Off Duty Cop Blames His CAT for his Drunk Driving!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an incident in Pennsylvania of an off duty cop getting pulled over in a rental car for speeding. Officers responding noticed slurred speech and other things consistent to operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The off duty officer was booked into jail with the case pending. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: phillynews215


41 thoughts on “Off Duty Cop Blames His CAT for his Drunk Driving!!!

  1. He had to blame the cat. If he had tried to blame the dog, no one would have believed him. But cats … Everyone knows that cats are evil.

  2. I'd still like to see the proof that his breathalyzer was over. I watch a ton of these types, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that noticed that area missing.
    If that's because it's pending though, I get it but idk if it's witheld until a verdict??
    But he's very insistent on the breath test, so I can't give my complete opinion until the full evidence is presented.
    He sounds like he's slurring, but the officer never mentioned smelling the odor of alcohol as they normally do.
    He just did tests for slurred speech.
    And what if he did in fact hurt his hip.
    Sure he seemed indifferent, but I'm holding onto how insistent he is on being tested with machines.
    I'm excited to see the outcome.

  3. Does anyone know what happened in this case? Remember, he has a doctors note. Lol. What a statement. I have a doctors note. I really hope he was found guilty of dui.

  4. He can’t stand on one foot for 2 seconds? How is he a police officer? So, he can’t run down a suspect, detain a suspect or pass the physical fitness test? So, he’s a fake cop. I’m glad he gets to see the other side of the justice system.

  5. Cops are the worst drunks of all! He can’t understand why he’s not getting special treatment after getting pulled over for driving drunk. Loser

  6. It really troubles me that someone with such little self-awareness is out there on the streets making life or death decisions as a police officer. It’s due to a personality trait – not the alcohol.

  7. Guarantee that if cameras didn’t exist as they didn’t back then he definitely would of got away with it

  8. If you pay close attention you can see the cop In the reflection of the truck is clearly mouthing the words N through B then he doesn't show any of the facial tests that he is Performing which is visible on every other persons that perform this test I've ever seen and they're always on their face. It was clear all the way up until the other officers got there

  9. Arresting lead Dep goes Cop 14 over the radio, actually all he has to say is 14 and the dep Drunk off his Ass in the car just Starts Saying Things!!! WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING TO COP14 UN SERVICES!??? HE JUST STARTED TALKING TO HIMSELF IN THE BEGINNING!!!

  10. i’m originally from delaware county… unfortunately their many police departments have a long history of knucklehead behavior… but man that delco accent is noticeable no matter how long i’ve been away 😂

  11. He’s clearly wasted and that trooper/officer treated him extremely respectful. I also noted that he named two different states when telling his arresting officer where they don’t “do this”, meaning arresting fellow officers. He said Pennsylvania and then New Jersey. He couldn’t complete sentences let alone a sobriety test!

  12. Well first all why in the heck would you have a cat when you can have a dog? That was his first mistake right there. None of this would have happened if he had a dog!!
    His second mistake was speaking in between each test. Just take the tests and shut up!!

  13. Honestly my cat can be really annoying and sometimes she trips me and I've knocked a few things over. It would drive any man to drink

  14. In car sobriety test? Do you have drive up windows, now? Anything to try and get him on his way. Blue badge privilege. Did you check for any weapons in his control while under the influence… ie his vehicle? Did you even search his vehicle? Can you enforce the laws equally?

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