Man Gets Shot After Pointing Replica Gun at Police Officer in Bath Township, Michigan

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Bath Township, Michigan — On January 2, 2023 at 1:46 p.m., Sgt. Hamilton of the Bath Township Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance at 16400 S. Upton Rd. in Bath Township. After exiting his patrol vehicle, he encounters the male involved in the disturbance. At 1:57 p.m., Sgt. Hamilton requests a second police unit. The male enters into the residence and slams the door. Arguing can be heard coming from inside the residence. Shortly after, a woman, identified by police as his mother, left the home and said “we are all going to be in trouble.” During the interaction, the man came out of his home and started yelling at the officer and his neighbor before going back inside. “I can’t keep him here like this,” the mother said.

“He’s going to hurt you, me, and the rest of the world.” The mother then told the officer she wants the man inside to be medically evaluated. “I’ve done this every month practically since August,” the mother said. At 2 p.m. the man came out of the home holding a handgun, police said. The officer said to drop the gun and the man yelled back obscenities while pointing the gun in the direction of his mother and the officer. When the man did not drop the weapon, the officer fired 10 shots at him, hitting him multiple times. More police officers arrived on scene around 2:04 p.m. The officers on scene cautiously approached the man, thinking he still had the gun in his hand. The officers tried to save him using a defibrillator and CPR. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The body cam footage shows the officers recovering two handguns that were later found to be replicas.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Man Gets Shot After Pointing Replica Gun at Police Officer in Bath Township, Michigan

  1. In his mind, what would be the result of pulling fake guns on the cops? Scare them away? The neighbor was probably laughing his ass all the way off.

  2. Despite dropping like a sack of potatoes after the first shot, he was shot 7 more times (five after going limp) at 2:00PM, CPR not started until 2:10PM. The ambulance never arrives. "To protect and serve".

  3. On the one hand, this is awful for her. But on the other hand, it sounds like he terrorized her every day of his life. You heard how violent and chaotic he is. Imagine living with that monster under the same roof, not knowing when he's going to explode? Unfortunately, him being put down was the best option for everyone. He was truly a waste of a life. He left the world worse than how he found it.

  4. This officer took way too long to call for backup and fired shots over the victims head, potentially making her another shooting victim.

  5. 1BANG 2BANG 3BANG 4BANG 5BANG (suspect drops) 6BANG 7BANG 8BANG 9BANG and just to be sure 10BANG

  6. So, is no one going to talk about how the mom just stood there like a deer with headlights literally having rounds being discharged next to her hitting, and killing her son just like it was nothing? And then asked as she watched, "Did you kill him?" 0_0 The mental illness in my country is absolutely HORRIFYING. 2:51

  7. Для чего реанимацию проводили? Добили бы в голову и всё

  8. This is what happens when there's no father to slap him in his mouth for talking to his mom like that.

  9. So thankful to see this woman remain civil. Other types immediately begin howling, fainting, screaming, bawling, accusing officers of misconduct, attacking officers, etc.

    Different folk, Different ways.

  10. If the suspect was black, they’d be rushing to get him medical aid.

    Not for Whites though

  11. This world is whole lot more peaceful after this. Shame for the Mum but he deserved to feel every painful round after the pai he must have caused everyone else.

  12. I’m in full agreement with the views expressed by most commentators. This was brutal to watch, and I indeed feel terrible for the mother, the Sgt. who was FORCED to defend his life and that of the mother and possibly neighbors (stated to be present at some point. As an aside, can you imagine just having to be living in one of the homes immediately adjacent- and likely hearing screaming, threats and LE on a monthly, weekly type basis? I’d be curious to know if the property owner had tried to evict, but I digress.) The Sgt. had no way to know that those were replica firearms- which still could have been dangerous pellet pistols. I’m also curious to know what the Sgt. was referring to when he keyed his mic and apparently stated, “Two shots fired.” Did he believe he had been fired upon twice? Obviously, the Sgt. fired many more than two rounds. IMO, even though very early in investigation, fully justified. Too bad the son didn’t commit to seeking effective drug treatment- or trying to stick with it if he did. Not an easy road w addiction recovery, but certainly better than SBC if that was this deceased man’s final intent. Hope all involved can recover emotionally to extent possible. Sad situation.

  13. Life lesson: Don't point anything that looks like a gun towards a police officer 😀

  14. yea, why would you need mental health care? its not like you have villages of crazy people, and crazies at homes. all is fine. keep sipping the coffee

  15. Oof… Looked like a gnarly headshot. That officer did a great job staying calm and responding appropriately. The guy had a goal that day and made sure to achieve it

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