48 thoughts on “White Woman Claims She Invented The Hair Bonnet, Sells It For $98

  1. All i knw is if u got sumthin silk from a beauty store for 12$ thats shit IS NOT REAL SILK!

    I wouldnt buy it but 98$ sounds about right for REAL SILK!

  2. Tesla just claimed to have invented the first self driving electric car when a black man called Brain Winford already did this in 1989 which the white government refused to patent. And his car worked on voice command too so he’s light years ahead of Tesla still. Might I add, the battery on Brian Winford’s car takes 20 minutes to charge and can run for years without needed a recharge unlike Tesla which only runs for 310 miles and cost like hell to charge and takes 9-10 hours to charge. Black people we just built different.

  3. Y'all can attack this one woman all y'all want but to try and put this on every white person makes you just plain RACIST👎

  4. "Im just being racist right now" I commend your honesty, truly.
    cant relate personally but love who you love my brother

  5. Ok we get it, African American women invented almost anything when it comes to hair. Y’all don’t have to keep commenting that

  6. I love this show but why is everyone racist towards whites…. makes no sense as I’d never ever ever be that way to any ethnicity… idk I hope everyone has a great day!

  7. “Baby hair with a woman's eyes,
    I can feel you watching in the night.
    All alone with me and we're waiting for the sunlight.
    When I feel cold, you warm me,
    and when I feel I can't go on,
    you come and hold me.
    It's you and me forever,
    Sara, smile
    Oh, won't you smile awhile for me, Sara?”

    ‘Sara Smile’
    -Hall And Oates.
    (The greatest white dudes to do Soul music).

  8. I wonder if we started calling black people "barbecue people" or "chicken wing people" but calling white people mayo people is ok

  9. "Cultures are like Pokemon to white people. They gotta catch them all." I don't get how insults or even subtle insults can be thrown at white people as a collective on a large platform such as the breakfast club, but if a white person with an equally large platform were to even poke lighthearted fun at black people as a collective, it would make national (maybe even international news) and therefore, outrage and he or she would have to make a public apology. Yes, this woman is undebatably idiotic, but black people are NOT the end all be all of culture, music and style/artistic influence. Believe it or not, white people in Europe have their own beautiful cultures unique to their respected European countries.. NOT taken from black people or any other race

  10. I wont ever support some shit like this ridiculous like am all for supporting people buisness but when u still a idea from some one else take credit like that come on sad lol

  11. lol okay this woman is definitely out of her mind. 🤪 I've been wearing bonnets for atleast 25yrs and momma atleast 50years of her life. Numbers don't lie she def tried it and Forbes should do their research.

  12. “Breaking” black man calls a woman WHITE! It’s ok there not black it’s not racism 🤦‍♂️ if this was other way around

  13. imagine one day … a white women is going to invent and sale the abaya ( algerian dress) for hundreds when you can get it for 10$ in the Wahran Market.

  14. My wife is a white lady, she is amazing. An ally. her family are mostly okay. Her extended family are Mormons. Mayo-est of mayonnaise.

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