Randy Moss’ Tie

Randy Moss was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While there is much to celebrate about his career and life, to be sure, it seems he’s fallen prey to much of the false perceptions and biases that make their rounds in social and main stream media.

I’m NOT celebrating the loss of anyone’s life in this video. However, are these 13 names REALLY about police brutality? Does this tie really tell the whole story? I don’t think so.

Also, keep in mind that this is not a detailed treatment of each scenario but a brief response to show that the tie doesn’t tell the whole story. Much more could be said on any one of these cases. But to wear a tie against police brutality that has Trayvon Martin on it shows you’re not educated on the issues.

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42 thoughts on “Randy Moss’ Tie

  1. Love how you call out Randy Moss to have a sit down talk when you know damn well he doesn't watch your bullshit videos. Just because someone is committing criminal activity doesn't justify a "cop" to use deadly force. Or maybe you believe it does. It's obvious that you stick up for any "criminal on patrol" no matter the circumstances.

    Enjoy the hate filled comments? Hard to do when you delete most of them.

  2. “Sheepdog”? Wow what an overinflated view of ones self! I had to stop the video at Tamir Rice! Have you not watched the video? This was an execution plain and simple!
    Police/citizen relations will never be restored unless police can take a real unbiased look at their own actions and who they are really serving! Until then police/citizen relations will continue to spiral downward! Unconstitutional laws handed down by corrupt politicians are never brought to question by police! I find this odd! Especially since someone’s freedoms and liberties are at hand! I only see citizens questioning this and police just saying “we don’t make the laws, we just enforce them” if you were a true “sheepdog” you’d be the first line of defense against unconstitutional laws handed down by corrupt politicians, but I see quite the opposite! Following orders without question!

  3. Mike, you're a disgrace. Eric Garner, was resisting arrested and was strangled because of it. we have a fourth amendment that means the punishment should fit the crime. Mike Brown picked a fight with a cop. potentially tried to kill the officer but at the time he was killed he wasn't a threat. But I'll give you that one if you want.

  4. You just gained a subscriber. I just put out a Nike Burning video and I speak of the sacrifice of Military and Police officers. I’d love for you to check it out! I currently ha e almost 50k subscribers.

  5. Mr. Moss should come out of retirement to become a police officer at the jurisdiction of his choice. Carry a badge, gun and see what it's like to live with real decisions – all the while making less money than what he spends in one month going to his favorite club.

  6. The problem Mike is that Whites who engage in similar or worse criminal activity – Do Not End Up Dead – when you get ready to engage in an objective truthful conversation as you so eloquently put it- start with a fair comparison…

  7. Funny you talk about people behaving criminally but Caucasians have shot up schools and churches but haven't been shot or they commit suicide before hand so what's your point on his tribute to people who have been killed

  8. He doesn’t care about the details that went in to any of those people shot!!! He’s just “virtue signaling” so he can say look at what a great activist I am!! I’ve always been a Randy Moss fan, and nothing can be taken away from his greatness on the field, but shit like this makes zero sense to me!! It’s race bating pure and simple!!!!

  9. This is racism pure and simple. And whoever this guy is (believe it or not I don't follow football) he is just another race-baiting loser. He shouldn't be given any more credit than that for anything he's done. I mean this guy tosses an air-filled pigskin around. And someone out there thinks his opinion matters. Morons morons morons

  10. Did he mention integrity? I'm going to guess he doesn't I'm going to guess he doesn't even know what that word means. More than two syllables

  11. Another racist white man go watch the video on tamar rice. And the Walter Scott police officer they had a hung jury he's not served 20 years you racist

  12. So the argument against kneeling for flag is "Protest another time, not during the national anthem" is now, "don't protest at all?"

  13. Some people like Mike can't help but to be a racist in the US. Racism is so prevalent in the US that people like Mike don't even realize they are racist. If you don't support black people at least don't use their music at the beginning of of your commentary. You racist!!!

  14. For a minute there I just thought he was highlighting how tall he was in comparison to famous people (was looking for Tom Cruise there somewhere near the bottom). Then I realized all the names had the same claim to "fame".

  15. It’s funny how white people are also victims of police brutality, but get no support for it. And then they say that black people are oppressed… grow up

  16. The problem with white people is you lack empathy for GODS Chosen but you will soon learn! Judgment cometh thy way! Make yourself feel better with your comments, we are still kidnapped here from our home land & rapped, murdered by you people! Your Laws are UNJUST & don't really apply to us as we are not apart of your wicked Country. We are here by theft!

  17. I think, which should be a fact, is that UNLESS a person is ARMED WITH a GUN, cops should shoot in the LEGS.
    And, NOT in the chest, stomach, NOR anywhere above the collar bine and up.

    Arms, and legs ONLY.

  18. Hi mike big fan. I, a young black man, didn’t know all the details to these incidents. However my mom has worked for and with local police departments for over 2 decades, so I know the news likes to incite protests by telling some stories, some of the story, and not telling the story at all. I’m curious to know what you think about the recent Georgia incident where officers tased an 87 year old woman cutting flowers at a boys and girls club with a steak knife. Personally I think they did everything right with the exception of not viewing her as their grandma. I’d love to see your point of view

  19. I don't watch the NFL anymore but what I remember the most about Moss was his asshole attitude with sports reporters. He was a great player. Fast forward to retired Moss hired by a television network and he is now all sweet and making nice. Funny how that worked out. The tie deal was pretty tacky.

  20. Greg Gunn had a painter's pole, which I guess is a sort of metal pipe. Please keep the officer in that instance (Officer Smith) in your prayers. He was charged with murder and terminated over 2 years ago. I can`t imagine having this situation hanging over my head for 2 years. Officer Smith used every other tool on his belt first trying to effect an arrest. Even if you believe he didn`t conduct himself properly, murder is an absolutely inappropriate charge.

  21. MIke the Cop, if you find these 13 to not meet your definition of excessive police force you should spend a little time researching for 13 others. I am sure you will be able to find them if you come out of your pro-police stance. I understand that, as a law enforcement supporter you blame the victim for poor policing. So, if Moss' tie did not fit your definition then lets have that honest conversation you mentioned. The NFL players asked to have that conversation. Instead they got chastised for kneeling. Now a tie is not to your standards? You need to be honest and objective about the police vs citizens of color issues and leave the critique of Randy Moss' apparel alone.

  22. Criminal lives matter bro. Just because someone is about to take your life doesn’t mean you can kill them. You have to let them kill you first otherwise you can’t prove they were going to kill you. Duh

  23. He was going to wear a tie with the names of all the brothers who've been killed by other brothers but, alas, it would have dragged behind him for miles.

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