Part 2 of 2: US Army Soldier Gets TWO DWI Charges in 24 Hours and Hits an Ambulance!!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage from Las Cruces Police Department of an incident that happened on May 20th, 2021 of a man hitting an ambulance. The ambulance was driving to an emergency when witnesses say a white Dodge Challenger ran a stop sign and hit the ambulance.
Suspect Juan Carlos Baquera, an active duty Army soldier, and two other passengers at first said there was a 4th passenger that fled the scene.
Witnesses reconfirmed it was only 3 passengers and Las Cruces Police began separating the car occupants to get to the bottom of who was driving.
Baquera was evasive at first and then admitted to driving
He performed poorly on the field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for DWI. At the station he blew a .00 and a drug expert from the department came in to do additional tests. Police did not get a blood draw as Baquera refused.
His two DWI cases are pending. The first happened in Anthony, NM. He blew a .00 in that case as well. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “Part 2 of 2: US Army Soldier Gets TWO DWI Charges in 24 Hours and Hits an Ambulance!!!!

  1. Did this mf just say he got a DUI the day before? Wtffff is wrong with the soldiers nowadays.. if I was his 1SG I would smoke the soul out of him…

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  3. Oh my goodness theses Dumbass Cops airbag hit him no seat belt & fucking unbelievable cops trying to divide & telling everyone about this young man , 1000 % distracted driving head trauma & different & make whatever you want report ..

  4. Why do All theses people give thier ID As a witness !!
    Yes hes USA miltary & will walk Because hes A cabal SYSTEM member!

  5. In California, they often in cases like this just get a search warrant for the blood draw, and take it. Even if it is involuntary.

  6. Absolutely hilarious to watch a guy give an entire description of a 4th passenger, and then the others go ‘hey it was just us 3’ and he goes ‘oh yeah it was just us’. Shittiest cover up ever lmao

  7. I love how everyone here just jumps to conclusions. This guy CLEARLY passed the sobriety test. Not only that, but he cleared BOTH blood exams with flying colors. All DUI charges were dropped. Do some research before crucifying someone online without all the facts. If anything, this just proves that cops aren’t your friends. They’re always looking to escalate a situation in order to bump up their arrest records in hopes of promotions. Be careful out there folks, pigs aren’t your friends just cause they have a badge.

  8. Never talk to the pigs. That’s why I get happy when there put to sleep badge and a gun terminators want to be. Fuck all you tgat don’t like it

  9. I feel sorry for Carlos. He is a space cadet, and these cops are doing every test in the book to try and find him guilty of SOMETHING. Obviously this poor kid ISN’T high or drunk but they are trying their BEST to convict him for being under the influence.

  10. She’s out of mind. She’s drunk or so. She doesn’t even know what she is saying. Out and already doing it again. He clearly doesn’t learn. He’s going to cause another one when he gets out again watch he’s still going to be driving with a suspended license watch. He’s going to go back in. He doesn’t care

  11. He wasn't even drunk. It was his medication. He did a blood test both times. Anyway I cannot STAND people like that short cop. Always has an ax to grind. Prolly never gets laid. His humming didn't start until he got to tell the guy how long he was gna be there. You can tell he loves feeling like a "big man" and prolly got beat up every day in high school. Cops like him are dangerous. They really are.

  12. The problem AIN'T the alcohol, it's the guy driving!!!!! You see, so many people out there don't know how to drink!!!!! You have to go with the grain of the liquor, once ya can master that, it's all good baby👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  13. See and that is why I don't trust the police, saying oh I could smell weed…smh…I would be so upset if this happened while I was active duty cuz it prob took a bit before his command even found out that he wasn't even drunk or under the influence of drugs like weed or shit so he prob had to get his ass chewed out by his NCOs and the command.

  14. This exact accident happened to me. I was the emt driving some dude was texting and driving flipped my rig and had to bust out the windshield to get out. Broke my back in 4 places. People need to fucking pay attention

  15. This cop was mad bias gave this young man a dwi for no reason he was not under the influence

  16. that kid said several times he, himself Carlos was driving. Then when the cops threatened him with a felony if he "didn't tell them the truth about who was driving" then did he say it was someone else. It seems like he changed his story bc the cops were telling him to. Then when he did they said he was lying. Classic interrogation move. All these kids obviously have head injuries and shouldnt be questioned in this manner expecting consistency. Such terrible investigation skills of these cops

    Oh and I have the same vape he does and ITS NICOTINE. Impossible for the cop to smell marijuana. The cops just lie, lie lie. He could have easily got it and looked. SMH

  17. Sfts are not proven science to show impairment. Alot of studys seem to indicate that it doesn't actually determine one's ability to safely operate a vehicle. And further more they show that they give false clues and generate arrests based on a officers experience, Even sober people fail them and get falsely charged only to later have the case dismissed. Fsts are ridiculous and the slightest deviation can land you arrested for dwi even if you blow zero and do a blood test and show your clean. I think that all Leo entities should be outfitted with a road side breath test as far a alcohol tests go. it's fairly in expensive and shouldn't be a last use after fst. It should be first.

  18. Cop said what time do u think it is now, but a few mins before he said 2227 but the Soldier didn’t pick it up,

  19. I cant get over the amount of crashes and other incidents that involve these Challengers. They are straight line cars that put alot of power to the rear and Dodge being Dodge they put almost no effort into the handling of the car. In my small town in Ky there are 4 body shops with wreck yards near my house, and they all are full of Challengers and a few Chargers. The one guy up my road who does body work at home has a field full of Chargers with front end damage. Its so noticeable my mom even asked me why they had so many of the same sports car at these shops. Parents do not buy your child one of these cars when they don't have the experience or knowledge of handling a powerful rear wheel drive car. Even the v6's have over 300HP which is about what the older z28's had and 75 more than the old 5.0 Mustangs. If you are young and can afford to buy one you have to respect the power you have under your foot and take other innocent people into consideration.

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