Incoming Rep Cori Bush Mistakenly Called Breonna Taylor First Day On Capitol Hill

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Author: phillynews215


23 thoughts on “Incoming Rep Cori Bush Mistakenly Called Breonna Taylor First Day On Capitol Hill

  1. Cori Bush is absolute trash!!!! I would like to apologize as a Missourian to the rest of the USA for St.Louis electing someone like her!!!!

  2. The question we have tonask is not why they haven't figured it out, but why they don't know. The only logical reason I could come up with, C Da GOD is the CBC hasn't represented us like they should and make them feel uncomfortable. Just like you asked Obama, "Why not speak truth to power?" And he said he is attempting to appease the white folks. Keep up the good work, brother.

  3. Whoever called her that was trying to be funny. Like people didn't like when we wore African medallions and Malcolm X tshirts back in the day.
    That was their way of saying " Keep your black views, opinions and politics to yourself "

  4. C.T.G. is right..I will refer to them (Republican Congressmen) from now on as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and/or Abraham Lincoln…👍🏽🎯

  5. Seriously! These people knew exactly what they were doing. She ought to wear a George Floyd mask and see what they say. She doesn't need to educate them, they already know. Knowing and caring are two different things–they don't care.

  6. the story of Breonna Taylor's death to me is the most tragic. She was a former EMT and had been at that time an ER technician. She was there to save lives and the fact that some one who devoted their lives to such a calling was MURDERED in their own bed is perverse to life itself.

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  8. Seems like a threat. Them calling her Breonna knowing how she died is like telling her she could have the same fate. Sick of the disrespect and the threats and pressure these type of mofos unnecessarily put on black people. It's tiring for real just living in this skin. In ANY country for those who wanna tell folks to leave if they don't like it. IT'S GLOBAL!!!

  9. Folks spent months protesting about Breonna’s murder and those politicians don’t even know who she is. They don’t care about her. They don’t care about anyone out in the streets protesting. Waste of time. Move to plan B.

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