Part 1 of 2: Off Duty Cop Busted for DWI Argues Policies and Procedures to On Duty Officers!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from Michigan State Police of an off-duty Michigan State University police captain drunk driving. Captain Valerie O’Brien was off duty when officers noticed her driving patterns as being erratic. They initiated the traffic stop and found enough evidence perform a DWI investigation.

Valerie O’Brien has been charged with one count of operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol content (BAC) and one count of carrying a concealed pistol under the influence with a BAC of 0.10 or more.

This is part 1 of the traffic stop. Part two is her being transported to the jail for processing where she talks with an officer on policing and other matters related to her traffic stop. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Part 1 of 2: Off Duty Cop Busted for DWI Argues Policies and Procedures to On Duty Officers!!!

  1. This lady is so drunk she can't even walk a straight line…. and she keeps arguing with him dragging it all out….this officer is a Saint and his patience is so much better than mine would be in this situation. Also if she is cop or was a cop she should know better than to drink n drive…why are these ppl so stupid

  2. Why is he apologizing to this drunk lady…. She chose to drive after getting drunk and it's on her and especially because she's an officer herself and should know better, what bad behavior and attitude I hope she was fired, she's an agro drunk and I can't believe she was driving and didn't kill herself or anyone else. Beauty fades Dumb is Forever

  3. Aw man it's uniquely sad seeing her get so aggressive at her fellow official especially because he was trying to be light and not aggressive joking about making a mistake and she seriously seeming to try to weaponize it. Just kinda dour.

    He even said he was trying to keep things light.

  4. i think that part of a drunk driver's punishment is to see their drunken rants that are caught on the recording devices. especially any police officers that go through this.

  5. "I got double-demoted…"

    The attitude you have with this cop, and you acting like a belligerent BI*CH when you're drunk, I can see WHY you were demoted twice. I hope they DID fire your dumb @$$.

  6. Cops didn’t fall from the Heavens to occupy their positions. Although they should know better, and don’t deserve any special considerations, some do represent the failings of the community at-large.

  7. A commendable officer full of patience and adulthood. I can't say the same, of course, about her. She would have been VERY wasted by the time she traveled 10 more miles, and certainly would have created a real problem. Naturally, it is the officer's fault that she got arrested, that's the only catch that I see here.

  8. She actually made a good point when she asked the officer had he ever drank and drove…here's facts ..if you have let's say been a drinker for ten years I'd bet my estate you've driven over the legal limit at least once…it's virtually impossible to be a frequent drinker and not drive with it in your system at least once here and there.

  9. Well I can see why she got double demoted 😇 sounds more like she had 4 bottles of wine than 4 glasses.
    Officer Golden has the patience of Job to put up with this lady. Only other super drunk people can deal with.other super drunk people. He deserves a promotion and it looks like there'll be an opening very soon 😉

  10. So here in Indiana cops and immediate family get police license plates for there personal cars. So I'm positive those cars never get pulled over with those plates. Maybe they don't have those in other states.

  11. She could have made it home she's not that drunk she was driving slow so she wouldn't crash so it would have taken her a little longer to get home.

  12. what a dumbbell first to admit to having wine and then not to play her diabetic card as the excuse for her driving and slurred speech. being drunk and hypoglycemia have the same symptoms absent the smell of alcohol of course and who is to say a glass of wine didn't get spilled on her at dinner. she should lose her job just for being so stupid.

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