Charlamagne Calls Out People Juggling Multiple Partners On Valentines Day

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45 thoughts on “Charlamagne Calls Out People Juggling Multiple Partners On Valentines Day

  1. I just let these women know we ain’t together. If we together, you won’t have to question it. If we not, you’ll know. Just know u ain’t getting shit on Valentine’s Day and you’ll get the hint real quick.

  2. I'm just going to say that these people nasty as hell. Especially when they're not committed to them and not using Trojans simultaneously.

    Also, any man who has multiple partners are mostly ignorant and insecure. If you have multiple partners then I hope you are taking care of them with something MORE THAN SEX…

  3. This holiday, just like the rest of them is based on commercialism. Just so you can spend your money. If you really love somebody you won’t just wait till a holiday to buy them something. The gift mean more if you buy it on a random day that’s not a holiday. It’s nice to know that you was thinking about the person unexpectedly.

  4. @5:45 I started there – and let the voicemail record the next 30 seconds on the 23 year old girl that my thirty-year-old homeboy has been playing. LOL she called me after going through his phone and try to tell me I could not hang out with him, she doesn't know that as an OG 12 years older, I mentor him. He was recently put in my graffiti crew that I've been in since the early 90s.

    And bul is fine no doubt, we fucked twice last year. I won't sleep with him anymore, cuz he doesn't want to have sex with condoms and I refuse to be unsafe. He complained the whole time about condoms, petty. I've known him for several years and she tried to tell me that she's the reason he came out to my city. LOL I showed her the receipts in my screenshots and she started crying.

    She tried to call me a grandma (I'm 42) and say she was going to shoot me(!) in my face when I told her I would slap the s*** out of her for disrespecting me calling me grandma. I'm 42 years old, it's not my fault that I look better than her. I haven't had a BBL like she did at age 20, I haven't had the fake lip injections she got, I don't got none of that. Definitely don't NEED it🤣 I have the physique that she's trying to get. I do bodybuilding and I'm a fitness trainer. And I've been in a game since 1994 she's nothing but a poser who else to read books on the lifestyle. I left the gang in the early 2000 after my cousin was murdered. But I still connected and respected as an OG. She's shook! I bumped into her the other day and said "what's up baaaaby", like I was P-Diddy on Halloween, she ran like a greyhound 😫😂

  5. I been around a lot of married rich white many that have a sugar baby. What the hell he talking about.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 men think it’s cute to have multiple partners carrying all types of diseases… super clowns. 😊

  7. CTG… It’s a Tuesday… FWB…on Thursday, Girlfriend on Friday & Wife on Saturday nite…EZ…🎉😂😂😂❤❤

  8. She's clapping over there laughing 😏🙄but I know Claudia is still searching for Mr Right too so she's been a participant of juggling. She's been beautiful most of her life so Def not a reason why she shouldn't have been married at least once when she's had more opportunities then the average woman…. but that's her business and preference I guess…

    But I felt him when he said a lot of woman build that wall around their heart and expect
    "Hercules, build like Dwayne The Rock Johnson with a six pack, making 500K plus a year, ( and a 8 inch penis) to KICK DOWN THE WALL holding flowers on 1 knee… and it doesn't work like that….
    So yes I agree you don't have to BARK STREAMING HOW INDEPENDENT YOU ARE LADIES…. just go to your job, pay your bills, and be nice and friendly to the men that lock eyes with you and you would Make the approach A LOT easier!
    Fellas make your intentions known upfront as well don't make promises you can't keep…

    But happy Valentines day LADIES and Couples out there!

  9. The Playas and hoes don't like talking about the STDs they get. Why don't we ever hear about that reality of multiple partners lol 🤫

  10. How about I broke up with someone last night because I was pretty sure he was "juggling". Let me free up your calendar mofo! lol

  11. When I was broke and in my 20s I had my side chick help me steal valentines gifts from a couple stores for my main girl. You wanna talk about warped mindset? 😂.

  12. "I'm not judging, I'm just judging" killed me 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  13. I usually have one valentine and maybe 2 or 3 other girls I give smaller gifts to by surprise… I have a lot of love to give 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this is sooooo true. I'll be burying a dear cousin next week who practiced that lifestyle and who KEPT a closed heart…..he was found ALONE in his house suffering from a stroke age 52….we need companionship…….BALANCE!

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