What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Mike the Cop, Dave and the Underpaid Producer chat pet peeves in this clip of the OFF THE CUFF podcast.


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47 thoughts on “What’s Your Pet Peeve?

  1. Mike: just got back from dealing with a crash where a child died
    Facebook Fucktard: "This day can't get any worse, my hairdresser cut my hair an inch too short and I spilled my pumpkin spice latte."
    Mike: "… Fuck off."
    Me: "Yup, fair enough…"

  2. Sir this road is blocked.
    But I live in one of the houses you blocked off.
    Yeah I live literally right there.
    What? Wait really?
    Yeah. (address said here) pull it up on your phone.
    Oh shit your right

  3. When people tap things on a desk…I do it all the time, but when other people do it, it bothers me. I'm weird. Also when things on my desk get moved like my computer. It bothers me so much.

  4. I very rarely actually laugh out loud when I watch comedy alone.. This time I did! The attention fishing on social media is horrible.

  5. Watching police pursuits on TV from a show like scariest police chases from the view from a helicopter and whoever edited the footage inserts police sirens. Like you'd be able to hear the siren from that high up over the chopper engine. Ugh 🤦‍♂️

  6. Imagine that: a douchebag cop handing out tickets without asking one damn question and then giving permission to do the very thing he just ticketed the person for. You tell this story like you weren't a complete asshole doing what you did.

  7. I have that movie gun pet peeve too lol. Don't get me started on Clip and Mag being used interchangeably when there two separate things.

  8. I hate the, "this is the worst day ever" thing too. If you can't say what happened. Then just shut up…. geeze

  9. lol. Firearms being represented incorrectly is one of mine also. But what seriously ticks me off is jacked up military “uniforms.” Come on! It’s not that hard to get them right.

  10. I noticed he didn't take the ticket back. But let's look at it from our point of view. Cops will block both Lane's of traffic. When the crash is on the side of the road. So because some assholes get in a wreck. Not a accident. There is no such thing as a vehicle accident. If the cops would do a root cause analysis. They would see that someone was at fault. So please use the bumper on the cop car. And push the cars off the road. And let the rest of us get on with our travels. I know, heartless.

  11. Cell phones in cars.  People driving while talking/texting is worse than DUI.  Why do I say that??  Because if you look around at any given time you'll see people doing stupid shit because they are on the phone and not paying attention to the task at hand…..DRIVING.  In Maryland there is a no hand held cell law…..does not make a difference…..people are doing it non-stop.  Roll up to a red light and look over and catch someone drinking a beer……people would loose their minds.  It's no different from them being on the phone.  If we took their license away for a year if they get caught dicking with their phones while driving, maybe that would curb it some.  How many times do you see people still sitting at a red light 5 seconds after it's turned green?   Why, cause they are dicking with their phones.  Speed up / slow down / speed up / slow down…..people dicking with their phones.  Etc….etc….etc.People can say hands free is ok, but they are still splitting their attention.  A vehicle is not a rolling phone booth.  Hang up and pay attention to the drive.

  12. I hope you took the ticket back! If not then that’s a huge asshole move dude. This guy needs to fight that ticket!!!

  13. Would you please do a video on the following :
    I would like to ask you how you feel about being filmed ? Have you had fellow officers try to stop or subvert this when the public is filming ? How often have you turned your head or not reported what ethically you know you should have in regard to other police officer misconduct ? (Not necessarily illegal but misconduct) When/if you have made a report on a fellow officer how were your fellow cops in regards to treatment toward you ? I am not coming from a place of disrespect or antagonism but frankly I am so thankful for the police officers worst enemy… THE CAMERA. I have witnessed that "blue wall of silence " crumble quickly now it has become a common protection used when dealing with the police … that is so sad but so true.
    I also glad that it also verifies the complete story when folks are lying about the police actions but sadly the overwhelming amount of time that is not the case. I have never had personal trouble with police officers but I have always had an issue with that "wall" when that a police officer will turn his/her head when another officer is doing wrong. Sadly that is most persons in the police field. They look away .
    Even if they are not the perpetrators but they clearly ADD to the immoral and legal injustice by not coming forth with the truth. WHY ????…… It is the same reason as it is in the ghetto – they will be seen treated and abused as a "snitch".
    Though it is tragic and sad I do understand the sweeping societal disdain for police officers in general that has grown and grown. Do not you guys ever ask why ? The unspoken rule is to NEVER put a fellow officer in handcuffs.
    Thank G-d for camera and the freedom to film.

  14. Pet peeves are people who have no idea what to do when emergency vehicles approach while running code, as well as people who completely lose their minds or knowledge of driving laws while in school drop off/pick up lanes. If you ever want to see road rage, just hang out around a school at the drop off time (bonus when the school doesn't provide bussing).

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