Police Raid Home Alligator Located but Tiger is Missing

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of New Mexico Game and Fish conducting a raid on a house in Albuquerque in regards to a tiger. When they served the search warrant they did not find the tiger but did find an alligator.

The animal was believed to be less than 1 year old and weigh under 60 pounds, but tigers can grow to 600 pounds, the department said, calling large meat-eating animals such as tigers and alligators a clear danger to the public.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education.

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26 thoughts on “Police Raid Home Alligator Located but Tiger is Missing

  1. I remember this!! The tiger escaped, and was roaming the neighborhood. A neighbor (I think) got out of his truck with his gun pulled. Then that knucklehead arrived to the scene and plead with the guy to not shoot it, he would get it. There's videos of it all. The poor tiger was just confused, and curious. U could tell it hadn't been outside in a while.

  2. What tiger or alligator fits in the dresser drawer 🤣 they're just taking inventory for next time they come there💯that's f**ked way up what they're doing 😡

  3. I live around the corner from this. Had no idea about any of this, except for the large kennels on the side of his house. We thought he was illegally breeding dogs or fighting them. He also had a large hole behind his house that was covered up before this happened.

  4. I just now got to this part officers I do believe a tiger will not be hiding in his dresser drawers you have a search warrant to obtain a exotic animal not to search the premises unless that is worded in the document

  5. Whenever I saved a mountain line from the Gatlinburg fires a lot of the wildlife dangerous wildlife migrated down towards where I lived at it was just starving I was on the menu I mean of course I kept the gun in my hand the whole time but a little guy was just starving I gave him a couple of junk fresh hams and he let me play with him he let me fed him he didn't really like whenever the wildlife came and put him in a cage he was pretty damn pissed he know what was going on I've had a lot of experience with big cats wolves mostly big cats it's a 50/50 chance the main thing is don't freak out because that's what they love they want you to freak out and run they can smell the pheromones that you release whenever you panic or that is scared it's like a fresh sprayed fragrance bacon smell it and that just kicks them into overdrive and they want to eat you I got to save a couple of beautiful rare tigers actual tigers when they were little babies they were starved the guy said if I don't sell them today I'm going to have to kill them I said no you are not the other one was right there at death they was no saving it I did what I could but I could only get the healthier one I still beat myself up today because I couldn't get the other so I saved it slop and it's on display at a non-profit organization in Tennessee called tiger Haven her name is Athena she's just absolutely beautiful I haven't seen her in many years I hope she remembers me but I'm just happy I got to save that little tiger's life so it can live a whole lot I just wish I could have done more for the other one I hope it's in a better place and yes the person that was selling the legal animals he's been dealt with

  6. Lmmfao I would have loved to seen their faces whenever the cops laid their eyes on that tiger that would have been just comical

  7. Added comment I don’t know the scope of the warrant. But the residence where told it to look for a tiger. I don’t think a tiger is in a draw or closet.

  8. I think this is a game and wild life issue officers ! A alligator and a tiger. Sorry I’m not going in there. It’s terrible that people get these animals and think you can make them some sort of pets they are meant to be free.

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