Man Gets Shot After Fleeing From Traffic Stop With Officer in Car

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Mt. Juliet, Tennessee — On November 2, 2022, shortly after 11 p.m. Mt. Juliet Police officers pulled over a car that was driving on S. Mt. Juliet Road around 11 p.m. An officer spoke with the woman driving the car outside the vehicle, then a second officer went to speak with 39-year-old Eric Jermain Allen, who was in the passenger seat. The officer told them they were speeding, they have a headlight out and issues with their tags. The two told the officer they don’t have a registration, insurance or valid driver’s licenses. Officer asked Allen to exit the vehicle. Allen rolled the window up, moved into the driver’s seat, and started to drive off. In the video, you can see the officer, initially leans into the car in an attempt to stop him, before being taken with the vehicle. Within seconds, Sergeant Josh Lo shoots Allen and the vehicle came to a stop. Officers attempted to render aid, but Allen died at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Man Gets Shot After Fleeing From Traffic Stop With Officer in Car

  1. This cop lost his composure. I get it he shot him and it's a traumatic situation but he has to remain calm. This is part of the job he signed up for

  2. Weird seeing the soul leave that mans body, he let out a shriek as he died. that shit was graphics as fuck tbh. I've seen a lot of death so it doesn't bother me but dang.

  3. wow that was intense AF. Anyone know why his partner did not leave the woman on the side there and take chase in the cruiser ?

  4. First time in description there's no details of perps was this guy a career criminal with warrants is that why he did that or probably not. unbelievable the stupidity that u would rather die then go to jail where u can bail out and carry on crazy

  5. Everyone is gonna be quick to say another white officer shoots a black man. I'm not 100% pro police. But this cop is absolutely destroyed about taking another human beings life. I'm pro 2nd amendment and carry everywhere I go. But this is prime example of what I would feel like if I was in his situation. EVERY life is precious to me no matter of skin color. I hope he can forgive himself.

  6. Cop was lucky he got inside instead of being dragged to death. Normal people have license and information in their car or on them. Red flags during this, hence the reason he got nervous and did stupid stuff. Good job officers! 😎👍🏻

  7. That man took off like a bat outta hell… That poor officer had no other choice… The taser obviously failed…
    That cop was so sincere in saving that man's life…. You could hear the heartache in his voice… What a stand up noble officer… Much love and respect… Sad to see the man lose his life that's only gonna hurt this man more… This entire situation is just the pits… It's the devil…

  8. That cop really just wanted help them even with all the infractions and violations and this guy did that, for what?

  9. Time for this officer to find other employment, he ABSOLUTELY does not have the right temperament for this occupation. I cant image it has EVER been taught in the academy to tell someone, 7:50 "you scare the crap out of me doing that". If this officer were more assertive and less passive this whole thing may have gone differently. The suspect saw the weakness in this officer and tried to exploit it. Soft cops may give people the warm and fuzzies, but its a fantastic way to NOT make it home at the end of your watch.

  10. News media/BLM: innocent black man who didn't do nothing wrong, murderd by cop as he was giving the cop a ride down the road.

  11. Just remember y'all that the REAL problem is "racist police and a systemically biased legal system," it couldn't be a racial demographic that has been told by a major political party that whatever they do is absolved due to the horrible institution of slavery.

  12. such a shame, this higly intelligent upstanding citizen was the pilar of his community , this was MAJOR loss for the humankind , he would have prolly invented some groundbreaking medicine or some world saving technology to stop global warming .but now he is dead and he didnt even doo nuffin.

  13. If you're driving around with a headlight out, speeding, with no registration or insurance, and have a felon in the car….you might be black.

  14. Man it's always the nice guys that get it. Dude was living his life the right way and then get put in that situation.

  15. They just can't follow orders. Ever. They would have been on the way home with some fines.. but now he's dead. Smart.

  16. Police activity, what happened with the description on this one? I’m not complaining, because you provide a great “free“ service. But the description was missing many key pieces of information. Like how many warrants did this guy have and how many times that he’s been in prison.

  17. God black people are just idiots, plain and simple. Almost unbelievable, but it is definitely believable.

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