Part 10 of 10: Deputy Recounts Deadly Shootout with COP KILLER Omar Cueva

PART 10 of 10@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an interview with Dona Ana County Sheriff Deputy Diego Herrera from the February 4th, 2021 incident that resulted in New Mexico State Police officer Darian Jarrott being killed.
Deputy Herrera advised he just started day shift the day before. On that date (February 4, 2021) he was assigned to district four, which covers I-10 south to Vado and La Mesa.
When the pursuit started, Deputy Herrera was at fleet near the Walmart on Walton Street.
Deputy Herrera advised he had just left when his partner was dispatched to a pursuit. It came in as an agency assist, pursuit coming in from Deming.
At that point, Deputy Herrera asked dispatch to put him on the call. He started heading down towards Lohman. The next radio transmission Deputy Herrera remembers hearing was New Mexico State Police Officer shot and is possibly ten-seven (Killed).
At that point, Deputy Herrera engaged his lights and siren. Another radio transmission confirmed the officer was ten-seven. Deputy Herrera called his brother, who is a Captain for State Police in Deming and told him they would stop him here in Las Cruces.
After the phone call, Deputy Herrera focused on what he was doing. There were so many people getting on the radio, there was no specific place no one wanted to set up at.
Deputy Herrera heard over the radio that the suspect was shooting out of his vehicle at units on the side of the road.
Deputy Herrera advised he got to the 132-exit, which is the Picacho Street exit on I-10.
He was at the bridge and was going to get his rifle out and his spikes, but he heard they were passing the 135 (mile marker) so it was too late to do that. At this point, Deputy Herrera got back into his unit and waited for the pursuit to get close. When he saw the pursuit coming, he saw a big gap between the suspect vehicle and the units.
Deputy Herrera began to speed up and jumped in the pursuit as the primary vehicle. He did not want this guy to get away. In Deputy Herrera’s mind, this guy needed to be stopped with whatever it took, he was going to be stopped. Deputy Herrera was already thinking about ramming or pitting him. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “Part 10 of 10: Deputy Recounts Deadly Shootout with COP KILLER Omar Cueva

  1. De la Garza was already a dead man. His backup partner (this guy) shooting at the suspect caused de la Garza to get back on his feet to shoot back. The real hero was de la Garza backup (this guy)

  2. Omar Cueva.If these illegal alien will murder a police officer in broad day light with no remorse what do you think they will do to you and your family. Carry a gun people and protect yourselfs from these illegal aliens.

  3. Him and the others saved that cops life honestly and awesome for these dudes to take the fight head on with a maniac charging at them who already killed an officer in cold blood. Also love on the video when he calls the dude a pussy lol

  4. i feel like if de la garza did die that day, this guy would’ve been the guy to take out cueva, just the way he went at him and was the one to put handcuffs on him, such a badass!

  5. This Police Officer saved Officer de la Garza from being killed. If he hadn’t been there backing him up the outcome would have been different. A true professional.

  6. Good stuff only time a cop did something right hopefully he doesn't become like the rest of cops…. morally corrupted by ego

  7. Drug smugglers are real pieces of shit, unfair what happened to Officer Jarrott. May the Lord watch over his family, Rip Officer Jarrott.

  8. NMSP academy classmate 63rd! Awesome job brother Diego Herrera, great Job for staying in the fight and taking out the trash! Stay blessed Hermano!

  9. This badass was able to shoot the trash in the back of his neck, that's the reason why he fell and started squirming around until Officer De La Garza finished taking the out the trash.

  10. I hope Herrera is as celebrated as Officer Garza. When I watched, I saw this officer running toward the madman with absolutely zero cover anywhere. Running in and pushing the murderer's attention off Garza who was on the ground. It peeled him back toward his truck, giving Garza the chance to recover and finish this nightmare. Then he cuffed his body with some sweet words we were all thinking. "F** P***y."

  11. Thank you officer Herrera!! You were impressive, a true hero! Now give him a promotion and a vacation for his whole family!

  12. if i remember right, he also called the shooter a "fuckin pussy" right before clasping the second cuff. faint, but you can hear it 🙂

  13. This officer seems very credible, honest and not rehearsed, which imo makes his testimony 100% believable. I would love to view his body cam alongside his testimony. Much thanks for his service.😇🙏💓

  14. Thank god he controlled his car when the car that pitted the truck pulled right in front of him. there would have been major injuries

  15. hey there is also an interview with Homeland Security Agent Hector Huerta. DO you have that interrogation as well mate?

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