Murder Suspect Gets Shot After Advancing Towards LA Deputies With a Knife

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Santa Clarita, California — On January 8, 2023, at 7:15 a.m., homicide investigators were conducting a murder investigation of an adult female who had been stabbed to death at Spunky Canyon Road, mile marker 0.35, in the city of Santa Clarita. Deputies assigned to Palmdale Sheriff’s Station were assisting homicide investigators by providing crime scene containment security. As the deputies contained the scene, a male adult walked east on a private dirt access road adjacent to the road where the murder victim was discovered. The private road was secured with barbed wire chain-link fence. The male was later identified as 44- year-old Alon Foster, a resident of Lancaster. Deputies attempted to speak with Foster but he did not respond and continued to walk east on the dirt road.

Deputies gained access to the dirt road and while continuing to speak with Foster, deputies saw Foster holding a knife in one hand. Deputies continued their efforts to communicate with Foster for over 20 minutes. Deputies ordered Foster to drop the knife several times, but he refused and advanced towards deputies. A Sage Deuce 40mm foam baton launcher was fired at Foster but was ineffective and he continued advancing toward the deputies while armed with the knife, at which time a deputy-involved shooting occurred. Foster sustained gunshot wounds to his torso. Deputies rendered first aid until the arrival the Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics. Foster was pronounced dead at the scene. A knife, with an approximate eight-inch blade, was recovered at the scene. There were no other persons injured in the incident.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Gets Shot After Advancing Towards LA Deputies With a Knife

  1. Now matter what he did that use of force was excessive they did a whole firing squad thing and he wasnt even running at this point nor did they try to tase him…

  2. 2:46
    He ejected a live round.
    Better to be safe and make sure you have a round in the chamber than to risk being in a confrontation without a round in the chamber.

  3. A little sad seeing how many shots were off target and hitting the ground at such a short distance and how they had to yell cease fire when the suspect was down and they were still putting rounds into him. Was probably fatally wounded before he dropped and, if he was the murderer nobody feels bad for him or that taxpayers dollars aren’t being spent to try or house him for the rest of his life, but why give the criminal exactly what he wants and why support continuing to use force after the suspect is no longer a threat because doing so in a department results in a culture of using excessive force in future events where so much force isn’t justified? The road to having your officers charged with murder starts by not demanding restraint once a threat is neutralized in an encounter like this.

  4. Evidentemente el trabajo debe de ser una m*** Para andar tan c*** hasta la pata así porque no le vi con un arma crazy police

  5. Для чего нужно было так много выстрелов? Была информация что он бессмертный или вампир?

  6. That deputy show good communication skills in trying to defuse the situation and help this dude. Also good tactical skills reloading that weapon and communicating with his fellow officers.

  7. And that was an executionË” Why not shoot once, wait, shoot again` if needed. It can take 10-30 seconds for it to take effect. Well the reason is that they wanted to shoot. If three cops cannot handle one man with a knife without killing him they are useless cowards. How about batons, pepper spray etc? If you want to be safe you should become a librarian. I just saw how four unarmed security guards handled a man with a knife in Helsinki. It can be done.

  8. Why do the police even lie to people, saying they want to help them? Usually, they will end up killing them, with a few extra shots as the body lays horizontal to the ground. I think he fell after the first couple of shot's but they always give those extra rounds to expedite your departure from the living.

  9. It really bothers me that police shoot so many times. They even kept shooting even once the suspect was down, which makes scenes like this look more like an execution than self-defense.

  10. The one deputy with no beanie or hat is bald, you'd think if it was chilly enough for beanies out there he'd be the one wanting one 😂

  11. And yet, bleeding hearts will say that this man was simply out on a jog this beautiful morning

  12. en defensa propia es aceptable, lo que no entiendo es porque más de 5 policías disparan al individuo ya estando tirado en el suelo y siguen disparando! vaya leyes! ……..

  13. Very disturbing. Once again I will say I do support law enforcement. And once again I see a mentally ill person turn into Swiss cheese. Obviously he had a knife, duh. LTL wasn’t used, also how about aiming for the knees? The officer or officers will live w this their entire lives. Of course they are trained to stop all forward progress of perp. Ugh

  14. It's time to look at tranquilizer darts. Shooting hundreds of mentally ill people per year has to be reduced to a small number. Lethal force is often required for police safety, but other options have to be explored .

  15. Who the hell is shooting the ground 5 feet in front of the guy? That's like having your muzzle 4 or 5 inches lower than it needs to be.

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