Donald Trump Announces That He Will Be Winding Down Coronavirus Task Force

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Author: phillynews215


35 thoughts on “Donald Trump Announces That He Will Be Winding Down Coronavirus Task Force

  1. Dark skinned folks like me, please watch the below 2 Vids…at the least.
    You ABSOLUTELY need spend the next 6 mo and beyond keep your blood/ serum Vitamin D levels (by  taking VitaminD3)…@ 60 and above…ideally 70-100. Have your blood levels of Vitamin D checked to see where you stand. You can do this with both VitaminD3, and or both sun. This helps you keep strong against viral infections, and strengthens yoir immune system significantly. This is particularly more important during the times of year where humidity is lower, when we have less sun, cooler temps, and dryer air, thats when most viruses thrive. If you are taking alot of VitaminD3 and still are not able to increase your serum/bllod Vita D levels, based on the blood test you check, add some magnesium as well. That should help it build up in your body. Its also best to take Vitamin D3 witha fattier food, as it is fat soluable, and thus absorbs into your body better with fat.

    (By the way, all the Docs in the videos reference various studies and ongoing research of the effectiveness of increasing VitaminD blood serum levels, and taking VitaC as well. Therefore, you can look into these claims as well. This is sound health advice!)

    Not only that, but taking vitamin C is also very helpful! Use it as a preventative and or to lessen the severity of a viral infection, and other infections. This is a water soluable vitamin, and so you dont need to take it with fat. But the more spread put through the day you take it, the better. ( Saurkraut is chock full of Vitamin C. Stay away from sugar containing drinks/ foods like juices to obtain VitaC. Sugar promotes immune system weakening, diabetes, inflammation= pain everywhere in the body.

    God gave us these nutrients to withstand illness. Use them! This is some of the most crucial steps you can begin taking for your wellbeing & life. May you be blessed with abundant health. You have now been equipped with insight to make a change for your wellbeing. You can make a difference and take control over your health. (These recommendations apply to everyone, but particularly dark skinned people need MORE VitaD!) Blessings!

  2. Hey Donald Trump .The real TRON who owns'Disney Who owns this earth .is watching you .the real master of this earth would be . TR🔘N

  3. There's a difference in someone not caring about you, compared to someone who wants to kill you.. Trump is taking this perfect opportunity to watch us die… Protect yourselves!!!!!

  4. I don't think it's effecting us as much as they say.
    Yeah some of us are dying from it but it's alot of black people being labeled as a corona death and it's not the case.

    Have hospital purposely killing black folks then say it was corona. Nope it was the racist nurses/doc who killed them.
    I think it's less of is dying and they trying to us thia against us to make it seem like we are the cause for this.

    I do not believe them numbers they put out for us.

  5. trump did not take the pandenic seriously, trum did not listen to doctor/ expert, trump will get the virus.

    The self-proclaimed “wartime president” has got enemy / covid penetrated in W House. He LOST the war.

    He loves to talk before camera. Really, he has done nothing. Nothing at all. Dear voters, just look at the facts !

  6. This comment section is a joke republican, democracy. This is a fight over our spirituality and freedom. I do like charla but, how long do you think that this should go on you should’ve been staying clean anyway and it’s crazy that we’re still letting him preach this racial hate on us. Covid and this whole pandemic has been infringing on our constitutional rights and we’re going to look up and it’s going to be to late and we’re going to have socialism and a government that has full control over us UN PLAN 2030 look it up this is all a big distraction from the real enemy. Stay focused

  7. Bro ur so stupid bro. This so called pandemic is bullshit. The flu killed more people in 2017/2018 season than the corona virus is on pace on? Like do ur research people actually believe anything u say and now u so called reporting news, report the news not ur opinion and feelings

  8. I am glad that Donald Trump is at least side lining the so called Coronavirus task force. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Birx supports vaccination, a mandatory vaccination for all, many people especially children do get injured for life from vaccinations and they can only sue the vaccine company up to $250,000 max only thru a vaccine court. One size does not fit all when it comes to people's health. Imagine the profit Bill Gate Foundation, Clintons, Zukerbergs, and other Globalists will profit from mandatory vaccinations, trillons dollars, while only risk they have is having to pay out up to $250,000 max for injured victims. And they do vaccine trials in Africa and India while injuring lot of so called color people. Donald Trump is a shrewd politician and he does care about the American people. #FireFauci and #TruthFreedomHealth.

  9. The reason why black ppl get it the most is because some black people dont know what stay at home means. Theres videos of black people having huge parties while we are supposed to be in quarantine. That's how alot of us get it. Followed by a big chunk of us being essential workers

  10. Well yea Jared Kushner probably said it wasnt a good idea to help american citizens. Meanwhile he is suing his tenants for not being able to afford rent. The time to execute these traitors has long since passed. Every politician should be arrested and executed on treason charges

  11. the majority of people on the thread don't care about losing your constitutional rights.

    Only takes 30 to 60 day to reprogram a person or a nation.

  12. #Trump2020 haters gonna hate. Charlalame… focus on bleaching your skin and shaping those eyebrows, you metrosexual 🤣 ! You’re incapable of critical thinking, only emotional thinking and regurgitating propaganda. Stay woke

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