California College Professor Put On Leave After Berating Student Who Is Hard Of Hearing

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Author: phillynews215


43 thoughts on “California College Professor Put On Leave After Berating Student Who Is Hard Of Hearing

  1. Now this is inaccurate. He said the student kept laughing and playing with others as he tried to teach then didn't respond when he asked her something. An impairment is not selective… She cannot hear when asked about her work but she can hear and laugh when someone else is clowning around in class? 🤔

  2. She basically paid the school to pay a teacher to abuse her. I hope she gets satisfaction a better education experience for her money. Sounds to me like the school and the prof need to makes some serious amends.

  3. She should sue the college under the american disability act for the college failing to properly accommodate her disability

    My undergraduate institution lost 2 million dollars to a student who sued under ada

    Stop asking for apologies…hit dem pockets

    And she should file with campus eeo and equity and diversity for disability discrimination and the faculty senate should hold him accountable thats what its there for in part even if its a letter from his peers about his behavior

    Students need to know their rights

  4. Just go straight to termination. Admin leave means he's getting paid. Hope his tenure doesn't protect his job. The wretched individual needs to work a job not involving humans or any living thing.

  5. Sad part is there are a lot of college professors like that who use their classrooms to treat student’s this way because they feel entitled because of their tenure. I wonder how many students he treated like that before he got caught who decided to drop out because they didn’t want to deal with professors like him 🤔

  6. It would be dope if you guys spoke and brought insight to the attacks on Asian people. Bring on people like China Mac who can speak on it along with the Can't Burn Us All movement. We are all fighting for what's right. We need an outlet that will speak on it!

  7. I worked in ER & made that mistake when calling patients for triage, but as soon as you realize the person has a hearing problem it's obviously situation changing what a buthole to berate her after

  8. Imagine going through higher education to get a PHD and still being too stupid to develop understanding or learning to develop a healthy teaching environment.

  9. Nah, he needs to be fired. As a professor, you need to create an environment that caters to every student. One of the students even stepped in to explain what was happening and he brushed it off.

  10. If others were confused about racism being real in Southern California here's your proof. I live in Ventura County as well and let's just say this area was not designed to be diverse.

  11. Though this professor could have been more compassionate, this online thing has really been a challenge for those teachers. The kids are not listening nor paying attention. Many of them make excuses about everything: their microphones do not work, they cannot hear the teacher, they were disconnected from the meeting, they were cooking and missed the lesson, and more. If you check the computer history of many of them, they are on other sites during the lesson. Many of their microphones do work. They actually left the meeting to do something and wasn't actually disconnected. Many of the teachers are talking to themselves. I can see their frustration. Yes, it was mentioned that she was hard of hearing, but when these teachers hear so many other lies from these students, every "excuse" sounds like blah, blah, blah.

  12. Did anyone notice how quickly she started responding to him once called out on being distracted? His tone was harsh, and this should have been a private conversation, but as a teacher who has taught online, I can assure you that many students are easily distracted at home and make little effort to engage like they would in person. I teach 12 year olds. He is dealing with a grown adult.

  13. Hopefully this follows the professor for the rest of his career. Humiliating a deaf student is inexcusable and it was heartbreaking to watch.

  14. Alot of tenured professors are real life assholes who thing because they are tenured they can do and say whatever they want. So I hope he gets in more trouble.

  15. Thank you for highlighting this nonsense. I have a hard time picking up on social cues… but I’m autistic… what’s this assholes excuse?

  16. for argument's sake, let's say she was laughing and talking during class and used her disability as an excuse when she got caught. he still shouldn't berate her like that in front of the class. it's not productive. i would call on her to get her attention, then meet with her after class to discuss her behavior.

  17. Teacher look like he's making the change from a male to female. Maybe he's just having a bad day because his hormones are off. His azz should still be fired though. No reason to speak to a special needs person like that.

  18. That was really tough to watch. What a dxck. Administrative leave? What is there to investigate? It’s on video, clear as day! Ugh, I hate it here.

  19. Sadly the older you get and you're told you're wrong, it's difficult to accept that. It's very rare for someone who is older to accept that they were wrong. There must be a word for it.

  20. This world is turning into just a whole bunch of babies man I swear to God. That man did not do a damn thing wrong at all not even in the least bit. You can blatantly hear the girl giggling and laughing while he's talking… The guy is obviously upset about the fact that she not only knows that it's harder for her to learn that most people as is but she's not paying attention on top of that and coming from somebody who has a couple of college professors for friends I can tell you that's very frustrating especially towards the end of the day and especially when you constantly have kids coming up to you asking you why you gave them the grade you did and begging you to pass them. The only thing he's (guilty)? of is letting his stress get the best of him to where he went what could be considered a little bit hard on the girl. If you're someone with no sense of how to pick your battles in this world at all who just wants to cry and piss and moan about every little f**** thing then( these so-called social justice warriors) you might take issue with what he said…otherwise people need to seriously stop being a bunch of wimps. It's going to get to the point where nobody even feels comfortable saying or doing anything anymore out in public because they're going to be so afraid that they're going to look bad or go to jail or lose their job because it's starting to get to the point where somebody is getting offended over every single thing that you could possibly say or do these days… somehow it's wrong and it's offensive and you owe me an apology LMAO get real. that's the only problem with trying to fix something if you try to hard you wind up fixing something that's not even broken. that thing with Meek Mills and his new song where he talks about going out in a blaze of a helicopter crash like Kobe… the thing that got his wife all pissed off… That's something to make a fuss over not this college professor right here I was just doing his job

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