Nashville Man Dies After YouTube Robbery Prank Goes Wrong

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Author: phillynews215


39 thoughts on “Nashville Man Dies After YouTube Robbery Prank Goes Wrong

  1. I wonder how many people died, got robbed, set up, thrown in jail, caught cheating, scammed because of social media. I bet it’s in the billions.

  2. A formal officer here
    Don't do this prank with anyone incase if he had gun he could kill you,same thing happened with me:When I was doing my duty, a girl with black coat and scary face approached me and I shot her on limb and head,later I came to know that she was a human and not a ghost
    Moral-Dont take risks for views,it is very dangerous especially those have duty at night(My profile picture when I was kid) btw RIP girl

  3. Platforms like youtube and social media in general exacerbate mental illnesses and insecurities for a reason… PROFIT! Even non-violent, feel-good videos are a huge hit in a society largely comprised of individuals who lack any real means and resources through which a path to meaningful and tangible success can be attained. We must detach ourselves from the tentacles of narcissism. Kill social media and resurrect yourself.

  4. Only, walking up to people with a knife threatening to rob them isn’t a prank, it’s actually robbery regardless of your intent.

  5. Hey breakfast club! Why haven't you fixed your story yet since everything is about race? Since race is an issue, fix this shit and let everyone know he wasn't a white boi he was a black boi.

  6. kids stick to staging your stupid deadly pranks, you wil endup like swizz cheese dead doing pranks especially in 2nd amendment pro states.

  7. kids stick to staging your stupid deadly pranks, you wil endup like swizz cheese dead doing pranks especially in 2nd amendment pro states.

  8. Charlotte is such a pleasure. He always has such intelligent stuff to add to a convo, commenting on a story he didn't even bother to read before speaking on it..🤪

  9. Welcome to Darwin awards of the 21st century! Really? Approaching a group of people with butcher knives! So what was the plan? For tiny Tim to threaten them, take their money, and then laugh and say, "Y'all been pranked so I could get views!" Even if it had gone as planned he would have gone to prison. It's a felony to "brandish" a weapon in front of someone. Let's think about this… in America today, any State, because of the riots last year if you approach someone with a big knife you're real lucky if you aren't shot on the spot. For anyone that wants views record yourself helping others. Go pull weeds out of an old ladies yard and plant some flowers she can look at while she's staying inside, help make the neighborhood park a cleaner place and remind people to not throw their trash on the ground. Do something positive.

  10. Stop playing these pranks on people and if you are white stop targeting black people to play your pranks. I use to hear the old people say…”I don’t play with nobody’s kids. I don’t play with my own.” So words to the wise stop playing because you will get what you ask for.

  11. Clout is an actual drug at this point mfs is just doing anything and losing they life sometimes to get it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. To be fair I'm glad the guy had a gun to be able to defend himself and his friends. Coming at someone with a knife is not a prank.

  13. How is any one being chase with butcher knives going to know those are pranks , you don’t play like that smh 🤦‍♂️

  14. Are they video of the incident I heard that before he shot him he had his hands up for almost a minute is this true or not or am I thinking of a different ordeal if so do u know which one I’m thinking of

  15. That tv show 'Jackass' ushered in a whole new level of foolishness. This is the very stereotypical 'don't try this at home' type of thing.

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