Tennessee State Lawmaker Paul Sherrell Suggests ‘Hanging By Tree’ Death Row Penalty For Inmates

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45 thoughts on “Tennessee State Lawmaker Paul Sherrell Suggests ‘Hanging By Tree’ Death Row Penalty For Inmates

  1. This is why we need reparations cause the same good ol boys still running this government. Either that or we start cleaning up this clown show called the US government by force.

  2. If your on death row u have done the worst of the worst. If some killed one of my family members I want them dealt with in the worst way

  3. Thought they've already done THAT already hangin Ninjas from treez? Is that a racial epiphany or what? May he be forgiven through Christ for the evil sublimal heart, Amen. Have a blessed day.💗

  4. As someone who is against the death penalty, I think it is silly that people who are for it take a "moral high ground" on HOW the death penalty is performed.
    At the end of the day it is all murd3r. And it is all WRONG.

  5. While this guy may be a racist idiot, why don’t people just and not end up in prison and on death row??? Just sayin…

  6. Liberals more worried about feelings then actually deterring crime and further murder.. if it actualy works to stop further crime it’s worth a debate at least.

  7. Nah, I'm fine with the thought of hanging people on death row. You did something bad enough that put you in that position. Yes, it had a bad history to it but I bet if someone murdered someone close to you, you would love to be front and center to see them hang. These criminals get to live 20 more years and go out in a nice, painless way. Screw that. Bet you crime would be just a touch less if people started to see REAL PUNISHMENT.

  8. This is why this country is failing and will implode. It's a shame that we have to deal with the non growth inhumane mf's who are running our government and whom live in this country. The problem is and will continue to be that the stench of energy that this country holds is sickening. Reason why the bs continues is cuz we the people allow it. The truth is if we who all have love and see each other as humans and treat each other as equals were to leave this shit hole this place would fall on it's face but of course the minions who believe in the false hood of the American dream will work to keep it going. I am tired of just being allowed to exist in this p.o.s. system Its time to live love and have peace. One Love to everyone!

  9. @5:30 Old racist people raise children and grandchildren, so this idea is not really accurate. Racism is passed down like a F-ed up family heirloom.

  10. And black men are not going to do any thing about Paul Sherrell but continue to demand respect from black women and tell the black community to vote for a white savior.

  11. The fact that he even has the audacity to say it then give that wack a** apology to anybody it offended 😮‍💨there’s PLENTY of ways to punish a prisoner OTHER THAN lynching. He took this opportunity to show us who he REALLY WAS!! When they show you who they are the first time LISTEN TO IT!!

  12. Damn… I thought Cthagod was putting some sauce on it when he used the “good ol’ boy” voice when mimicking dude. Had no idea this was a dead one impression of his actual voice. Jay Pharoh couldn’t have done better.

  13. Executed by hanging has too much negative history behind it, however death by firing squad…why not? Actually just get a marksmen and be done. Why spend all that money for lethal injection etc. This country is so wasteful and stupid.

  14. I agree with the Congressman & I'm Black from TN. These child murdering Niggaz need to be murdered by firing squad or hung..
    & by the way more White People where Hung than Black People.

  15. So Kyrie can be ousted by the NBA and nearly loses his career for sharing a link, but a state LAWMAKER can adovate for hanging and nothing happens….

  16. They need to fire 🔥😤 his ass 😤 2023 he got that kind of thinking wow this is the kind of world we live in damn shame

  17. The Tennessee congressional map is illegally unsound and unfair. Memphis is the only spot on the Congressional State map in which democrats can win fairly. Most of the racists live east of Memphis

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