Joe Biden Speaks On Classified Documents Found In His Delaware Garage

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47 thoughts on “Joe Biden Speaks On Classified Documents Found In His Delaware Garage

  1. I have a story to tell you.

    One person came to your house for a party, and after getting home, realized that they had a dish of yours and immediately called you to make arrangements to return it. Another person was at your party, and deliberately walked off with a lot of your stuff And some of it wasn’t even stuff that you laid out. You called him for over a year and a half asking him to look through his things to make sure that some of your stuff that’s missing isn’t in there. And for all that time, he act like he didn’t know what you were talking about. Then one day you get a call from someone else who was at a party at that person‘s house and they said they saw some of your stuff laid out. So you go over there and sure enough you’re fine all the stuff that you’re missing. Which one of these people would you be the most mad at, I’m just asking

  2. The difference is that Biden didn't try to undermine the election process nor demonstrate that he's willing to support a coup attempt to overturn democracy. Biden also wasn't president at the time or have hundreds of classified documents. He also hasn't been willing to shower crazy criminal leaders of our enemy nations (Russia, North Korea, China) with admiration and compliments. He also didn't have random folks in the vicinity of those classified documents and they weren't strewn on the floor or in a place where a spy was known to have visited. In general, I don't trust politicians on political matters, but until recently when the bat shit crazies like the QAnon nuts and the super far right weirdos got a foot in the door, I believed there was a sense of decorum and respect for the country and constitution. But with Trump, I don't trust him with ethical or moral matters. I believe he would betray this country for his own personal gain, and if that means selling some of our nation's secrets, I don't believe he's above doing that. That's the difference.

  3. Charlemagne is 1000% correct, they are both two wings from the same bird. As Malcolm X also said referring to the Dems “we put them first and they put us last” which is why Obama championed legislation for every other “protected class” and ran out of time to pass laws to benefit Blacks.

  4. 🧐🧐 it’s not the same situation. They are similar but not the same so they shouldn’t be treated the same. I get it Biden ain’t the best but don’t reach to appear unbiased

  5. 7 years treat him the same way they treating trump the law is the law nobody above ,but I forgot executive branch of law has no oversight everything is discretionary, thet need to put a age limit and time table for them all incompetent old humans don't need to be running nothing period

  6. Breakfast club ratings must be bad 😅. That man saying everybody has a radio 😅😅😅

  7. Bro your a clown it’s not the same they haven’t said he himself took them… it’s completely different thing

  8. Charlamagne Tha God, Thank you for showing me that there is an ounce of objectivity in that brain and is not filled with "Racist Talk" unfortunately its too little too late. You have walked the people who follow you to the edge of the plank and now you want to abandon us… The DEMS already have their claws in us… our own people attack each other just for not aligning with Dem talking points, Us as black have lost this battle of representation… We are represented as poor, unhealthy idiots who can't survive without big white zaddy governement and his handouts and anybody who speaks ill about those hand outs… is a face for White Supremacy lol…. its too late for us… its already written.

  9. Bidens official statement: "They found garage documents in my. They classified were not and misinformation this is. I classification very seriously take. Not Trump as bad. We must forces of evil the fight. "

  10. Garbage, c’mon C, you just described the difference then say they are the same. Bulljive

  11. damn I thought breakfast club was the liberal club I am surprised by this, and finally somebody black calls out the media's bulljive.

  12. He did the same thing Hilary Clinton and Donal trump was doing …… Both Dems and rep racist white folks who commit domestic terrorism against the African American community from state to state the ask for our votes

  13. So, cooperating and turning over top secret materials after the discovery is the same is a search warrant for Trump. God Lord's false equivalencies are getting a real flex.

  14. Respectfully, this is why CTG should stay away from poltics. This isn't really suprising. Elected officials have been caught misplacing and failing to turn in classified documents. The problem is if you lie about having the documents. That's the difference with Trump. It one thing to find documents misplaced in a garage/store and office, and then turn them in upon finding them, it's another thing to lie and say you don't have documents at all while they are sitting in your safe.

  15. Charlemagne you talk about black power how we are going to get our own stuff stop blaming the white number one we Put God first in our life as us being black people we can stop killing each other and stop hating on each other as black people who doing better then the other person they in there life we can make in God eye's we don't have to blame the white man
    To me President Biden doing better then sorry ass Trump did

  16. man they put the faggie on the Breakfast Club now it's Breakfast at Tiffany's lol 3gumps at the same time why not put a pretty female on the show to give the show some balance all queers naw puffy

  17. These clown 🤡🤡 think they can fool black ppl!!! We see through your shttt.. same thing for Trump have to go to sleepy Joe too..

  18. Gawd damn….This is not the same thing. The whole false equivalency is ridiculous. Biden contacted the archives right off the bat. Trump had to have a warrant given to him. There were 10 documents in Bidens closest. There were more than 300 found in Trump. Bidens was in a lock closet. Trumps was just sitting out in the open.
    This shit is not the same thing. It's like saying the million man March and Jan 6th insurrection is basically the same. Y'all kill me with this nonsense

  19. It is not the party it is the documents used in the job of any govt employee. Remember it is the reaction of the person not the document itself. I have to hand in gas receipts and they are classified. Come on Charla dont be trolling your audience like this Bro

  20. Give me a klansmen any day over a guilty white liberal. They know who they are! This does not apply to progressive white doing the good work of the lord.

  21. If Joe Biden is taking classified documents "seriously", why keep them in his garage? Is that the safest way to keep classified documents that can risk our National Security? I don't bloody think so! He should be impeached for endangering our National Security, and charged for TREASON if he intended to share those documents with the CCP or other foreign entities.

  22. I find it weirder that everyone act like its alright for classified documents to exist. Yall really ok with the government keeping secrets? If its not nuclear codes or world ending info then it shouldnt be a secret from the people

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