Part 5 of 5: Rio Arriba Sheriff James Lujan Get’s Arrested AGAIN!!

@CopsConsTVreceived video from the New Mexico State Police of embattled Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan. The video shows the Sheriff turning himself in to the New Mexico State Police on June 3rd, 2020 in Espanola, New Mexico. The Sheriff was facing two additional felony charges from the Ninth Judicial District Attorney. The charges are harboring or aiding a felon, and threatening a witness, which are fourth- and third-degree felonies, respectively.

Sheriff Lujan agreed to turn himself after his lawyer and the DA came to an agreement.

Present during the arrest were his attorney, Nathaniel Thompkins, and investigators from the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Andrea Reeb’s office.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney Senior Investigator Adriana Munoz believes she has established probable cause to show that Lujan may have committed two felonies: harboring or aiding a felon, and bribery or intimidation of a witness.

The warrant was issued by Los Alamos Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados on the early morning of June 3rd.

Sheriff Lujan wanted to be transported to Santa Fe County Jail, but changed his mind to Los Alamos County Jail.

Lujan had his first court appearance in early June and the case is awaiting further details.

The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Director said Lujan’s suspension is imminent due to the felony charges. The suspension will remove Lujan from any “police” work and he will become an administrative sheriff. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Part 5 of 5: Rio Arriba Sheriff James Lujan Get’s Arrested AGAIN!!

  1. 😅😅😅😅crying 😢 😭 about his cuffs I bet he never gave a f@# when handling out the cuffs

  2. Ha! They don't feel very comfortable now do they..Guess what ex-sheriff, they are not made for of all people should know. Great Job my brothers in blue!

  3. Nobody is above the law,if he was not caught then how the he'll was he going to protect the public…he's the Ripton apple to the core

  4. The arrogance of this idiot is astonishing, small police houses like his should be audited on a regular basis to stop this kind of corruption…..this plank and his minions have got away with crap to long….

  5. This is overwhelming to see that the "BIG CURRUPED CHIEF of the POLICE GANGSTERS was charge and put in to hand cuffs. Would like to see more off this actions so that the citizens and his follow gangsters can see that they are not above the law. Their pension, medical fund and salary must stop immediately and sent them for 20+ years in to the jail without parole, they are the scum and the thucks of the police

  6. Note that these pigs 🐖 are talking soft, quite and smooth instead of barking as they always do 😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Luv that they get female officers to patch these crooked pos down. Shame them to the limit
    Would be better if the transport officer put on songs with lyrics like "so u thought u were untouchableeee…" "how does feel in the other shoe….." "BUSTED!!"
    Why does every single jail admittance look identical bring back memories. Sad memories. Sick memories. As in sick on heroin memories. The smell of coffee and toast 5,6 in the morning made me puke. Now every time i smell it i literally feel like I'm back in one of those cells

  8. awwww bboooo flippin hhooooooooo – Sheriff Corruption lost feeling in his thumb from the handcuffs last time. Just imaging how many times he put somebody under arrest and caused permanent physical injury to rotator cuffs and wrists when assailants requested just a little daggone mercy and have the cuffs in the front. He never gave mercy – guaranteed so good for him feeling no mercy

  9. Must be different laws because where they arrested him is county property & city has no jurisdiction there only state police. I would’ve shot it out w the city. They have no business arresting a County elected sheriff. I don’t give a damn how corrupt he is. The city has no business there period

  10. James Lujan is a Dirty Cop and should be charged and sentenced just like any other Joe. It sounds like there are several Dirty Cops in the Station he came from, including the Under Sheriff.

  11. Speaking of accountability, thank God he wasn't unarmed & shot 36 times for improper lane violation. Dead people can't laugh.

  12. Still a double standard!!
    They should have thrown him to the ground and knelt on his neck for a few minutes like they do average citizens.

  13. This is when you think the laws don’t apply to you, he’s a corrupt cop and doesn’t ever deserve to be in a position of power!!!

  14. He shouldn't even have the privilege of being an administrative sheriff. The dude is dangerous. I pray that more of his type are noticed and weeded out from law enforcement and government positions. Soooo dangerous. These are the type of guys who usually get away with murder.

  15. Born in New Mexico the entire state is corrupt from the traffic cop to governor and everyone in between. The land of entrapment. Come for vacation, end up on probation. Go for a stroll, end up on porole

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