Suspect Gets Shot After Pulling Gun on Seal Beach Officers

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Seal Beach, California — On Monday, January 16, 2023, at approximately 9:36 p.m., officers from the Seal Beach Police Department responded to a call for service in the 100 block of Old Ranch Road regarding a suspicious person in front of a residence. When officers arrived, they located 47-year-old Michael Bernard Emch Jr. within the fenced-off patio area of one of the homes. The person who called the police to the home identified Emch as her ex-partner, who she had a restraining order against. Police later confirmed Emch was in violation of a restraining order. Emch told officers at the time that he was asked to go over to the home to pick up money that was owed to him, but the officer explains to him that the person he was there to see told police she wasn’t expecting anybody. As Emch exits the patio, the officer points his gun at him and tells him to put his hands up, but Emch refuses and says he’ll just leave and “go the other way.”

When the officer tells him he’s not allowed to leave, Emch asks for a staff sergeant, but the officer ignores him and tells him to sit down. Instead of sitting down, Emch turns his back to the officer, holding his left hand up and his right hand in his pocket. Emch then starts walking back into the patio, but an officer Tased Emch before he could fully cross the patio door threshold. “What’s that?” the other officer asked Emch. Emch reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun, which police later said was loaded. That’s when the officers fired more than a dozen times at Emch. “Finish me off,” is what Emch tells the officers, instead an officer tells him to “shut up.” After the shooting, police officers transitioned to providing lifesaving efforts to the suspect. Emch was transported to a local hospital where he was declared deceased. A firearm was recovered from the scene. There were no physical injuries to Seal Beach Police officers as a result of the incident

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0:00 – 911 Call
2:39 – Bodycam Footage of OIS

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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21 thoughts on “Suspect Gets Shot After Pulling Gun on Seal Beach Officers

  1. Can anyone think of a better use of 12-15 bullets?!?!?! The arrogance of that POS was transparent from the moment the officer arrived. If that's how defiant he was toward police, I can scarcely imagine what he was like toward his family. When bullying meets cleansing justice!!! I'm getting not and bothered watching this.

  2. Epic! Besides the caller being as stupid as trash …that ending was the best I've seen in years…shut up ..and fin lol

  3. Nice mag dump. That was a close one. Holy crap. He was definitely there to kill that woman. Great work police.

  4. Something about this whole interaction feels off. She was sounding half asleep and far too casual
    On the phone. I’m pretty sure if there really was a “ stranger” kicking your door In the middle if the night that would be enough to wake you up and sound a bit more urgent. I think She knew who that was knocking at the door the whole time and just wanted the police to get rid of him so she didn’t have to pay him and it looks like she got her wish.

  5. So many women end up in this EXACT situation. An abusive ex they have a restraining order against that keep violating the order and it ends up to many times very tragically. This woman is so very lucky. She must have a guardian angel and some answered prayers. 🙏 So glad he wasn't able to kick his way in and that you and the kids are safe. I really hope she sees this as a wake-up to train with that firearm and keep it handy. She obviously had it for a reason. I think we saw that reason. If the cops hadn't been so quick to arrive it very well may have saved her life.

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