Suspicious Woman Reading Quran Mocks Observants and Firefighters at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

The Albuquerque community came together to watch firefighters from Albuquerque Fire Rescue and Bernallio County Fire climb 55-flights of stairs to mimic the 110 floors of the World Trade Center in honor of 9/11/2001.
A woman read the Quran and ignored people around her as the firefighters climbed the stairs.
The Albuquerque Firefighters Memorial Stairclimb is a way for firefighters to remember that Tuesday on September of 2001. 343 of New Yorks finest paid the ultimate price for dying in the World Trade Center or around it when the buildings collapsed. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Suspicious Woman Reading Quran Mocks Observants and Firefighters at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

  1. What an awful woman!
    God bless all that lost their lives and that gave their lives to help during 9/11. I was only 10 when it happened and I’m from the UK but I still remember the day so clearly 😔

  2. Someone isn't suspicious because they're Muslim. This kind of xenophobia is why people like her do this like this. She's making a statement, but you racist morons clearly don't grasp it. Not surprising.

  3. Just line up 6 inches in front of her and pull out Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” with a big smile. Dose that slag with it’s own venom.

  4. Don't be quick to judge. Statistically speaking I'm sure at least one or two of those firefighters are Muslim. Also, many Muslims died when the WTC went down. I am generally interested in WHY she decided to choose to read the Quran during the ceremony for sure, but…who cares? Would it have been offensive if someone pulled out a Bible and started reading it during the Oklahoma City bombing ceremony?

  5. What is wrong with the Quran? The Quran did not killed any one, it was people that did it! May God Save His Word

  6. She isn’t praying, she would’ve turned at least one page, she’s seeking attention which everyone sees and is smart enough to ignore. She’s attempting to display the title to cause disrespect.

  7. Fast track to be put on a list that is watched 24/7. Rightfully so. Thank you for doing it in public, that makes it easy to identify you lady.

  8. Atleast she didn’t strap a bomb to herself.

    Besides have you ever tired to read the ridiculous nonsense in that book of lies?

  9. This is the most disrespectful thing the lady is doing…She got to be ashamed of her self for mocking all this hero fire fighter and police officer that die fighting to and helping innocent people…..I gave my most respect for all the fire fighter and law enforcement officials that die protecting people and the one that are still doing it….👍👍👍👍👍👍God Bless You All

  10. Well now internet let's find out who she is and exercise our 1st amd right to giver her feedback.

  11. So what is the big deal guys with a woman reading the Quran .. it's her first amendment right.. please don't tell me that you still think 19 terrorists flew planes into the buildings.. and if you do then you truly are a walking zombie and dumber than a box of rocks.

  12. How is she mocking? Do people not read Bibles at memorial services? This is no different from reading the Bible. She has no protest signs, she's not being disrespectful, she's not using her phone like other ppl in this video either.

  13. If she’s so
    Muslim then why wasn’t she wearing a hijab 🧕?? How dare the Muslim woman display herself in public like this . She would be arrested and beaten in Iran . So go ahead and stand there lady in front of those American heroes that protect your right to do so lady🖕🏽

  14. How is she "suspicious"? She's standing there reading. Maybe, she's just reading the prayers and if she's a Muslim who lost members of her family on 9/11 so she's there praying for them. I mean we don't know. Can't label her much of suspicious. And she didn't say one word. When we as a people start labeling people for their freedoms it's our freedoms that we will lose next. So what happens if during an Oklahoma City bombing memorial somebody starts reading the Bible? Do we say they're suspicious because Timothy McVeigh was also Christian? Come on. Even if she is protesting she's silent protesting so let her be. But I don't see it.

  15. The Muslim Prophet Mohammed is proud of her as he looks up from Hell while having tea with Hitler , Ted Bundy and don't forget all his followers who thought killing innocent men, woman and children would take them paradise 😂

  16. So she's a suspicious person because she happens to be reading a Quran at a 9/11 memorial? She was well within her rights to be there doing what she was doing. For all those suggesting that it was the Quran's fault for 9/11 I have one name for you: Timothy McVeigh. He was a Christian , and perpetrated the second worst terrorist attack on American soil. Yes there are lots of passages in the Bible that promote violence as well.

  17. 3:44 She's not reading it, to me it appears she has something in its place. Like a child would to make it appear he/she is studying by placing a comic book inside the History book. Somethings up with her. She needs to take her disrespectful ass on down the line somewhere else. I get a strange vibe from this woman. 🇺🇸❤ Thank you to all who serve & to those who sacrificed, we will NEVER forget you 🇺🇸❤

  18. Quran is the word of god .Allah speaks to us humans in Quran .the lady was concentrating on her Lord warning her from the hell fire of the next life not focusing on the fire fighters with their stupid music .

  19. Lol if she actually was reading it she’d believe women are lesser than men as it says in the book, and how they should always obey men. You go girl!

  20. Yeah no one cares what book you read. Not even the Quran. The people who attacked the towers weren’t reading the fucking Quran. They were murdering innocent civilians and firefighters. Get a life lady. No one cares about your political statement. I bet she doesn’t know that MUSLIMS died in those towers too, people who read the QURAN. They were equally dead when the towers were attacked.

  21. Guess she didn't read the chapter of women being executed for dressing like that in Islam.

  22. that's some really ignorant ass bullshit for people to say she was looking for attention and that she was suspicious maybe she was reading scripture and praying,its that attitude the perpetuates the "terrorist" stereotype because of peoples religious beliefs,so if a catholic priest was there at that time he was there looking for little boys to molest…oh no because that don't and never happened probably a bunch of cop lovers that enjoy handing over their rights no questions asked so they feel "safe" or ignorant ass police making those comments

  23. The true understanding of that book is reading it in Arabic what a fool,they treat their women as 2nd class citizens 🤗

  24. I'm still trying to figure out why Building 7 went down with demolition it takes a week to set up a building to take it down of that size

  25. This is good evidence that there are a lot of people around us who support terrorism. Good on the firefighters for not taking the bait.

  26. “ Suspicious woman reading Quran?”. Are you serious? The Quran is a book of beliefs just as the Bible is. So as a “ free “ person in America she’s given grief for reading the Quran. The hypocrisy of America would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

  27. She just read right through prayer time.

    She also looks like a troll i've seen in videos during the Occupy Wall Street movemen… prote… sit-a-tho… gatherin… group of people a few years ago.

  28. She was out to get attention. The best thing to do with a dim wit like that is to ignore them. They hate that. The frosting on the cake is the middle finger she's proudly displaying.

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