂😂

  7. Hung up on a couple things here. There's a girl that said that she'd put him in her car lock the doors went to go to the bathroom when she came back from the bathroom 15 minutes later he was gone from her car the passenger side door was unlocked with all the other doors were locked. Also the other thing I'm stuck on is allegedly Randy's car wasn't even parked in the driveway of the party it was parked over somebody else's house across the street from the party.

  8. I hope you look back at new comments, because I'd like to know if any law enforcement had highschool kids at the time and if they were at the party.
    Also, the old pig farm may be a vital area to search for remains.

  9. Did anyone check the pig farm? People can get sentimental when they're are on something. Maybe he was reminiscent about his pig and wandered to the pig farm? Maybe the pig farmer thought he was stealing his livestock and shot him, not realizing it was just an intoxicated youth and he panicked in fear, thus disposed of everything???? Pigs also eat anything. Jared has anyone taken the (technology stuff that can see what's under ground) over the pig farm land? Farmers have equipment to dig holes and burry cars. Praying you'll see this and discuss the possibility. Praying for you all.

  10. As anyone checked back with LeAnn I watch the her with Jared and she knows more then she is telling! At the end of the interview she was giving up some clues. That woman knows.

  11. I know you try and be polite but cops suck usually like I said before I watch a lot of cold case crimes and 7 out of ten times it’s the stupid cops fault I know they got busy jobs but dam sometimes there’s no excuse they had to investigator investigators but not time to investigate their case that’s that’s what gets me and it’s like that a lot I’ll try to give cops the benefit of the doubt but it gets really hard after a while especially now after I watched January 6 in this trucker convoy the cops are just ridiculous stealing peoples gas stealing their firewood and food in February and Ottawa Canada what kind of stuff is that the garbage is what it is

  12. Does anyone have any information? Was Pam at the party or not? Pam are you out there? Thanks

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