Student Driver Caught Speeding Gets Lesson & Ticket

@CopsConsTV obtained footage from the Nevada State Patrol of an incident that happened on 11/26/2021 of a car that had a student driver sticker that was doing over 100MPH on a stretch of highway in Nevada.

The State Trooper wasted no time in lecturing the driver.

00:00 Opening
00:22 School is in session
01:20 Ticket write up
05:50 More Lessons ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Student Driver Caught Speeding Gets Lesson & Ticket

  1. He's a student driver instructor, not the student. Makes it even scarier. Wouldn't want him instructing my kids on how to drive.

  2. That State Trooper had a nice little office set up in his car. I guess he takes his desk job with him wherever he goes.

  3. “We specialize in and focus on footage obtained from department issued body cameras worn on officers from around the country” and then use it on false copyright claims on YouTubers using the exact same publically available footage to play YouTubes system. You’re a joke channel.

  4. In lots of places/countries the driver would lose his driver's licence, maybe even get his car taken away, for going that fast especially as a student driver.

  5. At first i was like “You gotta be an asshole to cite a student driver for speeding (expected to be around 70-75 mph)”
    But when i heard him saying 107, i was surprised that they did not get arrested for a reckless driving lol

  6. Wow this state must be pretty lenient on student drivers where I live if you get a ticket with your pink slip (drivers permit) you don't get a chance at a license again until you turn 21. Seems to work pretty well here.

  7. He’s not a student driver, he’s the instructor. He has a drivers license & that is his car.

  8. Clearly not a kid – that's a grown man. Are people not very observant? Lol. Prolly the driver's ed teacher or a dad of his own vehicle that takes his kid out to drive.

  9. Good for the trooper .. student driver doing 105 mph with zero regard for anyone .. he will learn a very valuable lesson when his insurance doubles

  10. That kid should do a freedom of information act request for all photos and videos relating to the stop. Just to get the picture the cop took with his personal phone. It would be an irritation to him.

  11. WOW, I back this Officer 100%. In a lot of states, going that fast would get your car towed and the driver tossed in jail. The Officer has probably seen to many accidents with body parts strewn across the highway from people driving recklessly. No excuse for you being ignorant and stupid. I also give kudos to the Officer typing that fast with 2 fingers. I’ve been in business for many years, and I can make a keyboard smoke, but nothing like this Officer. I totally back the Officer and I feel he had every right to chew the idiots ass outright. People, obey all traffic laws, don’t put innocent lives in danger. Thank you Officer.

  12. Also driving 80- 90 everywhere all in Nevada you could easily turn up the stereo and accidentally drive faster to a song 🎵 not realizing it at those daily speeds I lived in reno and trust me everyone is driving 100 on the freeway .. ridiculous how he gave him reckless driving and didn't give him a warning ..
    Guaranteed that's how fast the cop drives to work

  13. Awesome he intentionally told him not to say he didn't know he was driving that fast right from the beginning .
    Which in return was why he was able to give him a reckless driving… cuss then the driver admitted had intent to with no regard of his speed by saying sorry for it which is reckless driving 🙄 …
    The cop could've wrote him up either way but now it definitely can't be fought …
    Plus there are some freeways in those areas that are 80 mph when your driving that fast all that time doesn't seem like the extra 20 is gonna do any more damage then a 75 80 or 100 mph crash most likely gunna be fatal crashes either of those speeds

  14. he took a snapshot of the guy's car with the sticker for his collection of nincompoop drivers

  15. Honestly the speed limit could be 105 through there without issue. I understand the cop has to enforce what's posted but I would find it hard to be mad about anybody doing about that same speed.

  16. "Because this car just won't go any faster, officer"

    Probably would not be the best answer, but it was what came to mind… 😂😅

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